Communication Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Communication Quotes from William Graham Sumner, Harold Pinter, Don Miguel Ruiz, Vanessa Diffenbaugh, Philip K. Dick. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

The waste of capital, in proportion to the total capita

The waste of capital, in proportion to the total capital, in this country between 1800 and 1850, in the attempts which were made to establish means of communication and transportation, was enormous.
William Graham Sumner
Good writing excites me, and makes life worth living.
Harold Pinter
Listen to other people tell their story, but don’t believe them. You know that it’s just a story that is only true for them, but listen because the communication can be wonderful.
Don Miguel Ruiz
We are more and more into technology. Everything is texting, and everything is instant. Flowers are completely impractical as a method of communication when you could just send a text.
Vanessa Diffenbaugh
The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.
Philip K. Dick
The idea of applying psychology or behavioural sciences to communication is not a new one. It’s very old behavioural economics. If it gives you some additional insights – so be it.
Alexander Nix
If listeners aren’t carried away to Heaven, I’m failing.
La Monte Young
Pride definitely causes a lack of communication.
August Alsina
As far as this business of solitary confinement goes, the most important thing for survival is communication with someone, even if it’s only a wave or a wink, a tap on the wall, or to have a guy put his thumb up. It makes all the difference.
John McCain
A placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomised trial of boys with autism found that two to three servings of cruciferous vegetables a day improves social interaction, abnormal behaviour and verbal communication – within a matter of weeks.
Michael Greger
I am a straight, non-alcoholic, non-partying guy who speaks straight. I have no knowledge of literature. This is my language of communication, and what I see, what I observe, I reflect.
Yo Yo Honey Singh
A communication highway without content is inconceivable.
Hubert Burda
I am in favor of complete freedom of information and of free access to the new communication tools, in particular the Internet.
Omar Bongo
History has demonstrated that efforts to censure and control communication will not succeed.
Ricardo Salinas Pliego
I didn’t have a lot of communication with Elvis. You had to go through a barricade to get to Elvis. It was people hanging on every word, and I felt very uncomfortable a lot of times.
Mac Davis
We have to teach girls communication skills.
Rachel Simmons
As a leader, you must consistently drive effective communication. Meetings must be deliberate and intentional – your organizational rhythm should value purpose over habit and effectiveness over efficiency.
Chris Fussell
We have to realize only in communication, in real knowledge, in real reaching out, can there be an understanding that there’s humanity everywhere, and that’s what I’m trying to do.
Mira Nair
If the expansion of a global legal regime for communication technologies gains traction, the effects to the global economy as well as our individual liberties will be severe.
Marsha Blackburn
My mother was this force of nature when it came to both communication with people and the whole of learning music. She’s a champion.
Jacob Collier
We’re moving into an era when things are dematerialised and much more holographic. Floating above the physical world and the geographic map, there’s another landscape that’s constantly changing – something like a cloud – of communication, information, exchange and commerce.
Doug Aitken
To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.
Tony Robbins
Email, instant messaging, and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized.
Marilyn vos Savant
Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is.
Malcolm Arnold
Without form, communication stops… without form, you have everybody burbling on to themselves, whenever and however, things that no one else can understand and – rightly – no one else is interested in.
Gerhard Richter
A common language is a first step towards communication across cultural boundaries.
Ethan Zuckerman
All communication on today’s networks are being monitored by government agencies and private companies.
Peter Sunde
Just as characteristic, perhaps, is the intellectual interdependence created through the development of the modern media of communication: post, telegraph, telephone, and popular press.
Christian Lous Lange
Polite conversation is rarely either.
Fran Lebowitz
Being a good television screenwriter requires an understanding of the way film accelerates the communication of words.
Steven Bochco
You’re used to seeing values listed on waiting-room walls. Communication, integrity, excellence, and respect. Those were actually Enron’s values.
John Collison
Clarity of communication is important.
Lisa Su
So as I look at transitioning to the communication platforms of the future, I see that the beauty of Internet protocols is you get the separation of the layers between service and technology.
Michael K. Powell
I think it’s important to have open lines of communication and I think the best lines of communication are two-way lines.
J. J. Redick
The mind, in proportion as it is cut off from free communication with nature, with revelation, with God, with itself, loses its life, just as the body droops when debarred from the air and the cheering light from heaven.
William Ellery Channing
Art is basically communication, and I think everyone who’s a music lover has had that experience where a record or a recording has kept you company when no one else is around. And I think that is what I’m hoping that people get out of my music.
Conor Oberst
It sounds so trite but in relationships, you have to communicate.
Peter Krause
I’ve heard stories of people, even celebrities that have gone online, pretended to be someone they weren’t, and conducted a 5-year friendship via e-mail. Then, they got married because they really love each other from all that communication.
Diane Lane
However, even during the preparations for action, we laid our plans in such a manner that should there be progress through diplomatic negotiation, we would be well prepared to cancel operations at the latest moment that communication technology would have permitted.
Hideki Tojo
Suspense films are often based on communication problems, and that affects all of the plot points. It almost gives it kind of a fable feeling.
Ira Sachs
Communication is about being effective, not always about being proper.
Bo Bennett
I work on OpenBSD fulltime, as the project leader. I set some directions, increase communication between the developers, and try to be involved in nearly every aspect of the base system.
Theo de Raadt
A world community can exist only with world communication, which means something more than extensive short-wave facilities scattered; about the globe. It means common understanding, a common tradition, common ideas, and common ideals.
Robert M. Hutchins
Online, you’re providing each other with the good aspects of being together as far as communication and support, but you don’t have to deal with the realities of paying bills together, or being annoyed when they leave the toilet seat up or don’t put the food away in the fridge.
Nev Schulman
A good catchword can obscure analysis for fifty years.
Wendell Willkie
The way I make art – the way a lot of people make art – is as an extension of language and communication, where references are incredibly important.
Shepard Fairey
Why do only the Latin script when Nokia has a billion consumers? Typography is the bedrock of communication; it can really connect people.
Bruno Maag
Dancing is the personification of music, and music is an abstract expression of the human spirit. But still it’s the act of communication, of making one feel. Otherwise it would just be gymnastics.
Ann Reinking
Brevity is the soul of wit.
William Shakespeare
Even in developing markets, we’re seeing the growth of digital communication is proceeding at a very rapid pace.
Irene Rosenfeld
Acting is communication. It’s giving and receiving.
KiKi Layne
I think I am a good help defender as well as just bringing a lot of communication to the floor.
Iman Shumpert
I believe in communication; books communicate ideas and make bridges between people.
Jeanette Winterson
The first reason for the preponderant influence of those Evangelicals who define themselves as advocates of Religious Right theological and political ideologies is that they have both the financial means and technological know-how to make widespread use of modern electronic forms of communication.
Tony Campolo
We’re always working on our communication, which is something that’s important. Instead of going through managers to discuss things, we will sit down and have meetings about things. That’s a process. And you have to be able to be honest with each other as much as you can.
Mike McCready
That was when I realised that music is the most profound, magical form of communication there is.
Lesley Garrett
As a company grows, communication becomes its biggest challenge.
Ben Horowitz
My generation was born to work with social media – it’s a natural part of our communication with the world.
Anwar Hadid
The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.
Gustave Flaubert
Very few people use landline phones for much of anything. So when you talk about things like online chat and social media messages and emails, what you’re really talking about is the full extent of human communication.
Glenn Greenwald
I’m a big believer in communication.
J. B. Bickerstaff
I think, certainly, directing is a visual medium, but it’s also about communication, and a lot of times, great directors are lacking in communication skills, which is rather shocking to discover that.
Diane Lane
Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.
Rollo May
In World War II, a British mathematician named Alan Turing led the effort to crack the Nazis’ communication code. He mastered the complex German enciphering machine, helping to save the world, and his work laid the basis for modern computer science. Does it matter that Turing was gay?
Alan K. Simpson
The strong man is the one who is able to intercept at will the communication between the senses and the mind.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Bullying needs to have more attention, and there needs to be more open communication in schools to make kids feel comfortable enough to speak up.
Lizzie Velasquez
That’s why I do this music business thing, it’s communication with people without having the extreme inconvenience of actually phoning anybody up.
Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.
Paul J. Meyer
Extremists think ‘communication’ means agreeing with them.
Leo Rosten
The characteristics of successful business people, whether they are male or female, are very similar. It’s about determination, it’s about enthusiasm, it’s about strategy, it’s about communication, it’s about integrity. And sometimes men and women display those differently but fundamentally they are the same qualities.
Karren Brady
I think humans are just hard-wired to process people’s faces and understand meaning and expression at such a more granular level than other types of communication.
Mark Zuckerberg
Journal paywalls are an example of something that works in the reverse direction, making communication less open and efficient.
Alexandra Elbakyan
If you’re a politician, you might want to learn the Buddhist way of negotiation. Restoring communication and bringing back reconciliation is clear and concrete in Buddhism.
Thich Nhat Hanh
There is no law that guarantees press access to the White House. Communication was lessening during the Obama years. There was every reason to suspect that Trump was going to create an adversarial relationship and that people were going to be faced with the impossible dilemma between sort-of-complicity and access.
Masha Gessen
Just so everyone knows, we’re not a photo-sharing company. I don’t see photos on ‘Instagram’ as art. They’re much more about communication.
Kevin Systrom
With ‘The Keep,’ I began with a theory about pitting the isolated disconnection of the gothic realm against present-day hyperconnectedness. I emerged feeling that the gothic genre is all about hyperconnectedness – the possibility of disembodied communication – and that we now live in a kind of permanently gothic state.
Jennifer Egan
Being a good Hans Haacke student, part of his influence on me is that there’s no difference between a gallery show and a film – or even an ad and a T-shirt-in terms of cultural legitimacy. They’re just different contexts in which to have some sort of communication.
Mike Mills
Changing age old patriarchal mindsets is a difficult long process and involves constant communication and dialogue.
Padmapriya Janakiraman
From my time at Nokia, I’ve seen the 99% positive and occasionally negative impact that communication tools can have on people.
Jan Chipchase
We write in ways that, we generally hope, reflect real life, or at least look familiar to humans. And in life, recurring themes are a recurring theme. We never quite conquer a pet vice or a relationship pattern or a communication habit. We’re haunted by our particular demons.
Sara Zarr
I get afraid of the dark if I’m in a great deal of dark, and I have to move around inside of that fear… But there is a chance that something… will talk to me from the dark, so I have… to be prepared for that communication, which has happened.
Emil Ferris
I don’t tweet. I prefer face-to-face communication and sometimes Instagram.
Elizabeth Jagger
Everything I try to do wants to be able to push communication through the notion of the visual image.
Peter Greenaway
I don’t want costumes and makeup between me and the audience – I want more direct communication. There’s something for me about being honest on stage, and I’m at my most honest when I’m behind a piano. So I prefer my concert performances.
Jason Robert Brown
I really feel that design has the capacity to communicate, and I really have concentrated on the communication of positive values.
Marcel Wanders
A monopoly on the means of communication may define a ruling elite more precisely than the celebrated Marxian formula of monopoly in the means of production.
Robert Anton Wilson
Product investment, quality management, and all the things that are key for a car company – great, there has been no compromise in those aspects. But I feel there’s a lot we could do on communication, particularly from a Chinese perspective.
Li Shufu
My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships.
Jada Pinkett Smith
It’s a difficult undertaking. I’ve been married for four years and I see this movie as a cautionary tale about people who’ve gone deeply out of communication.
Mark Ruffalo
I mean, what is music anyway? It’s a form of communication – at least for me it is. And that’s why I play the kind of music that I think – that I hope – can communicate with people.
