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I was really young, like nine, when I saw the first 'Te

I was really young, like nine, when I saw the first ‘Terminator’, and I was amazed by the world they created, and everything James Cameron did.
Natalia Reyes
It was really fun working with Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz on set.
Quvenzhane Wallis
So I think that in the beginning of your career you’re just looking to work. Luckily for me, my first movie was ‘Rabbit Hole’ and I got to work with incredible people, a Pulitzer prize winning writer, John Cameron Mitchell, and all the actors involved. So it’s tough, man, because you want to have credibility.
Miles Teller
I remember wanting a Scotty Cameron Circle T putter really badly. I remember the first time I went to the Studio and I got to pick one out and have it customized. That was pretty cool.
Justin Thomas
I’ve produced two docs for Cameron Crowe, and I’ve always loved him as a filmmaker.
Morgan Neville
I love Rob Zombie – I’d love to work with Rob Zombie or John Cameron Mitchell.
Guillermo Diaz
I would be open about the fact that, clearly, politicians should be able to speak to each other. David Cameron doesn’t seem to accept this, but if the British people have voted then of course you have to try and provide good stable government.
Nick Clegg
When I was 12, I played the Artful Dodger in Cameron McKintosh’s production of ‘Oliver!’ when it came to Toronto. Just getting the role shocked my whole family, and I don’t think I realized until then just how much I loved getting up in front of people and performing.
Jake Epstein
Some people welcome the flexibility of a zero-hours contract. But their growth is symptomatic of a wider issue – increasing job insecurity and falling living standards in David Cameron’s Britain.
Chuka Umunna
What works for me is a little bit of training and sensible eating. You know, the Cameron Diaz’s of the world put a lot of effort into it! But you can’t have it all – I like going out for dinner with my husband; I like meeting my mates at Starbucks!
Louise Nurding
The test of leadership for David Cameron was actually to bring the British Conservative Party back in to the mainstream.
David Miliband
I wanted to be Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, and Hitchcock. I’d wanted to be a director since 13, and horror and the suspense thriller were the most powerful genres to me.
Jordan Peele
David Cameron’s approach has left Britain weakened and weary because to retreat from the world is as foolish as it is futile.
Douglas Alexander
I had a really good time working with Jim Cameron. A lot of people didn’t, but I did as I got on with him really quite well. For a director who spends most of his time looking down a lens or in the digitisation studio or working out some graphics, he is actually very good with actors.
Bernard Hill
I think it’s really difficult to justify converting a film that wasn’t shot in 3-D into 3-D. I really do believe, as does James Cameron and all the people who are actually pro-3-D, that you have to go out and shoot it that way. You have nothing but compromise if you don’t.
David Slade
If you think you’re going to work with Cameron Crowe and not get into his music, you’re crazy. But he doesn’t force it on you. He doesn’t force anything on you, which really makes things easier.
Patrick Fugit
I want to be host of ‘SNL.’ I want to work with Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, J.J. Abrams, Emma Stone and Tim Burton, Sean Penn, Cameron Crowe. I want to work with Adam Sandler – he is so funny – and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
David Mazouz
We are all socialists now, it seems. John McCain, David Cameron and Gordon Brown attack bankers’ irresponsible behaviour and salaries, and call for state intervention in the financial markets. But these calls will not get them elected or re-elected if they are addressed only to the banking sector.
Noreena Hertz
I also learned to play Fruit Ninja on an iPad. It is quite hypnotic, and I hope one day to get past 100 points. I remembered that David Cameron admits to being an addict. I wonder if it helps him in his work. ‘Great, just destroyed a pineapple! Reminds me, shall we send those grenades to the Syrian rebels?’
Simon Hoggart
I’m not the new Cameron Diaz. I’m not the new Keira Knightley, either. I don’t know where these ideas come from. I’d rather be thought of as the one and only Laura Haddock. I’ll happily settle for that.
