Broad Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Broad Quotes from Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Gibson, Lauren Gibbs, Oscar Munoz, Sue Kelly. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

The Obama foreign policy, in broad strokes, has been a

The Obama foreign policy, in broad strokes, has been a disaster.
Charles Krauthammer
I remember driving home from a movie – it wasn’t ‘Halloween’ but another one, maybe the original ‘Omen’ – and I dropped my friends off, and it was also broad daylight, and yet I was sure that, like, Damien was in the backseat or something like that.
Thomas Gibson
A combine is a series of athletic tasks that help a coaching staff measure an athlete’s ability to be competitive in a sport. A bobsled combine requires a sprint, broad jump, two-handed shot toss, and a back squat and power clean.
Lauren Gibbs
For me, it’s common sense to treat other people like you would like to be treated. Empathy is a broad concept, but how do you get there? People get there differently. I get there by truly building a little trust and connection. You’ll tell me something, I’ll act on it, and then that builds on itself.
Oscar Munoz
As a former small business owner, I recognize both the important role small businesses play in our economy and the broad universe of challenges that small business owners face in trying to make ends meet.
Sue Kelly
Some broad themes brought me where I am today. At a very young age, my hobby became thinking and finding connections.
Dean Kamen
It’s hard being a Broadway actor going into film where you have to tone everything down. In theater, everything you’re taught is to be big and broad and make everyone feel like they are right next to you, even in the last row of seats.
Keke Palmer
The average juror is not Mr. Spock. If he were, then a trial-court judge’s job would be much easier. He could instruct the jury in broad strokes – instructing only as to the bare elements of the crime, perhaps – and be confident that the jury would deduce all of the finer-grained implications that must logically follow.
Amul Thapar
Painting with broad strokes, I feel like a lot of journalism makes it out to be like the collective consciousness has a finite imagination for multiple women at one time in a similar genre.
Julien Baker
Large numbers have been punished on the basis of a broad and vague definition of terrorism and a worryingly low threshold of evidence.
Crispin Blunt
There is in every true woman’s heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.
Washington Irving
The majority of my background is multi-camera format, which is very broad and a very arch perception of reality. Whereas single camera tends to be more truthful and a little more intimate of a medium.
Matt LeBlanc
I don’t have a brilliant body at all. I’ve got very broad shoulders. I’ve got very big feet. I’ve also got a very muscular neck.
Jaye Davidson
Before ‘Broad City,’ I had a lot of jobs that I knew were not for me, but when you’re young and don’t know exactly what you’re going to do, if an opportunity comes up, you feel like, ‘This is an opportunity; I have to try it.’
Abbi Jacobson
Senator Douglas was very small, not over four and a half feet height, and there was a noticeable disproportion between the long trunk of his body and his short legs. His chest was broad and indicated great strength of lungs.
Henry Villard
The Christian kids’ movies are fun because so many of them are made with low production value, but they’re still trying to appeal to a broad audience like a Sesame Street or something. It’s always fascinating to see how hidden or obvious they want to make their message. Also, the acting in them can be pretty fun.
Kyle Mooney
Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of tuning in and impatiently tuning out. As a longtime fan of talk radio, I don’t think this bodes well for the long-term broad appeal of the medium.
Camille Paglia
I would like ‘Dark Souls’ to be a broad exploration game filled with so many veiled things and details.
Hidetaka Miyazaki
It is reckless to make broad generalizations about any group of people.
Roger Ebert
There’s broad recognition that you really have to put the money where people are going to self-manage.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
The broad goal, laid out by Congress, the Obama administration, and the U.N. Security Council, was that Iran would suspend all enrichment-related activities and not be permitted a path to ever pursue a nuclear weapons program.
Rob Portman
By a combination of formal training and self study, the latter continuing systematically well into the 1940s, I was able to gain a broad base of knowledge in economics and political science, together with reasonable skills in advanced mathematics, symbolic logic, and mathematical statistics.
Herbert A. Simon
I’ve been grateful that ‘Time’s’ reach and mandate is so broad; anything you’re interested in, you can usually write about.
Nancy Gibbs
Trying to capture the essence of India is almost like trying to bottle magic, which is hard to do because India is so broad and diverse – it’s controlled chaos. But there’s spirituality and wholeness to the people.
Greig Fraser
I knew that it was my only shot to be taken seriously in the recording industry, because it’s fast and broad.
Adam Lambert
So in the first draft, I’m inventing people and place with a broad schematic idea of what’s going to happen. In the process, of course, I discover all sorts of bigger and more substantial things.
Peter Carey
Part of writing a novel is being willing to leap into the blackness. You have very little idea, really, of what’s going to happen. You have a broad sense, maybe, but it’s this rash leap.