Kenny G
Without question, we need to be informed of the happenings in the world. But modern communication brings into our homes a drowning cascade of the violence and misery of the worldwide human race. There comes a time when we need to find some peaceful spiritual renewal.
James E. Faust
Propaganda requires a permanent network of communication so that it can systematically stifle reflection with emotive or utopian slogans. Its pace is usually fast.
John Berger
Trying to speak English, to learn what my teammates were saying, to learn what I wanted to say – basketball, you have to learn the way to play here and get used to your teammates, but for me the toughest part was communication.
Jose Calderon
Communication and communication strategy is not just part of the game – it is the game.
Oscar Munoz
Making movies is not rocket science. It’s about relationships and communication and strangers coming together to see if they can get along harmoniously, productively, and creatively. That’s a challenge. When it works, it’s fantastic and will lift you up. When it doesn’t work, it’s almost just as fascinating.
Julia Roberts
If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.
Winston Churchill
I always find that there is a real communication between voice and violin.
Itzhak Perlman
Tim and Fritz Lang I loved working with. Not Hitchcock so much. There was no communication.
Sylvia Sidney
To conclude: good journalism is one of the models of good conversation and communication in the wider social context.
Rowan Williams
I produce so little that the works have to be editioned. Otherwise, I don’t survive. Also, editioning is relevant for communication. If you make three new works, it means that nine objects are available. Three people talking about your work is fine, but nine makes a difference.
Maurizio Cattelan
Writing and cookery are just two different means of communication.
Maya Angelou
For any relationship to survive, one needs excellent communication.
Kunal Khemu
Social media websites are no longer performing an envisaged function of creating a positive communication link among friends, family and professionals. It is a veritable battleground, where insults fly from the human quiver, damaging lives, destroying self-esteem and a person’s sense of self-worth.
Anthony Carmona
Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.
Walt Disney
Wise people say nothing in dangerous times.
John Selden
I can’t be a hypocrite as a coach because as a player that’s what I wanted. I wanted feedback, I wanted communication from the boss. I showed up for work, you can yell at me if you want, but I want input. So that’s the kind of coach I want to be.
Adam Oates
I think in modern communication studies, we put a lot of emphasis on our relationships and our family relationships. Our relationships with our parents, and our siblings. I felt that there was this gap in content about communication with people who are super close to you in your peer group.
The U.S. has always been a global innovation vanguard – driving advancements in computing, communication, and media to rail, automobiles, and aeronautics.
Shervin Pishevar
Social media helps you stay connected, but we can’t survive without real communication with loved ones.
Pulkit Samrat
Every time you go in to make a record with the same group of musicians, the communication gets better and better. You’ve got that joint experience, and you learn with every single one that you have on top of that.
We’re making this analogy that AI is the new electricity. Electricity transformed industries: agriculture, transportation, communication, manufacturing.
Andrew Ng
I am working on my English skills that will help me on the pitch. Communication between each other makes our job much easier.
Writing is communication, and you don’t know how you’re doing until you put it in front of someone else’s eyes. You also learn from critiquing other writers’ work.
Carol Berg
Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much.
John Wayne
When you consider how many people are really not good at communication in general and interviewing in specific, it’s no wonder that many companies struggle to build high-quality partnerships – or even staffs.
Michael Gerber
Their spirituality was in nature, even though Emerson was a preacher on the pulpit, he ended up going out into nature for direct, face-to-face communication with God, if you want to call all of this creation part of God.
Story Musgrave
Oaths are but words, and words are but wind.
Samuel Butler
Semiotics is a general theory of all existing languages… all forms of communication – visual, tactile, and so on… There is general semiotics, which is a philosophical approach to this field, and then there are many specific semiotics.
Umberto Eco
One must be frank to be relevant.
Corazon Aquino
The organizations that I’ve worked with, whether I have gotten cut or whether I have excelled, the always communicated with me honestly and openly. The ones that weren’t so good, the communication was iffy.
Shaun Livingston
I have noticed that nothing I never said ever did me any harm.
Calvin Coolidge
A man has a property in his opinions and the free communication of them.
James Madison
It is vital that the United States maintains open lines of communication with our allies. We must assure them of our commitment to eradicating global terrorism wherever it may reside or wherever it’s given haven.
George Allen
It is very helpful to me, in my job, for people to know me better. A lot of that is, it’s a communication job.
Ben Horowitz
I come from a part of Nigeria where a lot of value is placed on implicit communication. The ‘well brought up’ child is the one who can pick up nonverbal cues from adults and interpret them correctly.
Ayobami Adebayo
This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.
Winston Churchill
You need to set a tone at the top that inspires trust – and encourages open and honest 2-way communication. So you hear the brutal facts, and you listen to the good news and the bad news – so that, in the spirit of continuous improvement, you can make changes.
Denise Morrison
Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Working with coach Sweeney has really been beneficial to my career. I’ve never watched so much film in my life, the constant communication between he and I. He’ll send me clips every day, just different things to look at, ask what I think about it and we’ll communicate and have different dialogues about it.
Andre Drummond
Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.
Walt Disney
Writing only leads to more writing.
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
The communication of the dead is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living.
T. S. Eliot
In communications, familiarity breeds apathy.
William Bernbach
I would love to create a piece of theater that is devised by a company of actors and creators that I’d put together, and I’d love for it to be nonverbal so it’s something that someone with any communication ability can enjoy.
Michael Arden
Jazz is smooth and cool. Jazz is rage. Jazz flows like water. Jazz never seems to begin or end. Jazz isn’t methodical, but jazz isn’t messy either. Jazz is a conversation, a give and take. Jazz is the connection and communication between musicians. Jazz is abandon.
Nat Wolff
As soon as you judge communication a little more rigorously, there is a possibility that the message will not be democratized. I have to say what I believe to be right. I have to spread out the statement among all the means of expression available to us at present.
Alexander Kluge
The thing that I’ve always been slightly frustrated with, was that the idea of a CD is kind of confined to a material possession that you can put on a shelf. And the idea of music, for me, is always about both the communication and the sharing of content. And so the interactive part is missing.
Yo-Yo Ma
Humans are a social species more than any other, and in order to build a community, which for some reason humans have to do in order to live, we have to solve the communication problem. Language is the tool that was invented to solve that problem.
Daniel Everett
The knowledge we have of communication among cells does not permit my giving you a sophisticated understanding.
Paul Greengard
I really think that music itself, being one of the greatest possible vehicles for mass communication, should be probed to its extremes, to see how effective it can actually become, which is one of the reasons why I became also interested in presenting political points of view.
Ruben Blades
I try to just communicate what I want done as clearly and simply as possible.
Dick Wolf
Strong alliances can thrive even where disagreements exist, but they cannot thrive where free and open communication is shut down.
Sharice Davids
The Internet has brought communities across the globe closer together through instant communication.
Mike Fitzpatrick
Republicans use think tanks to come up with a lot of their messages. The think tanks are the single worst, most undisciplined example of communication I’ve ever seen.
Frank Luntz
Being able to communicate with a loved one that you haven’t talked to in a while because of some communication break makes their life and your life in a much better place.
John Paul DeJoria
Communication is number one, and we have to communicate honestly and openly with each other.
IronE Singleton
Texting has definitely improved the communication between the deaf and hearing communities, but it shouldn’t be… a substitute for learning the language to really connect with someone, especially someone you want to date or have a relationship with.
Millicent Simmonds
Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.
Robert Frost
I’ve gotten better at calling out coverages, communication, and being vertical when they’re attacking me in the paint.
Ivica Zubac
There must be a reason why photographers are not very good at verbal communication. I think we get lazy.
Annie Leibovitz
The difference between face-to-face conversation and any other medium of communication is simple: No distractions are permitted.
Alexandra Petri
Coach Pederson, for me, the communication we have is clear, and it’s an open line. He really respects my opinion on plays. If I’m feeling something… he instills a lot of confidence in me. That is huge.
Carson Wentz
Up until the 1960s, women would meet designers in their private ateliers, and together they would build a relationship and a wardrobe. Then, all of a sudden, designers disappeared into their own private bubble, and there was no communication.
Edgardo Osorio
By supporting all the links in the building chain and giving them an easy, intuitive tool for sharing model-based project information, GTeam enhances workflows and improves communication from design through to fabrication and assembly.
Greg Lynn
Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy.
Will Durant
One of the instruments that really stuck out to me was the talking drum, which is basically the first type of communication device. It’s a drum you put on your shoulder, and you can pitch it with your arm, and you can ‘talk’ with it.
Ludwig Goransson
Every sexy joke of long ago, every flirtation, is being recalled by some women and revised and re-evaluated as sexual harassment. Frivolous accusations reduce, if not eliminate, not only communication between men and women but any kind of playfulness and banter… Where has the laughter gone?
Maryanne Trump Barry
All poetry has to do is to make a strong communication. All the poet has to do is listen. The poet is not an important fellow. There will also be another poet.
Stevie Smith
Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.
Carol Burnett
The waste basket is the writer’s best friend.
Isaac Bashevis Singer
My grandmother died in 1991 and I was born in ’86. We only met once, but I didn’t speak English and she didn’t speak Spanish – so we had a communication problem.
Oona Chaplin
People don’t use Evite or Facebook events for their weddings. But they do use Paperless Post. It’s the sign of a paradigm because it is the most momentous occasion in most people’s lives. It represents the most formal type of offline communication.
Alexa Hirschfeld
I think our communication strategy has been very disciplined as being a back-to-basics mayor and about focusing on making City Hall work and jumpstarting our economy.
Eric Garcetti
Nonverbal communication forms a social language that is in many ways richer and more fundamental than our words.
Leonard Mlodinow
One’s eyes are what one is, one’s mouth is what one becomes.
John Galsworthy
If you improve a teacher’s self-esteem, confidence, communication skills or stress levels, you improve that teacher’s overall effectiveness across the curriculum.
Elaine MacDonald
Who speaks to the instincts speaks to the deepest in mankind, and finds the readiest response.
Amos Bronson Alcott
To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well.
John Marshall
You know, my dad wasn’t a photographer or filmmaker by profession, but on Sundays, he would take pictures of me and my family or his pals horseback riding, and it was a means of communication and affection, a means of not being so dysfunctional with each other.
Bruce Weber
What we are going to offer is not a one-way communication, but one-to-one communication.
Douglas Alexander
Texting is a fundamentally sneaky form of communication, which we should despise, but it is such a boon we don’t care. We are all sneaks now.
Lynne Truss
I look at graphic design as communication, meaning that the work has to have a vibe to connect to the viewer or perceiver. I make a black and white drawing and then add color digitally, bringing in a contemporary pattern to the composition to create a vibrance.
John Van Hamersveld
I like to read, especially nonfiction. I love learning, so I study languages, cook, learn basic HTML, and enjoy other activities that stimulate communication and the dark recesses of my musician’s brain.
Joshua Roman
Gradually I became aware of details: a company of French soldiers was marching through the streets of the town. They broke formation, and went in single file along the communication trench leading to the front line. Another group followed them.
Ernst Toller
We need to teach our children empathy and care and love and communication and social responsibility in preparation for adulthood.
Maya Soetoro-Ng
When ministers in this government talk about investing in education and skills, about making the planning system work; about employment law reform and delivering transport and power generation and broadband communication infrastructure, we are talking about raising Britain’s productivity.
Philip Hammond
May we treasure the divine gift of communication, and may we use it wisely to build and to assist others on this marvelous journey through mortality.
L. Lionel Kendrick
And once you get instantaneous communication with everybody, you have economic activity that’s far more advanced, far more liquid, far more distributed than ever before.
Marc Andreessen
Any film that exists that is thorough, you can’t give it to an audience of one and have that be effective communication. Communication involves an audience of many that have a conversation, put it through the ringer, filter it and then a sense of it coalesces.
