Cage Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Cage Quotes from Amanda Nunes, Ricky Steamboat, Gabe Kapler, Scott Pruitt, Spencer Paysinger. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

The day I step in the cage with Cyborg, I will be 100%

The day I step in the cage with Cyborg, I will be 100% prepared.
Amanda Nunes
I remember when we were having cage matches and Superfly Snuka was the first to do this – both of us were doing dives off the top rope – but at MSG he did off the top of the cage onto Don Muraco.
Ricky Steamboat
We know that we can’t make contact with the baseball with our front foot not firmly planted in the ground. So, in our cage drills we work on being on time and not rushing this action.
Gabe Kapler
I spent many hours in the batting cage. I remember many days when my hands were pretty cut up and bleeding.
Scott Pruitt
I’ve seen Jay-Z and Kanye West. I’ve seen actors like Tom Hanks and Nicholas Cage.
Spencer Paysinger
Every time you step into a different cage, you can feel the difference.
Lyoto Machida
Everybody thinks they know me. They think I’m an easy fighter, but when cage door closes, they feel my power. I’m a completely different fighter. They’ve never fought against someone like me but they have to feel it on their skin.
Jan Blachowicz
‘Luke Cage’ came out in 1972 at the height of the blaxploitation era. It was a literary response to this notion of blaxploitation movies. It was the first time in American culture that Hollywood was embracing black movies.
Adrian Younge
‘Moonlight’ is a project that resonated with me more than anything else. I wouldn’t have done ‘Luke Cage’ if they hadn’t made time for ‘Moonlight.’
Mahershala Ali
We teach the karate methodology, bringing back the history of the martial art, the attacks that stopped being used when the martial art became a sport and that my brother and I use in the cage.
Lyoto Machida
When it is all said and done, everything is different once you get up into the cage.
Raphael Assuncao
I used to be in a street fight at least twice a week, so locking me in a cage with somebody, with a set of rules and a referee to jump in if something get ugly, and a time limit, like, it don’t scare me.
Tyron Woodley
Big mouths can’t do anything, you have to prove it in the cage.
Patricio Freire
We always try give the best of us in training to go in the cage and have a good performance, thus giving millions for the company. We also want to have part of these millions.
Jose Aldo
With animal behavior, they’re all fine until you introduce some rogue element into the cage, and then they go crazy.
Jeanette Winterson
What a cage is to the wild beast, law is to the selfish man.
Herbert Spencer
My mother used to tell me, ‘I’m fake thin, but don’t tell anyone.’ I think part of her reputation for dieting too much was to do with her upper body and thoracic cage being thinner than average, thus her thin waist.
Sean Hepburn Ferrer
I was in ‘Seussical,’ and I was in a cage onstage in a purple yarn suit singing backup, and I was like: ‘I’ve had it. I can’t do this anymore.’ I will say for the record that I did love the show, but I was like: ‘I want to do something else. I need a little more.’
Casey Nicholaw
‘The Wire’ is, by far, my favorite television show of all time. And I’ve always said that my aspirations for ‘Luke Cage’ was that it would be ‘The Wire’ of the Marvel television universe.
Cheo Hodari Coker
It makes everything worth it; every weight that you lifted in the offseason, every swing that you took in the cage. When you feel like you came through for your team, and you see the joy on their faces, there’s nothing like it.
Alex Bregman
One person that I really love to wrestle again is AR Fox and Brian Cage again too because those are two of my most favorite matches.
Tessa Blanchard
You can’t go into the cage and not love it, and you can’t go in there unprepared. You have to prepare.
Paige VanZant
I can know what Brian Cage is doing before he’s doing it because he’s doing me. I’ve been facing the man in the mirror my entire life. That’s been my hardest battle is the one where it’s me versus me.
Matt Sydal
When I was 15 years old, I watched Royce Gracie in the cage, and I thought I’d like to do the same thing.
Lyoto Machida
A woman can slip on a pair of embellished cage heels one night and a pair of streamlined, lightweight sneakers the next day. The beauty of modern luxury is the absence of rules.
Giuseppe Zanotti
So I started to learn Russian and I was one of those probably way too eager, annoying young actor kids who was trying to change all my lines to Russian, much to the dismay of the director and Nic Cage.
Jared Leto
Nicolas Cage is a great actor and he’s done some good action movies too.
Dolph Lundgren
I hate it when people call me a cage fighter. I’m a mixed martial artist. But people take one look at what we do, and they just start making assumptions.