Laura Haddock
I don’t consider myself to be incredibly confident, or really lacking in confidence. When you’re on Jonathan Ross’ or Graham Norton’s show, inevitably there’s something to sell. And there’s a live audience; you’re sat between Cameron Diaz and Tinie Tempah – I don’t really see it as ‘me.’ It would be odd if it was.
James Corden
The choices politicians make must be based on values – not an arbitrary, axe-wielding approach to public spending or a dismal exchange between Gordon Brown and David Cameron about percentages that sounds like an argument between different book-keepers.
Nick Clegg
I was encouraged to stand for Parliament by David Cameron, and he has given me the opportunity to serve in what I believe is a great, reforming government. I think he is an outstanding Prime Minister.
Michael Gove
Jim Cameron is a feisty man and a perfectionist, but also absolutely brilliant.
Kate Winslet
David Cameron? He’s not my guy.
I was on a sitcom called ‘Gary Unmarried’ for 37 episodes, and then I was in ‘Bad Teacher’ with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.
Kathryn Newton
David Cameron should be focusing on what is in Britain’s national interest and our place in the world, not on internal party politics.
Liz Kendall
We’ve got a first class leader at the moment. David Cameron is dealing with the issues that he was left by the last government very well indeed.
Theresa May
There are good life skills to be had in the sport. It is a big positive to see young kids coming to the gym, training hard, looking up to the likes of David Tua, Shane Cameron, and possibly myself.
Joseph Parker
I am not the Conservative Party’s health care spokesman. I’m fond of Andrew Lansley, and I strongly support David Cameron as party leader.
Daniel Hannan
It was a good experience for me to be in the same camp as Minto when he was preparing for Shane Cameron, to see the weaknesses and strengths he brings.
Joseph Parker
I’ve always worked with my partner, my husband, Cameron, since ‘Raw Like Sushi,’ and in a way, I feel very free with what I do, but he also has an amazing insight in having intuitions that tend to be right a lot of the time, about where we should go next.
Neneh Cherry
I worked with Cameron Crowe, and I’d love to work with him again.
Ally Walker
Ever since David Cameron took it on himself to prise open Pandora’s box and call the E.U. referendum, the only thing that’s been predictable has been the utter unpredictability of what has followed.
Gina Miller
I would love to work with Cameron Crowe; he’s definitely one of my favorite directors.
Victoria Justice
John Major put the ‘er’ back into Conservative, David Cameron’s put the ‘Con’ into Conservative – and Norman Lamont put the ‘vat’ into Conservative!
David Miliband
It may never happen, but I’d love to make a movie and not be rushed or concerned about shooting too much film. Probably a fantasy, but it would be nice. It would also be cool to fill a movie with all my favorite songs, but music is so damn expensive. We can’t all be Cameron Crowe.
Ryan Fleck
I could not finish the rest of the tours the band had planned. I was replaced by Matt Cameron. The next years of my life were about recovery, healing, and right living. I never lost the need to create.
Jack Irons
I am supporting David Cameron purely out of cynical self-interest.
Boris Johnson
David Cameron set impossible targets and relentlessly portrayed immigration as a social burden while pursuing an economic strategy that suppressed wages. It did not end well for him, nor, more importantly, for the country.
Owen Jones
David Cameron has given one of my paintings to President Obama. It’s quite mad, really. But it’s OK. It’s not the kind of recognition I seek or get every day, but Cameron seems quite a positive kind of guy and Obama’s a dude. I would probably have had issues if it had been for Bush.
Ben Eine
My mentor in the transition from the old Gabriel Heatter and John Cameron Swayze way of doing things was David Brinkley. He brought an entirely different style to what we were doing.
Tom Brokaw
Cameron and I actually do wear the same size. It made it very easy for the wardrobe department.
Toni Collette
You don’t improvise with a Cameron Crowe script.
Orlando Bloom
Cameron called me a dinosaur you know? Well I’m the only dinosaur who can ride a bike 12 miles a day.
Dennis Skinner
Victoria Woodcock ran Vote Leave – she was a truly awesome project manager and without her Cameron would certainly have won.