Shane Carruth
Instantaneous and mass communication is the mother of mass naivety. Should we then lose hope? Is there any hope? But to lose hope is as dangerous as to nurture false hope. Where then can we find hope that is responsible?
Tariq Ramadan
My problems with ‘Bonanza’ were problems of communication. What we discussed would be, never was. I thought it would be a sophisticated show. Instead it never went beyond the comic strip level.
Pernell Roberts
Communication will bring understanding and understanding will cause harmonious mutual relationships which can establish peace and stability.
Lobsang Tenzin
The first work of the director is to set a mood so that the actor’s work can take place, so that the actor can create. And in order to do that, you have to communicate, communicate with the actors. And direction is about communication on all levels.
William Friedkin
Words – so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
If we do away with semi-colons, parentheses and much else, we will lose all music, nuance and subtlety in communication – and end up shouting at one another in block capitals.
Pico Iyer
Without judging anyone, communication is so important for a coach.
Daniel Farke
I think the greatest challenge between child and parent is communication.
Sean Covey
Music and politics are in essence about communication. Without over-stretching the analogy I do feel a sense of rhythm is important in getting your message across.
Charles Kennedy
Whether you lead a nation, an enterprise, a community, or a family, we are all in the communication business.
Robin S. Sharma
My rookie year, we used to play all the time, literally play ‘Call of Duty’ all the time, because it was like all of the younger guys on the team would get into the communication with the headsets and talking trash.
Kyle Lowry
Investing in management means building communication systems, business processes, feedback, and routines that let you scale the business and team as efficiently as possible.
Fred Wilson
The great virtue of the web, its ease of communication, has also become its Achilles’ heel in that it has polluted the air with meaningless babble and egomaniacal drivel.
Theo Paphitis
Language cares.
Howard Nemerov
The world is a complex place, and the influence of the media in its representation and its power of communication and interpretation is a remarkable amplifier of emotions, and of illusions.
Tariq Ramadan
Social media is the most disruptive form of communication humankind has seen since the last disruptive form of communications, email.
Ryan Holmes
Sometimes you can say it is boring being in goal, but what is important is I am in communication with the defence.
Manuel Neuer
Human communication above and beyond the words that we say is so nuanced. It makes it difficult to not only analyze the vocabulary you use but the intention behind it. That’s something even humans have difficulty doing, let alone a robot.
Grant Imahara
Writing is the supreme solace.
W. Somerset Maugham
Music is the highest form of communication.
Shankar Mahadevan
Cove is essentially a collaboration, coordination and communication tool for the administration of organizations and communities, from the Stanford Graduate School of Business Entrepreneurship Club to church groups and schools.
Ruchi Sanghvi
People in this world of superficial communication find themselves isolated and lonely and have difficult in talking about personal things that really matter to them.
Theodore Zeldin
That’s the job of a quarterback, to go out there and be confident with the communication of the play, in the huddle and with my play.
Ryan Tannehill
Nurses serve their patients in the most important capacities. We know that they serve as our first lines of communication when something goes wrong or when we are concerned about health.
Lois Capps
The level of communication you can achieve with an infant is really profound.
Mayim Bialik
If you look at the history of communication, new technologies like the phone and e-mail didn’t just let people do things faster; it fundamentally changed the scope of the kinds of projects people dared to take on.
Justin Rosenstein
The idea of an animated film is you always kind of get a little bit daunted by it as a filmmaker because it feels like a lot of your communication is going to be with computer artists, and you’re going to have to kind of channel the movie through extra pairs of hands.
Peter Jackson
English is the medium of communication for people all over India.
Aparna Sen
Maintaining a positive working relationship with Mexico’s leadership will also be crucial to increasing communication and trade. I plan to personally maintain those relationships.
Doug Ducey
Communication is the channel through which life is conveyed, through which ideas and the energy behind them are transmitted, and through which the mind, body, and spirit are merged into a force for right action.
Michael Gerber
If I’m doing a show on Sunday at 7 P.M., that wouldn’t be the same show that I’d do at 11 P.M. on a Saturday – it’s a different room at a different time of day with different sensibilities. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise your art, but it is communication: you have to know how to talk to people.
Michael Che
Books are such a great way to spend time with your children, open lines of communication with your children, and just build that strong foundation.
Victoria Osteen
Two prisoners whose cells adjoin communicate with each other by knocking on the wall. The wall is the thing which separates them but is also their means of communication. It is the same with us and God. Every separation is a link.
Simone Weil
I learned mime back when I was in college, at Ball State University, Indiana. That woke up my body from the neck down and made me realize that acting and communication – portraying a story, event, or emotion – is a full-body experience.
Doug Jones
Communication is different in the clubhouse than it is in a boardroom. The heartbeat that exists in the clubhouse, you don’t find that same type of heartbeat in the front office.
Theo Epstein
Fashion shows are really my way of communication.
Dries van Noten
Sure, I love people, and I want to communicate with people. I mean, what is music anyway? It’s a form of communication – at least for me it is. And that’s why I play the kind of music that I think – that I hope – can communicate with people.
Kenny G
The new artists coming through were very materialistic and Hollywood, not so engaged in communication.
Patti Smith
If you want to make big improvements in communication, my advice is – hire physicists, not communications people from normal companies and never believe what advertising companies tell you about ‘data’ unless you can independently verify it.
Dominic Cummings
Communication is everything, especially as a doctor, you need to communicate with your patients.
Manushi Chhillar
There is no roles. No one is keeping any roles. The drummer is also answering everybody and everything. So it is a constant conversation and communication between musicians on an extremely high level with extremely valuable material, motifs, and melodies.
Miroslav Vitous
Communication is always important, but it’s a separate type of language in football.
David Luiz
The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hofmann
I have noticed that nothing I never said ever did me any harm.
Calvin Coolidge
Mental communication without verbalization… all space is made up of waves and we are constantly sending and receiving messages from our brain.
Tina Louise
When you have a lot of communication online before you go out with someone, it builds up a false sense of who the person is. There’s a tendency to fill in the blanks with positive information.
Joanna Coles
The way forward in the Middle East, as it has been around the world and throughout history, is communication. There must be direct talks between the Israelis and Palestinians, mediated by the United States.
Joe Sestak
It’s so important for those living with chronic pain to establish good communication with both their healthcare professionals and caregivers. Clear communication about pain is vital to receiving proper diagnosis and effective treatment.
Naomi Judd
Writing is learning to say nothing, more cleverly each day.
William Allingham
There are certain words which are nearer and dearer to a man than any others.
Nikolai Gogol
If you work at a 10,000-person company, and you’re using e-mail as the primary means of communication, then you probably have access to a couple hundredths of 1 percent of all the communications happening across the company. But if you use Slack, you might have access to 10 or 20 percent.
Stewart Butterfield
As a communication medium, social media is a critical tool for terror groups to exploit.
James Comey
In the numerous observations made in my laboratory upon this object, we have only once seen a combination of vessels in which there might be a direct communication between a small artery and a vein, though the two observers could not come to a final conclusion on the point.
August Krogh
Written communication is a tremendous help for me, and so when electronic mail was invented in ’71, I got very excited about it, thinking well, gee, the deaf community could really use this, or the hard-of-hearing community as well.
Vint Cerf
I studied B.Sc electronics to be an engineer and later did masters in communication and advertising. I loved engineering for what it could accomplish to make our lives easier. But, I realised that it was not my passion.
R. Madhavan
Throughout the European Middle Ages and Renaissance, Latin was the language of learning and international communication. But in the early modern period, it was gradually displaced by French. By the eighteenth century, all the world – or at least all of Europe – aspired to be Parisian.
Michael Dirda
Microsoft is committed to the ubiquity of the Skype experience – communication across every device and every platform will remain a primary focus.
Tony Bates
When I directed the ‘Ring’ cycle at the Metropolitan Opera in New York recently, there were people texting all through the show. But theatre isn’t a communication device: it’s a communion.
Robert Lepage
I think any great culture is born out of transparent, authentic communication. You almost can’t overcommunicate. You can try, and you might think, ‘Oh, do I really have to say this again?’ And the answer is yes.
Brad Garlinghouse
Lack of communication is the key to any successful relationship going wrong.
I shall suggest, on the contrary, that all communication relies, to a noticeable extent on evoking knowledge that we cannot tell, and that all our knowledge of mental processes, like feelings or conscious intellectual activities, is based on a knowledge which we cannot tell.
Michael Polanyi
An important instrument of economic policy-making in a market economy is credible, consistent, and timely communication.
Sanjaya Baru
Vocal rest is awesome. It is like any kind of fast. Firstly, it is a purification of speech. It made me realize how not careful I am with the things I say. It also makes you find new ways of communication and new methods to connect with people.
The more we elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.
J. B. Priestley
I think, increasingly, despite what we are being told is an ever more open world of communication, there is a terrible alienation in the ordinary man between what he is being told and what he secretly believes.
John le Carre
I slept for four years. I didn’t study much of anything. I majored in something called communication arts.
Don DeLillo
I hate the amount of communication, the obligation that you have just by owning a phone.
Lucas Till
In 1984, I turned to theater in the hopes of finding a more direct form of communication between me and my people.
Cherrie Moraga
The more technologically advanced our society becomes, the more we need to go back to the basic fundamentals of human communication.
Angela Ahrendts
I’m not the first person to say this, but communication at ‘SNL’ – I don’t want to say it’s not good, but unless you ask questions, you will not know what’s going on.
Pete Davidson
In high school, sometimes you just can’t help who you have a crush on and who you fall for! If you fall for one of your friend’s exes, for example, it’s really all about communication and telling your friend. Hiding it is never a good thing.
Jillian Rose Reed
As our country increasingly relies on electronic information storage and communication, it is imperative that our Government amend our information security laws accordingly.
Jo Ann Davis
Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.
Jim Rohn
I did my BMS from Bhavan’s College in Mumbai and a post-graduate diploma in journalism and mass communication.
Kirti Kulhari
Democracy is interactive… It’s a constant job of information, education, explanation, listening, and interactive communication.
Dick Gephardt
People could live very happily without the Turner Prize, but they could not live without real communication and emotion.
Billy Childish
The press is the enemy.
Richard M. Nixon
My daughter Stacia was born when I was 31, after I was divorced from David, and she was my gift to myself. She was just a joy because I didn’t have the stress of a male irritating me, and I vowed that I would make absolutely certain that between her and me there would be a clear line of communication at all times.
Angela Bowie
Language as a communication tool is the primary element from which literature is created. Even in pre-literate societies, it exists as songs, riddles, or epics that are chanted.
F. Sionil Jose
I’ll give the director what he wants, but please explain the requirement. If it reaches me, then there’s communication.
Vijay Sethupathi
Communication is so much better when people are vulnerable.
A. J. McLean
There are lots of reasons email persists, even as faster and simpler forms of communication proliferate and your personal communications likely have mostly migrated elsewhere. But one big one is that new types of media channels rarely totally kill off old ones, even though everyone predicts they will.
Walt Mossberg
As long as there is communication, everything can be solved.
Robert Trujillo
I wasn’t rebellious. Other friends had far stricter parents and where there wasn’t a relationship of respect and communication, they were usually the opposite; kids go to the other extreme.
Randa Abdel-Fattah
Many times, people have come up to me after singing some songs, and they’d say, ‘Richie, do you know what you did?’ And I’d say, ‘What?’ And they’d go, ‘I wrote these songs down for you to sing, and you sang them all in a row.’ But that’s the kind of communication that happens, you know.