Chang-Rae Lee
When you talk about a ‘broad-based business tax,’ that’s a pretty broad term. I don’t know what that means. But it’s not something I would be supportive of.
Brian Sandoval
I’m about 75 pages into a book on poetry. I don’t know if anybody wants to read it. It’s on any broad variety of subjects. I walk down the street and think of a topic and jot it down and say, ‘Okay, that’s another one.’ They go from the humorous to the serious to every topic imaginable.
Marv Levy
My parents taught me broad Christian values. To be kind to one another, to be honest, not to just think about yourself.
Sofia Helin
To have a broad range is one thing, but to still have the Simple Minds identity is quite remarkable.
Jim Kerr
Make your goals big and broad enough so that they never become answered prayers and boomerang to curse you.
Douglas Coupland
In the case of climate change, the threat is long-term and diffuse and requires broad international action for the benefit of people decades in the future. And in politics, the urgent always trumps the important, and that is what makes it a very difficult and challenging issue.
Martin Rees
We moved amazingly fast because our product was acceptable to a broad market: tots, teenagers, adults. Even to some people who never before liked cartoons. When we started we knew Disney already had the kids. So we figured we should be broader.
William Hanna
The government does not deny it routinely spies to advance American economic advantage, which is part of its broad definition of how it protects American national security.
David E. Sanger
Blockchain technologies will change transactions in a broad way.
Brad Garlinghouse
Well, our statute provides us with authority to conduct a very broad inquiry basically to provide an investigation of 9/11 that’s thorough, complete and will withstand the scrutiny of history.
Richard Ben-Veniste
As in the early 20th century, the elemental forces of globalisation have unravelled broad solidarities and loyalties.
Pankaj Mishra
One of the really remarkably beneficial aspects of genetic engineering is that much of the previous methodology for controlling pests and so forth is through chemicals that affect a very broad spectrum of insects, for example, or fungicides that control fungi.
Nina Fedoroff
They fail to recognize the broad biological principle that organic material is constantly being recycled. Everything has a time of being – a birth, a life span, and a death.
Dixie Lee Ray
A myth that operated for a year was that my broad structure secretly held a deadly body. I was so wary of my burgeoning tummy that I would conceal it by wearing very loose clothes.
Rana Daggubati
The bottom-up, loosely-coupled, bilateral and multi-stakeholder practices that have created the network of networks we call the Internet allow for a broad range of business models.
Vint Cerf
Unfortunately, I’m an engineer. I’m always thinking about, what’s the task and how do I get it done? And some of my tasks are pretty broad, and pretty fuzzy, and pretty funky, but that’s the way I think.
Michael Porter
Popping broad beans out of their skins can be therapeutic, but it isn’t everybody’s favourite waste of time.
Yotam Ottolenghi
James is a domineering alpha male which is why I’m so attracted to him and why I sometimes hate him. And I’m a mouthy broad who has to be in control all the time. We must have broken up in excess of a thousand times.
Chloe Madeley
Agents run a business, and their business is their talent; some are more general and broad and can rep a little bit of everything; some are more niche. You have to be specific with who you approach and how.
Jay Ellis
A crucial responsibility of any central bank is to control inflation, the average rate of increase in the prices of a broad group of goods and services.
Janet Yellen
I have my company, Elite Himalayan Adventures, which provides a platform for those who seek to push their limits on extreme adventures, whether that be Everest and Lhotse in Nepal, or K2 and Broad Peak in Pakistan.
Nirmal Purja
When you think of the typical Teach For America corps member, soldiers and ex-bankers are probably not the people who come to mind. In fact, there is no such thing as a typical corps member. They can’t be neatly pigeonholed or painted with a broad brush.
Wendy Kopp
Working on Ethereum could be similar to working at a Google: lower risk with broad impact right away. Working on a token is similar to working on a startup: higher risk and lower initial impact but higher upside potential.
Fred Ehrsam
Amherst was pivotal in my broad intellectual development; MIT in my development as a professional economist.
Joseph Stiglitz
I think Canadian humor is a little less broad than American humor.
Scott Thompson
Cate Blanchett and others, they get this broad range of all these cool people they can play. Some women really do get it all. For me, it is the same thing that happens over and over. I should change that and maybe write my own thing.
Jennifer Coolidge
I’m very simple. I have to be. I’m not very smart. I start broad, then go deep where I’m interested.
Woody Norris
There’s a broad range of fashion: knitwear, textiles, journalism.
Louise Wilson
Big-government economics breeds crony capitalism. It’s corrupt, anything but neutral, and a barrier to broad participation in prosperity.