Michael Bisping
Nobody wants to be trapped inside that cage me. They don’t want to be cut by my elbows, they don’t want to get hit by any of my kicks and they don’t want their conditioning checked by me.
Tony Ferguson
The truth is that the performative nature of social media can turn even the simplest conversations into a WWE style cage match with emojis and Internet slang taking the place of pratfalls and over the top costumes.
Franchesca Ramsey
I would love to have a Divas Hardcore championship. If we had a hardcore cage, we’ll just paint the cage pink or something and make it extra girly so it’s so, like, Diva.
The thing about Luke Cage that makes him different is – on the surface is he’s a hero for hire; Luke Cage wants to get paid. Luke Cage in the comic books is like, ‘I’m doing this stuff. It’s all well and good, but I gotta make a dollar.’
Cheo Hodari Coker
I can’t freeze when I go in the cage.
Liz Carmouche
A lot of people like to trash talk, but I don’t. I like to use my movements inside the cage to do my talking.
Tony Ferguson
I barely leave my cage, my house.
Kim Coates
When you get in the cage with me, you’d better be ready to go 35 minutes, not just 15.
Jake Hager
Why on earth would free people remain prisoners in a cage of absurd laws and regulation, with rigid constraints that humiliate the true needs of the people and their country?
Matteo Salvini
Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.
Richard Lovelace
Not since 2011, when I stepped into the cage and fought Eddie Alvarez for the first time and was the extreme underdog – I’ve never quite had that feeling of a 10 since then.
Michael Chandler
Money laundering is not a crime. It’s just because certain men with guns don’t like what other people are doing with their own money, so they decide it’s okay to lock those people in a cage.
Roger Ver
Put on a camera and put on some whatever, and you’re an actor. Put me in a cage, I’m a fighter. Put me somewhere else – I’m in an ocean, I’m a surfer. I don’t know what I am, I just do it all. And I want to be good at everything.
Brian Ortega
I love Nic Cage and Meryl Streep.
Julia Fox
When I was 7 and went to the zoo with my second-grade class, I saw chimpanzee eyes for the first time – the eyes of an unhappy animal, all alone, locked in a bare, concrete-floored, iron-barred cage in one of the nastier, old-fashioned zoos. I remember looking at the chimp, then looking away.
Octavia E. Butler
Aspen Ladd is quite the enigma. She looks and acts like a Girl Scout out of the cage, but in there she is an absolute beast.
Ariel Helwani
I am really nice. But not in the cage.
Joanna Jedrzejczyk
I’ve gone into cage matches, I’ve gone into Ultimate X, and I’ve said this before: I know exactly what I’ve signed up for, and I’m not afraid of anything in front of me, and I’m willing to do anything and whatever it takes to come out with my hand raised.
Christopher Daniels
I’ll be playing a priest in ‘Chavez Cage Of Glory,’ which is a fight movie.
Steven Bauer
I think for hundreds of years or for a much longer time, people have been fighting, professional athletes have been fighting in a ring. So it’s just the way it should be. There’s no sense in making it a cage.
Nick Diaz
I feel I represent my country: not only my country but all former U.S.S.R. countries because I have very big fan base here, and I have more than a billion Muslim fans. I feel I represent these guys all around the world. My fans. This gives me very good energy. When I go to the cage, I think about these people.
Khabib Nurmagomedov
I want to thank all of my opponents. Iron sharpens iron, and every great victory or crushing defeat occurred because there was someone who trained hard and had the courage to meet me across the cage.
Tim Kennedy
Imagination is a beast that has to be put in a cage.
Timothy Spall
Until I have that belt, defended that belt and left a legacy with my name and what I’ve done in that cage, then I’ll have time to relax and take in what I’ve done.
Travis Browne
The general public may not have an understanding about me and what I do, how I feel about my children, how I feel about my family, how protective I am over my family and children. They just see a big guy in a cage that fights, that knocks people out or this and that.
Travis Browne
Just knowing you can get into a cage and do that is part of how the mindset of a fighter can be applied to pretty much any situation really.
Sharice Davids
Everybody I step in the cage against I have the utmost respect for.
Benson Henderson
If I could sum up ‘Shadow’s Claim’ in six words: cage fights with hot alpha males. Seriously, though, while the fights are the backdrop for Trehan and Bettina’s love story, the main emphasis is on how Trehan – a pitiless master assassin – wages the ultimate battle to win her heart.