Richie Havens
There are many reasons our prayers may lack power. Sometimes they become routine. Our prayers become hollow when we say similar words in similar ways over and over so often that the words become more of a recitation than a communication.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
We try to keep a good line of communication open with our children. It’s not always about trying to just teach them every moment, but it’s about listening to them and trying to understand them and gain that sense of communication so when they need to talk to someone, they know that we’re there.
Victoria Osteen
Communication is something we all take for granted.
Miriam Margolyes
There is nothing more fearful for the average person in our society than to stand before a group of people and speak.
Charles R. Swindoll
‘Instagram’ is a media company. I think we’re about visual media. I explain ourselves as a disruptive entertainment platform that enables communication through visual media. I don’t think it’s just photos.
Kevin Systrom
Bad human communication leaves us less room to grow.
Rowan Williams
I’m just doing my best to have a tremendous impact on their growth, raising them from boys to young men. We have an open line of communication, from my oldest to my youngest. Everything impacts them differently. There’s nothing I want them to be afraid to ask.
Greg Vaughan
In the corporate world, there is no ground more fertile for appearing smart than the rich earth that is electronic communication. Your email writing, sending and ignoring skills are just as important as your nodding skills, and even more important than your copying and pasting skills.
Sarah Cooper
The communication is in the work and words are no substitute for this.
Mary Martin
Communication isn’t just directing a guy on what to do: it’s passing the information along to the guy that’s next to you, and that’s where we make the calls come to life.
Dan Quinn
Music is about communication… it isn’t just something that maybe physically sounds good or orally sounds interesting; it’s something far, far deeper than that.
Evelyn Glennie
I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.
Truman Capote
Through basic science literacy, people can understand the policy choices we need to be making. Scientists are not necessarily the greatest communicators, but science and communication is one of the fundamentals we need to address. People are interested.
James Murdoch
Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.
Isaac Asimov
In a way song writing can almost be detrimental, because suddenly you find an outlet that is a kind of cheating. You don’t need to have direct communication. You can say, ‘I can’t describe it to you, but I will record it and send it to you.’
James Blunt
The ABC’s are attitude, behavior and communication skills.
Gerald Chertavian
Loving your language means a command of its vocabulary beyond the level of the everyday.
John McWhorter
It is by universal misunderstanding that all agree. For if, by ill luck, people understood each other, they would never agree.
Charles Baudelaire
Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible – the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.
Virginia Satir
With clearly defined roles and a focus on communication, it’s much easier to make your company come across as well-organized and on top of things – because it actually is.
Kathryn Minshew
I don’t think that TV on the Radio is some dark mysterious band that no one can know about. We write music because it’s an immediate form of communication. We’re able to put on record what’s happening in our times, and we want that message to be heard by the most amount of people.
Dave Sitek
Perhaps because my relationship with my father went through such a long, bumpy time, it’s been very important for me to work to try to keep lines of communication open between my sons and myself to try to avoid my father’s mistakes. At least if you’re making mistakes, make different mistakes.
Salman Rushdie
But I absolutely believe that architecture is a social activity that has to do with some sort of communication or places of interaction, and that to change the environment is to change behaviour.
Thom Mayne
A powerful idea communicates some of its strength to him who challenges it.
Marcel Proust
All my life, I’ve been working with male directors, which I’ve really enjoyed. And I’m lucky in that I’ve worked with men who have a lot of respect for women. But working with a woman is a different experience. It feels like the communication is different.
Gal Gadot
Teenagers try to hide what’s really going on in their communication online.
Ethan Zuckerman
For all we are a manufacturer, we’ve always had a lot of communication with the consumer.
Sara Davies
But theater, because of its nature, both text, images, multimedia effects, has a wider base of communication with an audience. That’s why I call it the most social of the various art forms.
Wole Soyinka
Business leaders regularly complain that young people don’t leave school with the right skills. Encouraging young people to be entrepreneurs makes the connection between school and the world of work, teaching them about practical thinking, team-work, communication and financial literacy.
Steph McGovern
Perhaps the people of Twitter are more amenable to your babbling than your immediate family, but that doesn’t necessarily make digital communication a beneficial distraction when we have an immediate social environment.
Robert Rinder
Airplanes don’t just disappear – certainly not these days with all the powerful communication systems, radio and satellite tracking, and filmless cameras which operate almost indefinitely and possess huge storage capacities.
Mahathir Mohamad
It’s near impossible to always be right when you’re innovating. It’s easy to get emotionally invested in it, but you need to monitor its impact like a hawk and react if you don’t like what you see. And if/when you pull it back, you want to do that communication with transparency and humility.
Jeff Jordan
I do have a big problem with the idea of music as a form of communication unless it’s political – and that’s where it’s tricky because a lot of music is political, even if it’s not overtly so. But my music isn’t that; it’s about a feeling.
Julia Holter
One question that often comes up is why, in this age of blogs and tweets and instant digital communication of all kinds, it still takes so long to publish a book.
Erik Larson
My biggest piece of advice when it comes to bullying is to have an open communication about it.
Lizzie Velasquez
I think communication should be fun and that we should all worry less about how we say things and more about what we say.
Sandi Toksvig
First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.
Despite the centrality of communication to politics it is remarkable how little attention Insiders pay to what works – never mind the question ‘what could work much better?’
Dominic Cummings
With docs, there’s often a very direct communication between the filmmaker and the audience. With narrative movies, we leave it a little bit more open.
Tom McCarthy
Art must unquestionably have a social value; that is, as a potential means of communication it must be addressed, and in comprehensible terms, to the understanding of mankind.
Rockwell Kent
Language is an inadequate form of communication. If you’ve picked up an instrument, it’s because you don’t feel you are communicating sufficiently.
Stephen Stills
If you don’t know each other you spend time doing research together, having dinner, and talking about your lives. You try to find common ground. Once you’re shooting, the pressures are so intense; you really want to have a channel of communication open to you already.
Edward Zwick
Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of evry part of your life.
Brian Tracy
Obviously, you have the DNC engaged in communication with lots of different parties, and anything you can use to gain intelligence about what’s going on in the U.S. political system and what the candidates are thinking is of high interest to Russian intelligence.
Dmitri Alperovitch
I’m interested in direct communication about domestic life.
David Berman
One of the most surprising forms of nonverbal communication is the way we automatically adjust the amount of time we spend looking into another’s eyes as a function of our relative social position.
Leonard Mlodinow
Bombing, particularly from the perspective of the receiving end, is not ‘communication.’ Bombs result in death and destruction.
H. R. McMaster
I think sex is very interesting for most people, but I’m interested in sex as a way of communication, I’m not that interested in the fantasy version of a sex scene.
Maggie Gyllenhaal
It frequently happens that two persons, reasoning right on a mechanical subject, think alike and invent the same thing without any communication with each other.
Oliver Evans
The Internet has made communication far more rapid. If there is a discovery, instantly around the world, anyone can confirm it.
Heidi Hammel
Unfortunately, changing forms of Internet communication are quickly outpacing laws and technology designed to allow for the lawful intercept of communication content.
James Comey
The organization reflects the behavior and characteristics of the CEO, and that establishes the culture. Foster an environment of open communication, and the organization inherits a culture of open communication.
Peter Levine
Although social media is a relatively new form of communication, it has become the primary way retailers and customers are interfacing.
Ryan Holmes
We don’t communicate in full sentences anyway. We don’t need all those words.
Shepard Smith
The true Resurrection is based not on the mythical lie of the guilty victim who deserves to die, but on the rectification of that lie, which comes from the true God and which reopens channels of communication mankind itself had closed through self-imprisonment in its own violent cultures.
Rene Girard
Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides.
Rita Mae Brown
I believe it’s important to have a sporting director – someone to facilitate the communication between the club and the squad, and work on its planning. But not just at Madrid, at all teams.
The church acknowledges some Scientologists choose to sever communications with family members who leave. The church says it is a fundamental human right to cease communication with someone. It adds disconnection is used against expelled members and those who attack the church.
John Sweeney
It’s not hard to generate a paper fortune in a huge inflation. All you have to do is own the most important economic assets: energy, communication, and transportation.
Porter Stansberry
Each couple’s version of intimacy is so fascinating to me. A friend will tell me about her marriage, and I’ll think, ‘Yikes, they have horrible communication! They’re going to get divorced!’ And then I’ll hear about them at another time and think, ‘Wow, they love each other so much!’
Miranda July
Your insurance broker has your telephone number, but your insurance broker doesn’t have your Facebook ID. I think they are very different modes of communication. Commingling them can come with risk and peril.
Brian Acton
When you stop talking, you’ve lost your customer. When you turn your back, you’ve lost her.
Estee Lauder
Quite frankly, the Urban brand organization became too siloed, with too little communication across functional areas. The great creativity that has been the hallmark of our success became stifled.
Richard Hayne
We’re really building, at the highest level, the future of entertainment. And we’re involved in the convergence of social communication and storytelling and we’re doing it in immersive, 3D, social environment.
David Baszucki
President Trump’s frequent, unfiltered use of his personal Twitter account as a means of official communication is unprecedented. If the President is going to take to social media to make sudden public policy proclamations, we must ensure that these statements are documented and preserved for future reference.
Mike Quigley
I have always believed that technology should do the hard work – discovery, organization, communication – so users can do what makes them happiest: living and loving, not messing with annoying computers! That means making our products work together seamlessly.
Larry Page
The thing I’ve come to learn is that what’s great about small independent films is the intimacy and the communication that occurs when you’re making them.
Guy Pearce
Berlusconi is a genius in communication. Otherwise, he would never have become so rich.
Umberto Eco
The entertainment industry, in particular, is all about communication and being aware of what’s going on, which can take over an actor’s life.
Sam Palladio
Language is memory and metaphor.
Storm Jameson
Texting is a supremely secretive medium of communication – it’s like passing a note – and this means we should be very careful what we use it for.
Lynne Truss
Communication is crucial. That’s why young teams aren’t usually good because their communication’s not good because they’re not confident in the communication.
Jared Dudley
Intelligence, knowledge or experience are important and might get you a job, but strong communication skills are what will get you promoted.
Mireille Guiliano
Given a chance, I would love to host a television show as I have good communication skills and am fluent in Hindi, English and Urdu.
Puneet Issar
The key to high-quality communication is trust, and it’s hard to trust somebody that you don’t know.
Ben Horowitz
The other thing about FEMA, my understanding is that it was supposed to move into the Department of Homeland Security… and be what it was, but also having a lot of lateral communication with all those others involved in that issue of homeland security.
Warren Rudman
I found that I can never know enough, and that many times the best form of education is through communication.
Jessica Mendoza
If you can’t convince them, confuse them.
Harry S Truman
Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.
Stephen Covey
Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.
William S. Burroughs
But I’m acutely aware that the possibility of fraud is even more prevalent in today’s world because of the Internet and cell phones and the opportunity for instant communication with strangers.
Armistead Maupin
I don’t start with a design objective, I start with a communication objective. I feel my project is successful if it communicates what it is supposed to communicate.
Mike Davidson
In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do.
Stephen Covey
When you can have a relationship that’s like that to where everything is out in the open, you are up front, and there is open communication, it makes for a great relationship.
Baker Mayfield
You can change your world by changing your words… Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.
Joel Osteen
A century ago the Spanish flu confounded scientists and devastated whole regions, but while today’s society has air travel and an enormous, heterogeneous population, we also have antibiotics, fantastic communication networks and, perhaps most crucially, more data than ever.
Hannah Fry
In the world of words, the imagination is one of the forces of nature.
Wallace Stevens
I don’t think interviewing people is any different than normal communication.
John Bishop
It has been said that love is a function of communication. I believe that to be true. I believe, by extension, that human understanding is a function of communication. And the better human beings understand one another, the higher the level of functioning.