Paul Ryan
The desire to see Okinawa returned to Japan developed into a broad national consensus among our people.
Eisaku Sato
I had this all-American cheerleader girl, in Georgia or somewhere, coming up to me and asking for guest list at a show. I never thought our music would reach out to such a broad variety of people like that.
Romy Madley Croft
We have a broad array of teams. And if somebody asked me whether a team is a good buy, my response is, ‘You’d better hurry up, they’re going like hot cakes, and they’re going to be even more valuable when we get a system that is even more sustainable.’
David Stern
I would love to do a Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly type movie musical – a fun, song and dance, romantic comedy. Or, even just play the lead in one of those broad comedies – that would just be fantastic.
Dash Mihok
When you think about Broadway, you think broad and big, but the fact is there are so many plays that are very intimate, but fill a 1,500-seat house. Plays like ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ have deep moments of silence and intimacy to them.
Steve Kazee
The ideal thing would be to have a 100 percent effective AIDS vaccine. And to have broad usage of that vaccine. That would literally break the epidemic.
Bill Gates
I think Bloomberg’s broad vision of the environment in New York City is something I agree with. I broadly stand with his vision for how to deal with climate change and prepare for future weather events.
Bill de Blasio
I’m an ecumenical reader, grew up with all sorts of fiction, teach writing, went to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, so my tastes and interests are broad.
Justin Cronin
We cover hamburgers, chicken, veggie burgers, salads, we’ve got a pretty broad range. To me, McDonald’s isn’t only about the food. It’s about the prices, it’s about the way we eat.
Jim Cantalupo
For so long, TV consisted of a limited number of shows a year, and those shows had to appeal to as many people as possible. The joy of TV now is that shows don’t have to be broad anymore – they can be small, weird, and niche.
Emily V. Gordon
We want a broad pipeline of people coming through, we want to have a huge variety of people who are applying to become Conservative MPs.
Kemi Badenoch
I am so broad and big-structured that even two kilos on me can look like gaining 10 kilos, and losing two kilos can also look like shedding 10 kilos.
Arjun Kapoor
At Yahoo, we were one of the early proponents of the power of content showcased through new media. SnagFilms, with its large library and breadth of digital distribution, can help shape this next phase, bringing great stories to broad new audiences.
Terry Semel
Perhaps the strongest evidence that women have as broad and deep a capacity for physical aggression as men is anecdotal. And as with men, this capacity has expressed itself in acts from the brave to the brutal, the selfless to the senseless.
Katherine Dunn
To me, I love being able to see some of John C. Reilly’s face in Ralph, and some of Sarah Silverman in Vanellope. That there are hints of them there. In the broad strokes, they are there.
Rich Moore
I lay no claim, it should be clear, to being a historian. So in my books, the intimate and personal have been intertwined inextricably with the broad and historical.
Khaled Hosseini
Elected officials want to paint everyone with a broad brush. What they don’t get is that everyone pays bills. Liberal activists pay bills. Conservative activists pay bills. Independents pay bills.
Marc Veasey
Every actor will tell you it’s so much more fun to play the bad guy because usually those characters are more complex and more broad and more interesting, and have more sides to them.
Michael Vartan
I’ve known Stuart Broad since he was a child, living up the road from me.
Jonathan Agnew
Everything on ‘Broad City’ that my character has drawn is my stuff from years and years ago.
Abbi Jacobson
There is a broad range of reaction to the work, as there is a broad range of work I make.
Jim Hodges
The tea partiers are a great addition. The tea partiers have invigorated a base that has been dormant for a long period of time. We’re going to have a broad array of different views in our Republican conference, and I think it might be more interesting than any I’ve been in in a long time.
John McCain
Peace should be understood in a human way – in a broad social, political and economic way. Peace is threatened by unjust economic, social and political order, absence of democracy, environmental degradation and absence of human rights.
Muhammad Yunus
Middle age is when your broad mind and narrow waist begin to change places.
E. Joseph Cossman
Capitalism and power politics have made our generation creatively sluggish, and our vital art is mired in a broad bourgeois philistinism.
Walter Gropius
Animals use a broad range of strategies to advertise themselves in the mating market. In some instances, visual cues highlight a morphological feature – for example, the peacock’s tail.
Gad Saad
I wanted to get the most broad foundation for a lifelong education that I could find, and that was studying Latin and the classics. Meaning Roman and Greek history and philosophy and ancient civilizations.
Tim Blake Nelson
A leader is the one who can outline the broad vision and the direction, and say here’s where we are going to go, here’s why we need to go there, and here’s how we are going to get there. A manager is the one who actually gets up under the hood and tunes the carburetor.