Kresley Cole
I wrote this 12-page ‘Luke Cage’ comic book for Marvel once, and I got to create a villain. His name was Lone Shark, so there was this running thing of whether it was spelled L-O-A-N or L-O-N-E. I like the idea of ‘I’m a lone shark,’ and then people are like, ‘You are here to collect a debt?’
Wyatt Cenac
The Luke Cage you saw in Season One was a reluctant hero. He was trying to figure out if he wanted to be a hero in the first place. And then fate intervened and forced him to step up his game.
Cheo Hodari Coker
I’d always thought Cage’s ‘Root of an Unfocus’ would be great in a movie.
Robbie Robertson
I like fighting, man. I didn’t get into this sport not to fight. I enjoy fighting; I actually enjoy getting in the cage.
Colby Covington
Horseracing already has the highest mortality rate of any sport in the world per capita to the people who do it. If you crash in Nascar you still have a roll bar, and a cage, and a lot of protection. It’s built to crash, but if you fall off a racehorse we all know what can happen, so it’s tremendously dangerous.
Gary Ross
I’m excited about ‘Luke Cage’ with Michael Colter, who plays Luke Cage. I play the villain, Cottonmouth. It takes place in Harlem. It’ll just be amazing for people to get to see an African-American superhero, which there weren’t any when I was growing up.
Mahershala Ali
That’s the thing about depression: A human being can survive almost anything, as long as she sees the end in sight. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it’s impossible to ever see the end. The fog is like a cage without a key.
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.
H. L. Mencken
I don’t like being locked in a cage on the creative scale. I need an outlet.
Synyster Gates
I was in Australia in 1983 and did a stunt in a lion’s cage.
Tiny Tim
Mother considered a press conference on a par with a visit to a cage of cobras.
Margaret Truman
I remember doing the sex scene in Red Rock West. I had to kiss Nic Cage and then look like I was going down on him. And he couldn’t do anything – he just had to lie there.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I’ve always been very competitive, and I’ve always had this desire to win my entire life. I guess when it comes to being in the cage, especially, I just hate losing more than I like to win. The idea of someone beating me just doesn’t sit well.
Paige VanZant
I’m going to leave it all out in the cage and know that I’m trying to finish my opponent, even knowing that most of my time it ain’t going to be a finish.
Diego Sanchez
I did a twenty foot print and John Cage is involved in that because he was the only person I knew in New York who had a car and who would be willing to do this.
Robert Rauschenberg
Once I experienced that loss to Miesha, I wanted to get back in the cage and show that it was just a mistake.
Liz Carmouche
The whole bad-boy image was for the cage, and that’s it. It wasn’t an act because it came from a passion for fighting.
Tito Ortiz
Anywhere I go, anywhere I fight it doesn’t matter who’s watching or whatever, it’s me fighting and there’s one guy in the cage you know, that I have to worry about and that’s it.
Rory MacDonald
My relationship with my dad was complex, especially when I came out. The years of verbal abuse, all of it drink-fuelled, were difficult. Later, though, he came to see me on stage in ‘La Cage aux Folles’ – one of his favourite shows – and loved it. Theatre won him over and he accepted me in the end.
Craig Revel Horwood
Jumping off the cage at the Garden, you couldn’t even hear yourself. I loved it so much. Things like that just stick in your heart.
Jimmy Snuka
It takes a lot of courage in that cage no matter who you are.
Rose Namajunas
I love Nic Cage. He was so much fun to work with.
Diane Kruger
I always respected Luke Cage and thought that he was interesting, and I really liked what Brian Michael Bendis did in his update of the character in ‘Alias,’ the comic.
Cheo Hodari Coker
I train in the cage all the time. I have my own cage in my gym.
Mirko Cro Cop
A breeding sow spends most of her life in a tiny cage. It’s usually about seven feet long and two feet wide. She cannot turn around. She cannot scratch herself. She must urinate and defecate where she stands. Simply put, I believe she is tortured, day in and day out.
Jane Velez-Mitchell
I went cage diving in South Africa with Great Whites, and that was fun. Sweden was cool.
Peter Uihlein
I want that fight with Brock Lesnar. I don’t care if it’s the ring, the cage, or in a street fight.
Bobby Lashley
I’m a competitive guy. So when push comes to shove when I’m in the cage, I always push to my limits to get the victory because that’s who I am.
Rory MacDonald
Well, one of the first things is to restore the rule of law, to place the government back under the cage of law. Another thing is to stop falling for the myth of democracy.