Dan Pallotta
I feel like I was writing as I was learning to talk. Writing was always a go-to form of communication. And I knew I could sing from being in tune with the radio.
Frank Ocean
A degree of lying – you know, white lies – seems to be inherent in all languages and all forms of communication.
Matthew Lesko
Yes, I am in touch with Priyanka Chopra but not very often. There was more communication between us before she shifted to the US. However, she knows what is happening in my life and with my work.
Meera Chopra
I do love email. Wherever possible I try to communicate asynchronously. I’m really good at email.
Elon Musk
If you’re like me, food is a medium for communication. It’s an expression of love and affection.
Lidia Bastianich
By and large, the critics and readers gave me an affirmed sense of my identity as a writer. You might know this within yourself, but to have it affirmed by others is of utmost importance. Writing is, after all, a form of communication.
Ralph Ellison
I think people underrate the importance of investing in your communication skills as a way to progress in your career.
Julie Sweet
I enjoy very much communication. I think that scientists need to communicate.
Anthony Fauci
A more consistent and sustainable relationship with China will be a core goal of my administration. That requires open channels of communication, both with China’s leadership and the Taiwanese people.
Tsai Ing-wen
I have seen that technology has contributed to improved communication, that it’s contributed to better health care, that it’s contributed to better food supplies, that it has contributed to all the basic human needs.
John Warnock
I never even wanted to be an actress. I studied mass communication and wanted to study law in Newcastle, for which I even got a scholarship. But by then, I had started modelling. So, I took a year off to decide what to do. But once you are used to working, it’s difficult to get back to studies.
Esha Gupta
I think there’s a fear of disconnect sometimes; communication is a huge issue for all of us, from adults to kids, as far as our face-to-face time and our ability to interact with each other without isolating itself to a phone. I think that has to be something that’s very challenging.
Jim Rash
I have been in love, and it was a great feeling. It’s when you are attracted to and feel affection for someone. You want to do things for that person. But only love isn’t enough in a relationship – understanding and communication are very important aspects.
Yuvraj Singh
Amazon and Snap both have stories that are compelling for many investors: Amazon has transformed retailing and is destined to dominate it. Snap is reinventing communication, at least for millennials and those even younger.
James B. Stewart
Internet is a good and convenient device for us for easy communication. It has lots of value.
Ian Gillan
The Internet has given us 10 or 15 new styles of communication: long messages like blogging, and then short messages like texting and tweeting. I see it all as part of an expanding array of linguistic possibilities.
David Crystal
I started on the use of the Internet for scientific communication. Our research group was one of the very first to make really systematic use of it as a way of managing research projects.
Joshua Lederberg
Copywriting cuts the communication cord between word and feeling. By offering instant gratification, it atrophies more subtle emotions.
Clive Sinclair
When you have a lot of communication, it picks up the aggressiveness with everybody on the court.
Iman Shumpert
We emphasize that such a form of communication is not absent in man, however evanescent a naturally given object may be for him, split as it is in its submission to symbols.
Jacques Lacan
Commercialization of assets off the planet would mutually reinforce the growth of interplanetary communication.
Vint Cerf
Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
To pray is to have a conversation with Deity. This sacred and supernal communication with Heavenly Father is a divine and delicate process. This crucial communication should be conducted with great care and in compliance with sacred counsel.
L. Lionel Kendrick
I wanted to keep that message of food and family alive, and how it brings people together and builds relationships and communication.
Ayesha Curry
Illiteracy is rampant. People are out of communication.
Karen Black
I love the rehearsal process in the theatre, and the visceral sense of contact and communication with a live audience.
Judd Nelson
Music is about communication, and the chemistry between an audience and the orchestra is absolutely essential; the performance does not exist in a bubble.
Charles Hazlewood
It is my desire to break the destructive generational cycle of illiteracy in the home by focusing on the children. Reading to your child has so much value as a parent because it opens the lines of communication.
Victoria Osteen
No ideas and the ability to express them – that’s a journalist.
Karl Kraus
Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.
William Wordsworth
The art of communication is the language of leadership.
James Humes
The 1960s was a heroic age in the history of the art of communication – the audacious movers and shakers of those times bear no resemblance to the cast of characters in ‘Mad Men.’
George Lois
In today’s world, everyone’s so clued into their iPhones, and communication is going by the wayside as far as one-on-one is concerned. It’s very seldom that I walk into a room and parents make their children say hello and have a social grace with one another.
Phyllis Smith
I feel like communication is the same whether you’re cooking for someone or singing or writing a song or writing a play or ordering from McDonald’s.
Tituss Burgess
In football, in any sport, communication is really key. So if you want to be a great teammate, a great team and a great player, then communication is very important.
Amari Cooper
I use technology for communication, but I don’t have a Blackberry or an iPhone. I use an outdated cell phone, but I’m fine with it.
Nicolas Cage
Music is a very personal and emotional form of communication.
Trevor Dunn
My personal view about how people should use Twitter is less relevant than our goal to provide the infrastructure for a new kind of communication and then support the creativity that emerges.
Biz Stone
As actors, we have the best job in the world, but occasionally it can be made difficult by ego and by not listening to each other and lack of communication.
Freddie Fox
People seem to see no difference between an intimate conversation and a conversation at the water cooler.
Mike Farrell
The two cultures of East and West are very different, and the priorities are very different. So when you understand that – if you are from this side or this side – when you understand that the other is different than you, and you respect these differences, you can build communication.
Ashraf Barhom
The process of communication with the afterlife – more of an exchange than a conversation – has always fascinated me.
Rory MacLean
I respect the Japanese and especially like their execution and communication styles. Unlike the Koreans, they will not hit you from behind.
Terry Gou
Communication is key in any relationship – especially in a team sport, and football is the ultimate team sport.
Mike Daniels
Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.
Charles Dickens
I think that humor has become a principle means of communication among Americans about politics.
P. J. O’Rourke
He that communicates his secret to another makes himself that other’s slave.
Baltasar Gracian
Twitter was around communication and visualizing what was happening in the world in real-time. Square was allowing everyone to accept the form of payment people have in their pocket today, which is a credit card.
Jack Dorsey
The good thing about Indian dance is that it relies a lot on communication. There is nothing that can’t be communicated by Bharatanatyam.
Significant officials at publicly traded companies are casually and cavalierly engaged in insider trading. Because insider trading has as one of its elements communication, it doesn’t take rocket science to realize it’s nice to have the communication on tape.
Preet Bharara
It’s a fact that more people watch television and get their information that way than read books. I find new technology and new ways of communication very exciting and would like to do more in this field.
Stephen Covey
It seems a long time since the morning mail could be called correspondence.
Jacques Barzun
Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.
Ansel Adams
In Trump’s world, men get to play by different rules. Even the witch hunt over Hillary Clinton’s emails exudes a double standard. George W. Bush ‘lost’ 22 million emails during his presidency. We can’t even go back and look at the communication regarding the decision to invade Iraq.
Mel Robbins
Technology is a compulsive and addictive way to live. Verbal communication cannot be lost because of a lack of skill. The ability to listen and learn is key to mastering the art of communication. If you don’t use your verbal skills and networking, it will disappear rapidly. Use technology wisely.
Rick Pitino
Obama better understood community organisation and peer-to-peer communication than any recent candidate, and we are applying that lesson.
Douglas Alexander
I know when I step into midfield I have to sharpen my feet up and be more aware of what’s around me, at centre back it’s more about timing, positioning and communication.
Phil Jones
Words are but the signs of ideas.
Samuel Johnson
It is not enough to show people how to live better: there is a mandate for any group with enormous powers of communication to show people how to be better.
Marya Mannes
Words are but pictures of our thoughts.
John Dryden
Every single means of communication amongst the public, the government has antennae into, to find out who is liable to be sympathetic and who is not liable to be sympathetic, and I think this has probably been going on since all channels of communication began.
David Lloyd
The more articulate one is, the more dangerous words become.
May Sarton
Trust brings a higher level of communication and a higher level of commitment and accountability.
Bruce Arians
I feel that the great challenge of our time is the communication of ideas.
Alain de Botton
The four of us are really in sync with each other. We’re pretty open about most things. We try to respect each other as much as we can. For us, communication is really important.
Ally Brooke
There’s all these ways to instantly communicate – cars, computers, telephone and transportation – and even with all that, it’s so hard to find people and have an honest communication with them.
Jason Schwartzman
I believe that no matter what you do in life, if you learn the basics through theater, it will help you in everything else – problem solving, communication, discipline, all of that stuff.
Laura Linney
As a black woman, there’s so much pride and communication through hair. It’s naturally something that you are excited to embellish on and be creative about.
People find communication in families difficult – games can help with that.
Gyles Brandreth
People just want to dig; they want to dance. They don’t want to work all through the night, and neither do I. I like getting ‘out there,’ but communication should be occurring on more levels than heavy-laden philosophical.
Kurt Elling
Knowing who I am as a player and working on my deficiencies, communication is something I try to pride myself on.
Ryan Fitzpatrick
If you invest the time earlier to create structure and process around communication, planning, and goal-setting, you can prevent missteps before they occur.
Christine Tsai
Religion unites man with God, or forms a communication between them; yet do they not say, ‘God is infinite?’ If God be infinite, no finite being can have communication or relation with him.
Baron d’Holbach
It is true that the Internet can be used to disseminate falsehoods quickly, but it just as quickly roots them out and exposes them in a way that the traditional model of journalism and its closed, insular, one-way form of communication could never do.
Glenn Greenwald
Like people, when companies work to foster a culture of collaboration, communication becomes second nature.
Doug McMillon
My touring band, they’re just brilliant, and all of them are learning ASL, so the wall of communication is breaking.
Mandy Harvey
I began doing writing projects and art and design projects to explore a new way of seeing Canada. Roots is one more way of continuing this exploration. I want to present a wide-open Canadian sense of color, adventure, communication and openness that defines our country.
Douglas Coupland
I like to work in a team. And for that you must have a structure that covers everything and that there is fluid communication.
It’s so important in marriage to let the little things go and let the pride go. Forgiveness is so important, and communication. Don’t major on the minors.
Kimberly Schlapman
I never told a victim story about my imprisonment. Instead, I told a transformation story – about how prison changed my outlook, about how I saw that communication, truth, and trust are at the heart of power.
Fernando Flores
The thing I do, really, is a communication with audiences more than any achievement through records.
Richard Thompson
We’ve been trying to open the gates of communication between Havana and Miami through art, which is apolitical most of the time: It doesn’t have anything to do with politics and is only an exchange of ideas.
Jorge M. Perez
‘Communication Breakdown’ – it was punchy and direct, with a real attitude that was different to other bands going around.
Jimmy Page
If technique is of no interest to a writer, I doubt that the writer is an artist.
Marianne Moore
Communication is important.
Douglas Booth
There’s been nobody who stays in more communication and listens to veterans more than I do.
Rodney Frelinghuysen
People often cover their mouths when lying. A hand on the mouth or even a touch of the lips shows you that they are lying because this unconscious body language represents a closing off of communication.
Travis Bradberry
We shall never be able to remove suspicion and fear as potential causes of war until communication is permitted to flow, free and open, across international boundaries.
Harry S Truman
I don’t have any answers as to whether the Internet is a good or a bad thing, but it’s certainly an important thing for the novel because novels are so much about communication, and when communication changes, the novel has to change.
Sally Rooney
Words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone.
William Albert Allard
The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.
Dave Barry
Yet, in spite of this world-wide system of linkages, there is, at this very moment, a general feeling that communication is breaking down everywhere, on an unparalleled scale.
David Bohm
Clear communication is always important in central banking, but it can be especially important when economic conditions call for further policy stimulus but the policy rate is already at its effective lower bound.