Dominic Cummings
I’m friends with James Cameron. We’ve spent time together over the years because he is a diver and explorer and in his heart of hearts a biologist. We run into each other at scientific conferences.
Sylvia Earle
I don’t watch much TV or films, but I’ve watched Cameron Diaz.
Christopher Parker
I love Cameron Crowe’s ‘Say Anything’ and ‘Almost Famous.’ I think those are really great coming-of-age movies.
Jon Watts
A few actresses have all but set up shop as women of a certain age who attract younger lovers. I think of Susan Sarandon, Cameron Diaz and Isabelle Huppert.
Roger Ebert
Filmmakers have to commit to making 3-D films properly like Jim Cameron did and not do cheap conversions at the tail end of the process.
Peter Jackson
David Cameron needs to get his head out of the sand. He and his colleagues need to see what poverty is really like.
Luciana Berger
I love James Cameron. I love what he does.
Zal Batmanglij
I hated ‘Avatar’ from the jump. And I like James Cameron. I’m not opposed to James Cameron.
Chris Cubas
I think the biggest lesson that I take from ‘Avatar’ on any set that I go to is just work ethic. Working with Jim Cameron, you’re used to working very, very long days and you’re very meticulous about details. He’s very, very picky about little details, little character-isms and things.
Laz Alonso
The Hollywood image of the movie business is all about ambition and high achievers like James Cameron. But the British film industry is much more about men who wear cravats and work with model trains and hope another series of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ will be commissioned.
Peter Capaldi
When Cameron said to me ‘you’re a dinosaur,’ several people in Parliament said to me ‘you’re trendin’, Dennis, you’re trendin’ – and I didn’t know what it meant. I know now what it is.
Dennis Skinner
I have met in my life two big destroyers: Gorbachev, who destroyed the Soviet Union, and Cameron, who destroyed the United Kingdom to some extent, even if there is no wave of Scotland to become independent.
Jean-Claude Juncker
You see, the problem with Dave Cameron is that people know who he is. The less people know about him, the more he’s likely to get re-elected.
A. A. Gill
I love Cameron Diaz, and I love Drew Barrymore.
Vanessa Hudgens
The situation with the girls – with Cameron and me – it was toxic. It was just so toxic and one night she made a mistake going out to the ring. The pyro went off because she took too long to get to the ring.
There’s nothing like Cameron Indoor Stadium where the kids are right on top of you and the Cameron Crazies are going nuts. Rupp Arena with the Big Blue Nation and the passion of their fans is special.
Dick Vitale
Rupert Murdoch is in bed with Cameron. Of course they want to kill the BBC… anybody who is in the way.
Stellan Skarsgard
Myself and Cameron Lickle travel around North America in an RV and we conduct tennis clinics in clubs.
Mats Wilander
In ‘The Goods,’ I’m Ed Helms’ dad, and I was known all those years as Kirk Cameron’s father, and now I’m known as Robin Thicke’s father, so I find myself playing myself a lot and, frankly, living up to expectations of what the public’s image of me is.
Alan Thicke
I’ve known John Toshack a long, long time because I grew up with his son Cameron. If he was English, there is no doubt that he would be mentioned in the same breath as someone like Terry Venables.
Chris Coleman
I’m a very happy, content member of David Cameron’s team. I fought very hard to get my friend elected as leader of the Conservative party, then elected as the prime minister of this country, and I’m very happy being part of that team that is bringing change to this country.
George Osborne
My friend James Cameron and I made three films together – True Lies, The Terminator and Terminator 2. Of course, that was during his early, low-budget, art-house period.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
A self-evidently confident politician, Cameron still suffers from a curious hollowness. Ten years after he became Conservative leader, many people still question what he actually stands for or believes in.
Douglas Alexander
I don’t know David Cameron very well. I like him. I think you can judge a book by its cover – whoever said you can’t is wrong – that’s the whole point of nature giving us intuition, instinct and so on. I think the cover is pretty good.
Zac Goldsmith
I finished the recordings I had started with Eleven. Matt Cameron joined for the rest of those sessions.