James Bovard
When people refer to a cage fight as war, I think it’s kinda cute… A war, huh? You know what a war is? They, evidently, don’t. It’s not maybe their place to know what it is, but I do.
Tim Kennedy
Taught from infancy that beauty is woman’s sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison.
Mary Wollstonecraft
I will always get a certain thrill of watching bullets bounce off Luke Cage.
Cheo Hodari Coker
Luke Cage isn’t going to throw a pity party for himself. He literally says to himself, ‘This is the world I’m in. These are the circumstances I have.’ He’s a self-made man. He’s trying to continuously build, and that’s what’s interesting about him. He’s a work in progress.
Mike Colter
Much talking is the cause of danger. Silence is the means of avoiding misfortune. The talkative parrot is shut up in a cage. Other birds, without speech, fly freely about.
Saskya Pandita
The only thing Kevin Lee does better than me is talk and sell fights like that. I sell fights my own way, inside the cage.
Charles Oliveira
To walk out at Wembley in an England shirt is a big deal for a girl who remembers playing in her local football cage down the park in Poplar with the boys.
Alex Scott
There aren’t a lot of African-American superheroes. I’ve been reading comics since I was eight or nine years old. Luke Cage stood out.
Cheo Hodari Coker
Marriage is like a cage; one sees the birds outside desperate to get in, and those inside equally desperate to get out.
Michel de Montaigne
I had the world’s greatest childhood. I used to hang around by the batting cage and have Hank Aaron ask me how my Little League team was doing.
Ernie Johnson Jr.
At a young age, I was interested in comic books, which was really how I learnt to read. The name Cage came from a comic book character called Power Man.
Nicolas Cage
An ideal day starts with putting on a good, smart, fun show where I learn something and ends with me fending off atomic knee drops from my two kids in our no-holds-barred pillow fight/steel cage matches. They are a ruthless tag team.
Willie Geist
I know my swing is going to be there. I don’t need 600 swings in the cage; I know where it’s at.
Jason Giambi
To beat Shevchenko, you’d have to close the distance and work with strikes close to the cage to take away her energy, her strength, and work with the ground and pound or something like that.
Jessica Andrade
I don’t have an explosive temper. People seem to think that – maybe somewhere lives the lion in my cage. But I’m actually kind of goofy.
Juliette Lewis
My private joke about ‘Luke Cage’ is that it’s a bulletproof version of ‘Lemonade,’ and that, essentially, it’s a concept album that has a video component.
Cheo Hodari Coker
As fighters, the stark reality is, there’s times in that cage when we want out. There’s times when we’ve had enough and we want out, and we’re able to recognize defeat.
Chael Sonnen
The reason why I’m just ‘Cage’ in Lucha Underground instead of ‘Brian Cage’ is because DJ, the writer, Chris DeJoseph, we wanted to keep my name the same.
Brian Cage
Fighting in the cage brings much more adrenaline than fighting in the ring. When you step inside the Octagon and they close the door, that’s really a high adrenaline feeling because they enclose you and one guy in the cage.
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
My father has always been the heart of my Penn Cage novels.
Greg Iles
It was dreadful. They tried to put the little redhead in a cage.
Sarah Ferguson
When I was young, I believe I met Nicolas Cage. I think I was probably eight, and I remember seeing him at somebody’s house – it was an event, and he happened to be there.
Simon Helberg
I want to take Justin Bieber for a month and just lock him up in a cage where we sit and make music. He’s one of the most successful people in the world, but his music could be so much tighter.
Tyler, The Creator
We can’t get in the cage thinking that we’ll win quickly, that we’ll get the knockout.
Amanda Nunes
What mixed martial arts is being marketed as is not the truth. We’re not a bunch of idiots in a cage drinking beer all the time. It’s a lifestyle, but it’s a positive lifestyle.
Frank Shamrock
I got access to a private tour of the zoo. I got to go in a cage with a koala, which I highly recommend.
Todd Barry
I have this creative mind where I can create a lot of different things, but a lot of people never really gave me the chance and opportunity to do that because when they see me, they just see this dumb fighter that fights in the cage and howls like a wolf and knocks people out.
Quinton Jackson
The thing is, against guys like GSP or Anderson Silva, many guys are beaten before they step into the cage.
Matt Serra
Whether I like them or I don’t like them, it makes no difference for me. Whoever is standing across the cage from me, that’s who is going to go down.