Ben Bernanke
The short form, speed, and consistency of communication by Trump beat Clinton’s nuanced, detailed, and long-form communication. Trump came across as more genuine, Clinton as less than transparent. Trump engaged directly with his community; Clinton spoke through the media in a careful and less frequent manner.
Richard Edelman
Dad often told me, ‘My job is to help my boss do his job and make him look good.’ That was my dad’s objective. Everything about the way he conducted himself was to communicate support for his superiors and respect for his coworkers. The way he dressed was his starting point in that communication.
Lyle Lovett
I was always writing. I’ve always been attracted to words and stories, communication.
Lucy Dacus
Honest communication is a rare thing.
Taylor Sheridan
As Americans lose the wider face-to-face ties that build social trust, they become more dependent on romantic relationships for intimacy and deep communication and more vulnerable to isolation if a relationship breaks down.
Stephanie Coontz
I think honest communication, no matter where it comes from, is positive for a relationship.
Ron White
That’s always the biggest thing, especially in the secondary, is building not just communication and everything but friendships and bonds of off-the-field stuff and things like that.
Devin McCourty
I think that cinema is medium of communication. It’s as valid as novels or fine art.
Ken Loach
Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud.
Hermann Hesse
Responsive governments committed to improving the broader trade facilitation and business environment can help companies of all sizes by improving infrastructure: roads, transportation, ports, information and communication technology, and electricity.
Arancha Gonzalez
Know when to email vs. when to meet. Logistics are best handled over a non-immediate communication channel like email or Asana tasks. Detailed status meetings will suck the life out of your day.
Justin Rosenstein
Humor is the affectionate communication of insight.
Leo Rosten
A relationship succeeds when obstacles are met with communication and resolution. A relationship flourishes when we take the beloved as our teacher. Shared goals create a transformative, interwoven path.
Alex Grey
I don’t know any member of Congress who ever said, ‘I’m satisfied with the communication that we have from the White House.’
Nancy Pelosi
Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.
Marshall McLuhan
Any musical form that has been around long enough to have cultural resonance beyond just being a cutting edge kind of communication – but, especially, when it begins to reflect on a time and reflect on a culture – is effective in a musical.
Alan Menken
I follow my conscience – and this is upsetting to some people, but I maintain the conscience is going to be the only thing between us and communication in the future.
Matt Drudge
For a writer only one form of patriotism exists: his attitude toward language.
Joseph Brodsky
Every player in every team speaks to each other in order to improve the quality on the pitch – that communication is necessary.
More than any other candidate, Mr. Trump embodies the evolving norms of communication that are being enabled and encouraged by technology and the matrix of connectivity that defines modern life: authenticity over authority, surprise over consistency, celebrity over experience.
Anand Giridharadas
Communication is important, and when you have an understanding with someone on the pitch, it is the most important thing.
Edin Dzeko
Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery.
Joyce Brothers
When you are young and you join Arsenal, the communication with the manager is very important.
Robert Pires
If we can speed up the deployment of clean energy technologies in developing countries with investments from the Green Climate Fund, hundreds of millions of people will be able to access electricity for the first time – with all the education, health, communication and entrepreneurial opportunities electricity enables.
Ed Davey
I very purposely have an open communication culture, where I encourage employees to approach me with their ideas without dominating them.
Rana el Kaliouby
Every day I try to be in communication with the universe in an unconscious way.
Paulo Coelho
Scientology helps me in acting to focus on communication.
Erika Christensen
People aren’t going to talk about it except me and that is communication and the visits I have personally had in our meetings with our store managers saying if you do these things you will be terminated, period.
Lee Scott
I didn’t know folk music growing up, no. It’s something I’ve come to study, really, because I think there’s so much to learn from traditional music in the sense of the way music began as a way of communication, the traveling storyteller, the bard, the minstrels.
P. J. Harvey
Social media is such a key organizing and communication tool, and I’ve made a major commitment to use it as a way to make the legislative process as transparent as possible.
Chris Murphy
People break down after a couple of hours. All the defenses go down, and there’s a kind of communication that if I spent 20 years in a living room with one of these people, I would never, never know as much about them as I do in that one day.
Lee Grant
I do not pretend to know precisely what is on foot there; but I think it pretty evident that there is a very free communication between that country and this body, and unless I am greatly mistaken, I see the dwarfish medium by which that communication is kept up.
Benjamin F. Wade
Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space.
Orson Scott Card
All the small things matter. Communication. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. You have to be on the same page.
Amari Cooper
I majored in political science and speech communication.
Marne Levine
The desire to write grows with writing.
Desiderius Erasmus
As a graduate student at Oxford in 1963, I began writing about books in revolutionary France, helping to found the discipline of book history. I was in my academic corner writing about Enlightenment ideals when the Internet exploded the world of academic communication in the 1990s.
Robert Darnton
Society cannot share a common communication system so long as it is split into warring factions.
Bertolt Brecht
I’m a huge fan of online communities. I think that asynchronous internet-based communication forums such as Reddit and other discussion forums are one of the best things that could possibly have happened to collaborative invention. The Rift certainly would not exist without forums.
Palmer Luckey
We know that communication must be hampered, and its form largely determined, by the unconscious but inevitable influence of a transmitting mechanism, whether that be of a merely mechanical or of a physiological character.
Oliver Joseph Lodge
Language is a virus from outer space.
William S. Burroughs
Thinking of Internet chat rooms or AIM as a kind – there’s such an intimacy and honesty to tapping on your phone, despite how quick people are to damn digital means of communication as emotionless or too abstract.
Liv Bruce
In the graver and more sentimental communication of man and man, the head still bears the superior sway; in the unreserved intimacies of man and woman, the heart is ever uppermost. Feeling is the main thing, and judgment passes for little.
William Godwin
For me, becoming a man had a lot to do with learning communication, and I learned about that by acting.
Adam Driver
I like to talk to my team-mates. Communication is key.
Joao Moutinho
Syllables govern the world.
George Bernard Shaw
Starting a new business will take its toll on your time and energy, and this can place strain on family and social relationships, depending on their expectations and how open you are in your communication with them.
Fabrizio Moreira
One has to grow up with good talk in order to form the habit of it.
Helen Hayes
The goal of art-making in general is communication.
Will Cotton
Anybody who thinks that getting a communication from a voter in your district is spam – that guy is pork. Roast pork unless he changes his point of view.
Dick Morris
The No. 1 reason for me to support and help launch Telegram was to build a means of communication that can’t be accessed by the Russian security agencies, so I can talk about it for hours.
Pavel Durov
If we ever start communicating with living creatures from other planets, the number one priority is, how are you going to communicate information? Even between different cultures here on Earth, you get into communication problems.
Story Musgrave
There are two barriers that often prevent communication between the young and their elders. The first is middle-aged forgetfulness of the fact that they themselves are no longer young. The second is youthful ignorance of the fact that the middle aged are still alive.
Jessamyn West
I’m talking to you and it’s basically a direct communication, whereas if I’m writing a letter to you and you read the letter, there are like 12 extra deconstruction and reconstruction steps in the communication.
Kevin J. Anderson
The communication within Sinsaenum is really, really cool. As extreme as the music is, you might not realize how much we respect each other and how much we coach each other and how well we communicate.
Joey Jordison
I try to combine in my paintings cinematic feeling, emotional feeling, and sometimes actually writing on the page to combine all the different elements of communication.
Sylvester Stallone
I like television. I still believe that television is the most powerful form of communication on Earth – I just hate what is being done with it.
Alton Brown
Different people need different kinds of communication for it to have the same effect. That was something I had to learn.
Tobias Lutke
A relationship is based on communication.
John Cena
I don’t understand why people whose entire lives or their corporate success depends on communication, and yet they are led on occasion by CEOs who cannot talk their way out of a paper bag and don’t care to.
Frank Luntz
For me, good service is efficient and discreet; it’s that critical balance. As soon as the client sits down, the communication flow has to start. Customers need to feel that the waiters are supervised – that there’s a system in place.
Daniel Boulud
The Internet has changed everything. We expect to know everything instantly. If you don’t understand digital communication, you’re at a disadvantage.
Bob Parsons
Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Every major communication tool on the Internet has spam and abuse problems. All email services, blogging services and social networks have to dedicate a significant amount of resources and time to fighting abuse and protecting their users.
Evan Williams
Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.
Anton Chekhov
I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in.
Bill Gates
The best way to solve problems and to fight against war is through dialogue.
Malala Yousafzai
As everyone in Louisiana knows, there was often no communication or coordination between the state and federal government in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Bobby Jindal
The bonds that women share around the world, wherever we come from, they’re very powerful and they have an ease of communication because we share those very important things of our families, our mothering, of improving opportunities for the next generation.
Quentin Bryce
On the other hand, in a society whose communication component is becoming more prominent day by day, both as a reality and as an issue, it is clear that language assumes a new importance.
Jean-Francois Lyotard
We strive for a culture of constant communication. Team members know in real time if there are performance issues. Team leaders know in real time if a team member is unhappy.
Daniel Lubetzky
In many companies, the person who talks the best usually gets the job. I got snowed by a few of those people over the years. I still think communication is important, but I don’t think there’s always a correlation between being a great communicator and other virtues that make for a great leader.
John Mackey
But if I can be convinced and then through the work that we do together, the orchestra can really be convinced of the big sweep of that communication that the piece suggests, then the audience will get it and it will be a good experience for all of us.
Michael Tilson Thomas
People recognize certain things, like ‘D’ means ‘this dialogue stinks.’ We’re dealing with shows that are written here, shot in New York and posted back here. Accurate communication is a necessity.
Dick Wolf
I’m the biggest fan of face-to-face communication.
Mary Dillon
My approach is so simple; every song I sing, every story I tell, every move I make, must move the audience to laughter, tears, or inspiration. Otherwise, why do it? It’s the communication.
John Davidson
In an era of instant communication, a flaw or non-perfect product creates immediate bad buzz.
Antoine Arnault
Thanks to the rise of cloud computing, collaboration tools are becoming increasingly affordable, allowing even the smallest firms to implement enterprise-grade solutions that can significantly improve communication lines between employees and customers.
Jean-Philippe Courtois
I don’t like talking unnecessarily, and my communication skills are zilch. I just can’t converse with people. Maybe it’s because of my stuttering or stammering, but I’m not confident of talking with people. I only talk to very close friends and family.
Pritam Chakraborty
Ninety-eight per cent of all human communication is non-verbal.
Timothee Chalamet
I understood that synergistic dance between photographer and object – ‘muse,’ if you will, ‘model,’ whatever you call us. It’s that silent language of communication, like being psychic with each other.
Carmen Dell’Orefice
Language commonly stresses only one side of any interaction.
Gregory Bateson
I grew up in an atmosphere where words were an integral part of culture.
Wole Soyinka
In the past, before phones and the Internet, all communication was face-to-face. Now, most of it is digital, via emails and messaging services. If people were to start using virtual reality, it would almost come full circle.
Palmer Luckey
Communication is key to having a good team.
Denny Hamlin
The art of effective listening is essential to clear communication, and clear communication is necessary to management success.
James Cash Penney
The filmmaking process is a very personal one to me, I mean it really is a personal kind of communication. It’s not as though its a study of fear or any of that stuff.
David Cronenberg
After all, it’s the future of business communication that we’re looking toward.
Jim Barksdale
In elementary school, we should teach nonviolent conflict resolution and healthy communication skills, which will help children cope with issues like rejection and sexuality later in life.
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Measured in time of transport and communication, the whole round globe is now smaller than a small European country was a hundred years ago.