Jack Irons
David Cameron has already said, and I have said, that a Conservative government would be giving the security agencies and law enforcement agencies the powers that they need to ensure that they are keeping up to date as people communicate with data.
Theresa May
The certainty with which Cameron informed MPs and Shadow ministers of the specifics of a Labour offer that never actually existed suggests a degree of flexibility with the truth.
Michael Ashcroft
James Cameron’s films have always been distinguished by ground-breaking technical excellence.
Roger Ebert
I never looked at fan mail, for some reason. My mother and grandmother handled my mail – although it’s not like I was ever in the stratosphere of Kirk Cameron or Scott Baio.
Jason Bateman
I can make a joke pointing out that David Cameron told off Sri Lanka for human rights abuses committed with weapons Britain sold it – like Ronald McDonald calling you a fat bastard.
Frankie Boyle
In Davos during the WEF, we have government heads like David Cameron, Shinzo Abe, Tony Abbott, and Dilma Rousseff. These are the people who can actually get something done.
Richard Quest
Now the British are coming. I think Cameron should ask the Chinese government not to make people ‘disappear’ or to jail them merely because they have different opinions.
Ai Weiwei
I went to the University of Minnesota, and I met this amazing artist named Cameron Boothe there who was in World War I, who studied with Hans Hoffman in Munich.
James Rosenquist
Whether it was in the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher, the 1950s under Churchill and Macmillan or in the early days of the Cameron administration, when our party has spoken for the people we have won.
Priti Patel
No ideology better understands the need for enemies than neoconservatism, and when the cold war dramatically and unexpectedly ended, the way was prepared for the ‘Arab threat’ to emerge. ‘True Lies,’ the 1994 James Cameron comedy thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, duly served up the Arab villain Salim Abu Aziz.
Mark Fisher
‘Selfie’ is the word du jour, and it became cause celebre at Nelson Mandela’s funeral when the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt took a selfie with U.S. President Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron.
Richard Quest
In America, everyone writes but no one reads. Everyone’s writing all day long – sending emails, tweets, text messages; they all think they’re James Cameron’s Avatar, performing in some video game for which they make up the script.
Gary Shteyngart
The Conservatives have been unusually badly led by David Cameron and Theresa May.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
Women now influence the majority of consumer purchases. It is women’s votes that will secure victory at the next election, hence the altogether delicious spectacle of Messrs Brown and Cameron vying to tell stories about broken nights and childcare as men once boasted of goals scored or pheasants bagged.
Allison Pearson
My father, a captain in the 5th Battalion of the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, landed in Normandy the day after D-Day.
Craig Brown
I think David Cameron is really not very passionate about the environment. He said all the right things. I don’t think he’s come through with anything that’s tangible.
Trudie Styler
I’ve seen some of James Cameron’s work, and I’ve got to go 3D.
Ridley Scott
I would be extremely surprised if David Cameron watched ‘Top Boy.’ But maybe he should. Maybe he should.
It will be increasingly difficult to keep Scotland as a part of the U.K. I hope that doesn’t happen, but everyone knows David Cameron has put that at risk.
Keir Starmer
As a young actor, I found myself in all these movies at once, with two big trilogies and a Cameron Crowe film and working with Ridley Scott a couple of times.
Orlando Bloom
I’ve got genuine political reasons for not voting for David Cameron. He’s got a tiny little mouth.
Sean Lock
I was lucky enough to play with great platers Cameron Smith, Billy Slater, Darren Lockyer and that’s where I learned about leadership.
Israel Folau
David Cameron, and before him Iain Duncan Smith, went out of their way to attract women into the party. Yes, we need to sell politics to more women, but quotas are not the way forward. You set a quota, what is the right quota? What is the wrong quota?
Esther McVey
Many people supported the Conservatives because of David Cameron, while many people supported Labour despite Ed Miliband. Deteriorating opinions of Cameron will therefore have a bigger impact on the Conservatives’ vote share than worsening views of Miliband would have on Labour’s.
Michael Ashcroft