Artem Lobov
There was a three-year chunk as a teen where I should have been tranquilized and put in a cage.
Melissa McCarthy
I tried to be a good wife, but I was lost in my gilded cage.
Margaret Trudeau
Fighting is a lonely thing. You train with your team. You bleed with them. You trust your coaches, but ultimately, you are in the cage alone.
Tim Kennedy
Like dogs in a wheel, birds in a cage, or squirrels in a chain, ambitious men still climb and climb, with great labor, and incessant anxiety, but never reach the top.
Robert Browning
I’ve gotten to wrestle some of the best women and men in the world – Brian Cage, AR Fox, Scorpio Sky, Tracy Williams, David Starr.
Tessa Blanchard
Tables are for putting things on, not putting MVP through, and if I can avoid a steel cage match and ladders and chairs, I will.
Montel Vontavious Porter
I think the fact that ‘Black Lightning,’ ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Black Panther’ have each made noise in their own way will only lead to different superheroes and different genres.
Cheo Hodari Coker
The cage is bigger than the ring, and it’s a little bit different.
Mirko Cro Cop
Humans have a fraught relationship with beasts. They are our companions and our chattel, our family members and our laborers, our household pets and our household pests. We love them and cage them, admire them and abuse them. And, of course, we cook and eat them.
Jeffrey Kluger
Filipino fighters are very tough, they have great heart every time they step into a ring or a cage.
Andrei Arlovski
A gender line… helps to keep women not on a pedestal, but in a cage.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
I always intended the title, ‘WARRIOR,’ to be about spiritual warfare and warrior lives outside of the cage.
Gavin O’Connor
I have no intentions of getting in a UFC cage at all!
Finn Balor
I’ve got the knowledge and experience to know what’s going on in the cage or the ring. And I know how to entertain an audience and how to use the microphone. I know my market.
Alberto Del Rio
I just felt that Danny Rand within the Luke Cage universe… I just felt that he was going to be dope.
Cheo Hodari Coker
In the grand scheme of things, fighting people in the cage is not that big of a deal, I know. It’s not a hero profession even though its treated as one. It’s not being a soldier or police officer or paramedic of firefighter or anything.
Forrest Griffin
Cage’s Music of Changes was a further indication that the arts in general were beginning to consciously deal with the ‘given’ material and, to varying degrees, liberating them from the inherited, functional concepts of control.
Earle Brown
I have a huge rib cage, which is why I can hold a note out until I’m blue in the face… because I have such a big lung capacity.
Jessica Simpson
Sisters are brittle things. God was penurious with me, which makes me shrewd with Him. One is a dainty sum! One bird, one cage, one flight; one song in those far woods, as yet suspected by faith only!
Emily Dickinson
A Home Run Derby is fun. It’s just like taking batting practice, and you just want to go deep. Guys do it every day. Yes, there’s a little more pressure when they pull that cage back, but if you practice properly, it shouldn’t affect the second half of your season at all.
Frank Thomas
Because Pilates requires you to press your abs toward your spine, you don’t want to allow your lower belly to round and press out as air comes into your lungs. You also don’t want that abdominal lock to force you to breathe shallowly. To breathe correctly, you must expand your rib cage, primarily through your midback.
Denise Austin
I always take everything serious when it comes to my career and my life, but this decision to go back to the cage is a big decision for me.
Alberto Del Rio
I clear my mind; I don’t think about the pressure before a fight. I focus on going in the cage and being successful while doing my job.
Jose Aldo
I have a cage at home, I have a cage at all the gyms I train.
Nick Diaz
Travelling to make television programmes means I have some unusual food memories. In Pasto, Colombia, I was taken to a restaurant where I chose my meat for the evening from a cage of white rats. It tasted perfectly good – like rabbit.
Jonathan Dimbleby
I remember the first time I climbed the cage – it was almost like a challenge from Snuka. I said, ‘This is crazy. This is absolutely crazy!’ I went ahead and did it but I only did it a couple of times. It scared me half to death.
Ricky Steamboat
I think, as a professional, inside the cage you can fix anything.
Cris Cyborg
For me, I was never really obsessed with Luke Cage. My obsession was Wolverine.
Cheo Hodari Coker
You can put me in a cage, on a ladder, in any kind of match, and I will persevere. I will find a way.
Benson Henderson is a professional; he’s a champion. He knows how to handle himself in the cage and he knows how to win fights.
Michael Chandler
I underestimated the difference of fighting in a cage.