John Boyd Orr
I thought my life was mapped out. Research, living in the forest, teaching and writing. But in ’86 I went to a conference and realised the chimpanzees were disappearing. I had worldwide recognition and a gift of communication. I had to use them.
Jane Goodall
If the real radical finds that having long hair sets up psychological barriers to communication and organization, he cuts his hair. If I were organizing in an orthodox Jewish community, I would not walk in there eating a ham sandwich unless I wanted to be rejected so I could have an excuse to cop out.
Saul Alinsky
People make music to get a reaction. Music is communication.
Yoko Ono
My hectic work schedule does not often permit me time to visit temples, but my conversations with God don’t depend on idol worship. Inside my heart, I have developed and sustained a direct communication with Him.
Emraan Hashmi
Breaking Borders’ is about, more than anything, communication and conversation. The best lesson I’ve learned from doing this show is that when there is a breakdown in communication, conflict starts.
Mariana van Zeller
Football helped me tremendously, and that’s why I want the sport to stay because it’s so valuable. It’s helped me be a better physician today, certainly. I’ve learned discipline. I’ve learned focus, teamwork, communication.
Myron Rolle
Millions of children all over the world live in silence and face communication barriers – and, particularly, access to education.
Rachel Shenton
Before language, cavemen simply grunted, and then they used the club. Communication changed that. It’s the mechanism that created civilization and prevents its own destruction.
Greg Gutfeld
Email is not the simple exchange of text messages. Email is the electronic version of the interoffice mail system used for formal letter or memo communication.
Shiva Ayyadurai
I’m a defender first and foremost – blocks, headers, vital tackles, or even just the communication side of it, which is massive but doesn’t really get recognised.
John Stones
But picketing – picketing for or against something, and handing out literature – these are conspicuously formal actions. They have to be understood as indirect communication.
Tony Conrad
Languages are true analytical methods.
Antoine Lavoisier
You don’t have any communication between the Israelis and the Iranians. You have all sorts of local triggers for conflict. Having countries act on a hair trigger – where they can’t afford to be second to strike – the potential for a miscalculation or a nuclear war through inadvertence is simply too high.
Dennis Ross
In an odd sort of way, the computer and the Internet is the hermit’s ideal form of communication. You don’t have to see anyone. To send an email, you don’t have to talk to anyone. You can just send it, and they’ll read it on their own. The Internet has been really good for hermits.
Michael Finkel
Communication is an issue where we can improve, and if I can do anything to help, I am happy to.
Ellen Stofan
Humans are fascinated with communication. I was always drawn to words and stories, staying in touch with your feelings and being open to what’s around you.
Lucy Dacus
The narrative of ‘man the hunter’ presupposes that men provided the nutrition, invented the tools, and established social organization and communication through the hunt, and that women were just sitting by the fire waiting for evolution to drag them out by the hair in the 1960s in order to participate.
Amanda Foreman
It is difficult to imagine how any behavior in the presence of another person can avoid being a communication of one’s own view of the nature of one’s relationship with that person and how it can fail to influence that person.
Paul Watzlawick
In a nine-piece-band is one guy gonna call up eight guys and have a 45-minute discussion about every decision? No. So things are a lot more democratic in Stone Sour. Plus, we’re closer and it’s a lot easier to communicate. In Slipknot that’s the big problem – communication.
Jim Root
I don’t know that hearing people have ever felt that experience of truly being left out. They have easy communication, while deaf people can’t join in. It takes more time to communicate with us.
Millicent Simmonds
When I deal with my son, my wife and I definitely take the time to make sure that he feels comfortable in every situation. The communication needs to be there. I think my wife has done a great job at really getting good at being able to communicate with our children.
Channing Frye
That said, the question remains: how to strike the balance between free speech and mutual respect in this mixed-up world, both blessed and cursed with instant communication? We should not fight fire with fire, threats with threats.
Timothy Garton Ash
I’ve been trying to write since 1998 after dropping out of Visual Communication from Loyola. My parents have been supportive.
Thiagarajan Kumararaja
Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.
D. H. Lawrence
Reclassification is the best way to for us to preserve the Internet as an unfettered tool for communication and the sharing of ideas.
Chuck Schumer
Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive, and widely effective mode of saying things.
Matthew Arnold
The decisions we make about communication security today will determine the kind of society we live in tomorrow.
Whitfield Diffie
I studied at Cathedral School, where a lot of kids go abroad after Class XII. But I was clear that I wanted to be an actress, and thus, even though I got 92% in my board exams, I applied only to Jai Hind College for Mass Communication and got in and completed my graduation.
Kiara Advani
There is no pleasure to me without communication: there is not so much as a sprightly thought comes into my mind that it does not grieve me to have produced alone, and that I have no one to tell it to.
Michel de Montaigne
There’s this proud American tradition of worrying about the power of communication companies. That going all the way back to the founding, we’ve tried to limit the power of monopolies that played a role in our democracy.
Franklin Foer
The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
George Bernard Shaw
Be not a slave of words.
Thomas Carlyle
What I think works for Fox News is we have a very direct form of communication.
Roger Ailes
The limits of sensory evolution in fish are defined very largely by their habitat. Water is physically supportive, carries some kinds of odour well, and is kind to sound – letting it travel several times faster than air will allow, but it inhibits other more personal kinds of communication.
Lyall Watson
Sometimes there is a greater lack of communication in facile talking than in silence.
Faith Baldwin
Technology enables people to improve communication with unprecedented speed, scale and iterative testing. It also allows people to wreak chaos with high leverage.
Dominic Cummings
We are not advertising ourselves as a secure platform. It’s a communication platform. It’s not our job to police the world or Snapchat of jerks.
Evan Spiegel
One of the most extraordinary and all-encompassing forms of communication is music. It reaches places that all kinds of other things cannot reach. I’ll put my cards on the table: I think it is our greatest language.
Simon Rattle
Unlike then, the mail stream of today has diminished by such things as e-mails and faxes and cell phones and text messages, largely electronic means of communication that replace mail.
John M. McHugh
By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.
George Carlin
‘The Conversation’ will hopefully touch on issues that will move people to want to strengthen communication and look to each other for solutions.
Hill Harper
No pleasure has any savor for me without communication.
Michel de Montaigne
Miscommunication is the number one cause of all problems; communication is your bridge to other people. Without it, there’s nothing. So when it’s damaged, you have to solve all these problems it creates.
Earl Sweatshirt
And it’s absolutely true that male sexual behaviour and female responses to male demands change a lot when they start communicating – and the levels of the communication that I’ve seen on the ground in very, very poor areas are so high and I think why don’t we have that here?
Emma Thompson
We all know the Internet didn’t explode until it became a commercial enterprise. Space communication will probably have the same characteristic.
Vint Cerf
Communication, that keeps everything cool. Not holding anything back, you got to tell each other what’s on your mind, that’s really it. Otherwise when one gets mad at one, it can burst and you just let it out and it can just come out wrong.
Seeing other people is incredibly engaging, and that’s one of the drivers that made us partner with Facebook – social communication. Not social newsfeeds, but actual face-to-face, seeing multiple avatars in a play experience, that’s going to be a very big part of the future in VR.
Brendan Iribe
Words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance, they grow and bring forth after their kind.
Charles Fillmore
Falling in love is a chemical reaction. But it wears off in a year. That’s why you need a strong line of communication… which includes laughter.
Yakov Smirnoff
Collaboration is a key part of the success of any organization, executed through a clearly defined vision and mission and based on transparency and constant communication.
Dinesh Paliwal
The technology, called near-field communication, involves a microchip that can send and receive data across very short distances, about four inches. Instead of swiping a credit card, you hold your phone near a reader and let the data zip between the two devices.
Daniel Lyons
A big part of that quarterback-receiver relationship is communication. You’ve got to be on the same page because if you’re not, it just doesn’t work. Then you’re kind of guessing.
Chris Hogan
I think everyone has shame about something, whether it’s a lack of a relationship with a child or maybe their weight or a lack of communication within their marriage. Everyone can relate to that because we all have something that we’re like, ‘God, I can work on that,’ or, ‘I wish I was better at doing this.’
Chrissy Metz
Prayer is the God-given communication link between Heaven and Earth, time and eternity, the finite and the infinite.
Tony Evans
One thing I’ve learned to appreciate as I’ve gotten a little older is direct forms of communication.
Billy Corgan
You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.
Thich Nhat Hanh
The great work must inevitably be obscure, except to the very few, to those who like the author himself are initiated into the mysteries. Communication then is secondary: it is perpetuation which is important. For this only one good reader is necessary.
Henry Miller
The speed of communication, the speed of information transfer, the cheapness of communication, the ease of moving things around the world are a difference in kind as well as degree.
Paul A. Volcker
I work on the assumption that in the crowded mass communication field today you have to get in and get out with your message as quickly and simply as possible. You must communicate the maximum with a single glance.
Saul Bass
Design is a powerful factor in communication between disciplines and stakeholders and can transform knowledge into creative, human-oriented solutions that can promote companies’ and countries’ competitive ability and foster innovation and growth.
Jens Martin Skibsted
All the people who run agencies, all the important people in agencies have taken communication courses, marketing courses, advertising courses, and courses basically teach advertising as a science, and advertising is so far from a science it isn’t even funny. Advertising is an art.
George Lois
I am no technophobe. I like being able to calibrate communication, depending on the situation – texting for the simple and immediate; email for business or when I want to put some lag time into the exchange; Twitter to promote something; Facebook to draw a crowd.
David Horsey
The Internet is a clear example of how our lives have changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined: a distributed information source, which is invisible to everyone, where you can access anything, and it’s distributed throughout the whole world. Basically, communication is instantaneous.
Lawrence M. Krauss
Throughout my scientific career, my wife has been my most constant collaborator. Her experimental skill made major contributions to the work; she has eased for me beyond measure the difficulties of communication that accompany deafness; her encouragement and fortitude have been my strongest supports.
John Cornforth
I view music mostly as communication, so when I record, I’m communicating to the listener in the future.
Hildur Gudnadottir
I’m a child of the sixties. I grew up with a president who was a crook, who put us into the most unpopular war in history, who had no communication with people under thirty. I had seen the Symbionese Liberation Army and the Panthers and the Diggers; I understood what they were about.
Jerry Heller
The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.
Peter Drucker
A drawing is essentially a private work, related only to the artist’s own needs; a ‘finished’ statue or canvas is essentially a public, presented work – related far more directly to the demands of communication.
John Berger
The major advances in speed of communication and ability to interact took place more than a century ago. The shift from sailing ships to telegraph was far more radical than that from telephone to email!
Noam Chomsky
Literature flourishes best when it is half a trade and half an art.
William Inge
Journalism is literature in a hurry.
Matthew Arnold
The public should have access to unfettered communication and commerce, and the Internet is increasingly the medium where that takes place.
Zephyr Teachout
To communicate through silence is a link between the thoughts of man.
Marcel Marceau
The biggest lesson I’ve learned by living abroad for the last four years is the importance of communication.
Hidetoshi Nakata
It’s all about communication, culture and competing every day.
Dave Martinez
Sometimes players are very fed up with my communication, but that’s what I do, and they know how I think. But they know I am very transparent.
Louis van Gaal
I can lack communication with people. I shy away from everybody. I always want to be alone.
Gilbert Arenas
I use a Blackberry. I’m so behind on mobile communication technology, I think a smartwatch may be too far a leap.
Derek Blasberg
Communication is everyone’s panacea for everything.
Tom Peters
Wikipedia was a big help for science, especially science communication, and it shows no sign of diminishing in importance.
Aubrey de Grey
On the other hand, the American public possesses a great resilience and strength, and good risk communication strategies can tap into and even amplify those assets.