Mirko Cro Cop
Like dogs in a wheel, birds in a cage, or squirrels in a chain, ambitious men still climb and climb, with great labor, and incessant anxiety, but never reach the top.
Robert Burton
Ever since the Greeks, we have been drunk with language! We have made a cage with words and shoved our God inside!
Morris West
I don’t have anything to do but get in the cage and show my work and wait for my time.
Amanda Nunes
Our Luke Cage is a black hero, not a hero who happens to be black.
Cheo Hodari Coker
When I got into UFC, it was an unbelievable feeling. When I got inside the cage, ‘Big’ John McCarthy – a guy who I was watching back when Royce Gracie was fighting – was the referee. I was able to earn a quick submission win. It was perfect.
Demian Maia
Cain’s an animal, man. Cain’s a competitor. I want to spar with Cain because I know if I’m able to hang with him here in the gym, once I get out there in the cage and fight, I mean, I’ve already gone toe-to-toe with Cain Velasquez, you know?
Daniel Cormier
I pretty much spend most of my time in the gym bulking up and staying fit and putting muscle on so I can play the part of Luke Cage, but I’ve never been a gym rat.
Mike Colter
In a perfect world, if I can get conversations done at a batting cage, there’s exactly the place I want to be.
Jessica Mendoza
I had, in a way, become ‘The Nightmare’ in the cage, but also out of the cage. That’s why I changed to ‘The Dream.’ But ‘The Nightmare,’ is who I am as a fighter and that’s the way it’s going to stay. I’ll be a nightmare inside the cage and a dream outside of it.
Diego Sanchez
I got a short – I got a temper. I fight in a cage for a living. There’s a reason people like us are wired slightly different.
Matt Riddle
Nick Cage is so underrated.
Jermaine Fowler
Once I climbed into a mountain lion’s cage and she bounded at me and put her paw on my face, but she kept her claws withdrawn.
Edward Hoagland
Home life is no more natural to us than a cage is natural to a cockatoo.
George Bernard Shaw
Parallels between classical and pop are not new. The whole San Francisco movement of John Cage and Terry Riley went hand in glove with what the Velvet Underground were doing.
Charles Hazlewood
I’ve said it before, every day in the cage, I’m trying to be consistent and keep my load and keep my body right and my mind right.
Cody Bellinger
We used to have endless discussions with journalists about that: ‘Why are you calling it noise? It’s not noise, it’s music,’ and make references to everybody from John Cage to whoever.
Lee Ranaldo
Honestly, what ‘Luke Cage’ is – it’s a hip-hop Western. And you have Luke Cage as the sheriff of Harlem.
Cheo Hodari Coker
Once that cage shuts, I’m the one in control of my destiny.
Matt Serra
Secrets of the past! Who does not wish to keep the past locked in a cage like a ferocious beast? The rich are sleepless for fear of thieves. The respectable have to guard their reputations in the same way.
Munshi Premchand
Each work has its own space, which should neither be conceived as a sort of cage nor regarded as extending to infinity.
Marino Marini
I get asked to do panel shows, and reality stuff, like getting in a cage with a shark. I got asked to do a ‘Strictly’ special, but it’s not my bag. If I’m being interviewed, that’s OK, but anything else fills me with dread.
Suranne Jones
I don’t think anybody in the world matches up with my skills. That’s just the way you’ve got to be when you step in the cage.
Corey Anderson
To keep a person ignorant is to place them in a cage.
Julian Assange
I not only hope that YouTube channels compete with television shows for viewers and revenue, I hope they develop a bitter rivalry which could only be settled by an elaborate medieval tournament where the two entities fight to the death in a steel cage.
Ray William Johnson
Penn Cage I think of as annoyingly righteous sometimes. He’s almost too good.
Greg Iles
What’s cool is when you’re able to give your audience imagination and you don’t have to cage them in like animals.
Shia LaBeouf
A great white jumped into my cage when I was diving in South Africa. Half its body was in the cage, and it was snapping at me.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Everyone at home sitting on their couches, they think it’s so easy to fight. Stepping inside that cage is probably the hardest thing in the world to do. I truly believe that.
Donald Cerrone
I like to train and then step in the cage and do my job. This is the thing that I like to do.
Amanda Nunes
I couldn’t handle the rules the Queen has to live by at all, and very few of us could. It’s a golden cage, really. You’re never alone in that role – you are always surrounded by security.
Helen Mirren