Patrick J. Kennedy
Eventually, it is found out but it takes time especially in the conditions when communication is difficult, when the enemy is making it extremely awkward for information to come out, to go.
Joe Slovo
CBS’s Major Garrett writes in ‘National Journal’ about a new version of the ‘stray voltage’ theory of communication in which the president purposefully overstates his case knowing that it will create controversy.
John Dickerson
To hold a pen is to be at war.
Without television and mass communication, that knowledge wouldn’t exist. So I think it actually has the possibility of turning people into more understanding and more empathetic people.
John Warnock
The inventions and the great discoveries have opened up whole continents to reciprocal communication and interchange, provided we are willing.
Alva Myrdal
Mothers tend to be more direct. Fathers talk to other fathers about their kids more metaphorically. It’s a different way of communication.
Richard Louv
My two daughters live on Facebook, and social media is their mode of communication.
Tony Goldwyn
It is quite an illusion to imagine that one adjusts to reality essentially without the use of language and that language is merely an incidental means of solving specific problems of communication or reflection.
Edward Sapir
In my teaching, I enjoyed creating models to clearly communicate my thoughts.
Erno Rubik
I am still cautiously hopeful about the potential of the Internet. But it seems that the greatest revolution in communication has been hijacked by commercial values.
Beeban Kidron
A different language is a different vision of life.
Federico Fellini
I always think that in nearly every instance things that turn ugly, they almost invariably do so because of a misunderstanding, or because of poor communication.
Alexander Armstrong
It’s easy to look at kids sitting around a campfire looking at their phones and to think, ‘What a shame.’ But I think they’re going to be more advanced in terms of communication than my generation.
Taylor Goldsmith
Good words are worth much, and cost little.
George Herbert
An unsolicited sales pitch may be part of a fraudulent investment scheme. Exercise extreme caution if you receive an unsolicited communication – meaning you didn’t ask for it and don’t know the sender – about an investment opportunity.
Perianne Boring
As the world we live in is so unpredictable, the ability to learn and to adapt to change is imperative, alongside creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills.
Alain Dehaze
I’m a very physical person. I’m very tactile. I wrestled in college, so a lot of my communication with the world comes through physicality – what I take in and what I put out there.
Gbenga Akinnagbe
We are a unique ape. We have language. Other animals have systems of communication that fall far short of that. They don’t have the same ability to communicate complicated conditionals and what-ifs and talk about things that are not present.
Richard Dawkins
What I do know as a manager, as a person, is that you have to try and be honest with everyone around you. If I leave a player out, they deserve an explanation. It’s about communication, about being clear in what you want.
Chris Hughton
For me, the perfect film has no dialogue at all. It’s purely a visual, emotional, visceral kind of experience. And I think one can create wonderful depth and meaning and communication without using words. I started out as an illustrator and a cartoonist and caricature artist, so for me the visual is primary.
Bill Plympton
I think always having somebody that you trust and you know can help in the communication, that is very important.
Luis Videgaray Caso
Communication is something that I find if don’t do, I will go missing, I won’t be fully focused. If I’m constantly giving messages to the defenders not only do they know where they are but I am switched on and in the right position. It all links together.
Jack Butland
Communication is huge and a lot of it is knowing what to say, and it takes time.
Monty Williams
People live too much of their lives on email or the Internet or text messages these days. We’re losing all of our communication skills.
Tracy Morgan
You know, Quincy Jones was a great mentor, but he was a man in a man’s world. Fortunately he’s a very sensitive man and a beautiful human being, and even though he was 14 or 15 years older than me, he’s a capable human being and has great communication skills.
Lesley Gore
Communication is so key.
Ashley Tisdale
A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer.
Karl Kraus
The whole musical institution of the church involves a lot of different styles of communication at the same time. Things like call and response. Sometimes they use the music to pray and work things out. And there’s so much repetition in gospel, it’s like churning butter.
Lizz Wright
To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy.
Will Durant
My debut book is a collection of personal stories and advice about communication on the Internet. More specifically, the downfall of communication because of the Internet.
Franchesca Ramsey
But behavior in the human being is sometimes a defense, a way of concealing motives and thoughts, as language can be a way of hiding your thoughts and preventing communication.
Abraham Maslow
It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.
Mark Twain
I agree that it is not just the extremists who harbor bad thoughts or engage in bad acts, but they are usually the source of the polarization and try to keep education and communication of the main stream from moving forward.
Joichi Ito
The eventual place the American army should take on the western front was to a large extent influenced by the vital question of communication and supply.
Kelly Miller
Many well-meaning intelligent people have argued since the May 17, 1954, decision of the United States Supreme Court outlawing segregation in the public schools that communication between the races has broken down.
Benjamin E. Mays
My mother-in-law Vickie is an amazing person and has been nothing but helpful and supportive. She helps with the little things, dealing with being on the road and being away from home and how to keep up communication and little things like where the best hotels are, how to find a gym, little things on the road.
Aiden English
Communication is at the very core of our society. That’s what makes us human.
Jan Koum
Nearly every communication method we invent eventually conveys unwanted commercial messages.
Jamais Cascio
When it comes to personal communication, words are all we’ve got. It is the simple use of language that makes us human beings.
Gyles Brandreth
My mother and I always had full adult communication.
Erin Gray
What’s clear – and exciting – is that communication for social change is growing.
Aaron Koblin
The thing that we are trying to do at facebook, is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently.
Mark Zuckerberg
In a way, ‘Like Crazy’ keys into our generation, this idea of now we can still be in communication. Where do the boundaries of relationships end?
Felicity Jones
Contractions, ‘U’ for ‘you’ and the like are wonderful to make communication brief and efficient – but we wouldn’t want all our talk to be only brief and efficient. Taking pauses out of language would be like taking the net away from a tennis game. Where would all the fun go?
Pico Iyer
Politics is a matter of human transaction. I consider absolutely everything political, because all fiction involves relationships between people, and relationships between people always include matters of power, of equity, of communication.
Deborah Eisenberg
I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.
Bill Gates
I think there’s a worry that an excessive use or an almost exclusive use of text and emails means that as a society we’re losing some of the ability to build interpersonal communication that’s necessary for living together and building a community.
Vincent Nichols
Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact.
George Eliot
I do a little fact checking now and then. Other than that its impact is simply that email has revolutionized communication for me, and my website has built up a community of readers, which is a lot of fun.
Lee Child
When I’m putting some communication out on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, I think that it’s helping me, my brain, you know, because it’s always somehow stimulated by people who are sending things to me. And it works both ways. It’s great. My brain is very happy about it.
Yoko Ono
Communication is extremely important in any relationship – it makes the relationship that much healthier.
Raveena Tandon
As I’ve gotten to know myself over the years, I realised I’m kind of a sweet, sensitive guy, a shy guy, and communication is not something I’m so good at.
Christian Slater
We intend to keep the lines of communication open with the Defense Department so we can help our border law enforcement agencies navigate the equipment application process.
Henry Cuellar
I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better. I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.
Elon Musk
I think for any relationship to be successful, there needs to be loving communication, appreciation, and understanding.
Miranda Kerr
I’ve worked very hard in this book to keep the lines of communication open. I don’t want to turn someone away from this information for partisan political reasons.
Jared Diamond
We need men and women to sit down and talk to each other about sex honestly and openly. That would help us fight Aids so immediately. But our lack of communication is hugely problematic.
Emma Thompson
There are a lot of things that Slack gives you that email doesn’t when you think about internal use. Switching to Slack from email for internal communication gives you a lot more transparency.
Stewart Butterfield
If you wish to be a writer, write.
My mother was a very talented artist. When she was in jail, we’d write letters back and forth; that was pretty much the only form of communication we had.
Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Social systems have values – arguments baked into their design. For example, Twitter’s core argument seems to be, ‘Everything should be public, and messages should find the largest audience possible.’ Snapchat’s might be, ‘Communication should be private and ephemeral.’
Robin Sloan
It’s populated by people who, by and large, have terrific communication skills. Every day is an extraordinary day. For me, it was just a great area for storytelling.
Aaron Sorkin
Very often, organizations are inflexible because there is too little communication between functions; they are too segregated.
Ken Robinson
Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.
Rudyard Kipling
I am worried about development in the field of information technology, communication, etc. So you cannot say that I have become inactive.
Sharad Pawar
The biggest sources of opportunity are collaboration and partnership. And today, with digital communication, there is more of that everywhere. We need to expose ourselves to that as a matter of doing business.
Mark Parker
No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft.
H. G. Wells
With my natural communication abilities, I could probably gather a crowd even without the Spirit.
Francis Chan
Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man.
Louis Nizer
For there to be communication within a couple, it is enough for there to be only one person who communicates or who really wants to communicate. Even though a couple consists of two people, if one of the people in a couple puts all their effort into moving a couple along they will move along.
Pedro Almodovar
Man is a creature who lives not upon bread alone, but primarily by catchwords.
Robert Louis Stevenson
Just like Steve did, Bindi’s got that strange communication with wildlife. It’s beautiful to watch, and it instills an empathy with all of us about just how important the animal kingdom is.
Terri Irwin
Private communication systems have been around since the beginning of human culture.
John McAfee
If there’s one organization in the United States that could work on its communication skills, it’s the military.
Adam Driver
It has to be able to play at the maximum expression and communication in every style, and the only way you can do that is – like Verdi said – working with a file, every day, little by little, until the orchestra’s collective qualities emerge.
James Levine
I understand why people went nuts for ‘The Artist.’ We use words so much, it’s nice to be able to explore a different way of communication, to be able to express silently what someone – or something – is thinking or feeling.
Andy Serkis
Our most valuable resources – creativity, communication, invention, and reinvention – are, in fact, unlimited.
David Grinspoon
If you get asteroids about a kilometer in size, those are large enough and carry enough energy into our system to disrupt transportation, communication, the food chains, and that can be a really bad day on Earth.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
The quarterback-receiver connection is a constant work in progress. You’re always working on your communication on the field, off the field.
Chris Hogan
It’s all about communication and a dialogue between individuals – get rid of the labels, get rid of the shame, get rid of the stigmas and just be your most authentic self.
Matt Bomer
With ‘The Sixth Sense,’ my dad and I discussed how this was not so much a horror story as a story about communication. I understudied with my dad, in a sense. It made a huge difference.
Haley Joel Osment
Growing up in a Singaporean Chinese family, for me food is almost the primary means of communication between family members, both immediate and extended… hey, it beats discussing which cousin did better at end of semester exams, or who’s getting married next, right?
Melissa Leong
The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.
Sydney J. Harris
Pure truth cannot be assimilated by the crowd; it must be communicated by contagion.
Henri Frederic Amiel
It would be extremely naive to conclude anything other than the following: America’s most vital secrets are in the hands of our adversaries because Secretary Clinton intentionally avoided using official government communication systems.
Mike Pompeo
God joins us together by means of the body, in consequence of the laws of the communication of movements. He affects us with the same feelings in consequence of the laws of the conjunction of body and soul.
Nicolas Malebranche
In this great age of communication, there a lot of people you can’t actually understand. I know everyone tweets, and twits and texts and all that, but actually we’ve all got voices, and it is awfully nice to hear them and if you can understand what people are saying.
Penelope Keith
I’m interested in the theater because I’m interested in communication with audiences. Otherwise I would be in concert music.
Stephen Sondheim
Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.
The beginning to correcting all of our mistakes is communication.
DeMarcus Cousins
Here’s the problem: People have completely and utterly forgotten one thing when it comes to communication – intent.
Carlos Mencia
Yes, it must be something that goes very well with my voice, let’s say something that I understand that this would be good communication with the others, and I don’t pretend for instance, to look for music that would be something that doesn’t go with my personality.
Victoria de los Angeles