Mike Huckabee
If you’re an activist trying to do something important, I salute you. Most of us just give ourselves ethical brownie points for watching Channel 2 instead of Channel 3, like characters in a broad dystopian satire.
Frankie Boyle
The CARFA Act is about accountability in the federal government: making sure that taxpayers are getting their money’s worth and not being defrauded. This is a bipartisan concept, and it is worthy of broad support across the Congress.
Sam Brownback
To me, the most romantic gesture is a quiet night with my girl. I like to cook for her. I’m a meat eater and a griller – I do steaks, I do chicken, I do fish. I have a broad palate!
Taylor Kinney
I think, as an industry, we should be supportive of a broad subscription model and not do anything to jeopardize the potential health of the music business – because we’re not out of the woods yet.
Troy Carter
My background is interesting in that I was a sexual harassment attorney before I ever got into news. I think I had a really broad understanding of exactly how the legal framework works, how HR works, all those kinds of things.
Shannon Bream
‘Broad City’ is how I wish we could all be, whereas ‘Girls’ is maybe a more accurate representation of how things are.
Caitlin Stasey
Americans are pragmatic, relatively uncomplicated, hearty and given to broad humor.
Herb Caen
The breadfruit is a superb tree, about 60 feet high, with deep green, shining leaves, a foot broad, sharply and symmetrically cut, worthy, from their exceeding beauty of form, to take the place of the acanthus in architectural ornament, and throwing their pale green fruit into delicate contrast.
Isabella Bird
It’s about, I did talk about my life in broad strokes and what home meant to me in order to really explore the subject of home and can you go back and what that means for people in that sense of community that we’ve lost.
Sela Ward
I just think ‘Broad City’ – Comedy Central’s answer to ‘Girls’ – is the best thing that’s been put on television in years. It’s amazing.
Mackenzie Davis
The world of learning is so broad, and the human soul is so limited in power!
Maria Mitchell
I think jazz is the foundation for a lot of great musicians, and then after that, you know, it’s this broad expression of things that really have influenced and addressed your life.
Dianne Reeves
When you hang the ‘bipartisan’ tag on something, the perception is that differences have been worked out, and there’s a broad agreement that that’s the way forward.
Mitch McConnell
Any bilateral trade and investment agreement must be comprehensive and address the full range of barriers to U.S. goods and services if it is to receive broad, bipartisan congressional support.
Max Baucus
I didn’t expect to feel pathos for the villains in our show. I feel quite moved in several of our episodes; I never realized that a show like ‘Motive,’ which aims for a broad appeal, could have that sort of emotional impact.
Kristin Lehman
I’m a man of eclectic and wide and broad taste.
Freddie Fox
I’ll be writing essays long after I’ve stopped writing fiction. There is this unusually broad range in the non-fiction, but if you look at what I’m capable of as a novelist, I’m more limited.
Geoff Dyer
Judges need to restrict themselves to the proper resolution of the case before them. They need to avoid the temptation to set broad policy.
Mike DeWine
I have a very broad range of life experiences.
Gabriel E. Gomez
‘The Sisters Brothers’ has endeared so many prize juries because the Western format has more of a broad appeal and is familiar to readers.
Patrick deWitt
Terrorism is not something that is being conducted in dark corners of Pakistan. It’s done in broad daylight.
Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
I think an old style of addressing environmental problems is ebbing, but the rise of the so-called conservative, political movement in this country is not a trend towards the future but a reaction to this very broad shift that we are undergoing.
Paul Hawken
Congress has broad powers to regulate and control commerce. Congress also cannot force a state to ‘un-decriminalize’ something; states’ rights are routinely upheld by the Court.
Matt Gaetz
I am the luckiest old broad on two feet if the truth were known. It’s – but it all goes back to ‘Mary Tyler Moore,’ ‘Golden Girls,’ all those – actors love to take the credit. We couldn’t do it without the writers.
Betty White
I thought going in that I had to have this very broad, very palatable sensibility that works for everybody, but then the stuff that I’m the most proud of, and probably even got the most success from, was outwardly an expression of queerness or gayness. That’s been a nice surprise.
Bowen Yang
What appealed to me about ‘The Loved Ones’ script was that it had this really theatrical element to it. I thought that the scope of this character is so broad, and there is so much fun to be had playing a crazy teenage loner. It was a great way to explore the delusions a mind can create.
Robin McLeavy
For me, fiction isn’t very cathartic. It can be a broad, long catharsis, but it’s a whole different thing – whereas music is physical. Essentially, it goes in through your ear. Fiction is cerebral, necessarily. It can do emotional stuff. But they don’t really compare – not for me.
John Darnielle
I honestly like any sound. Birds. I have a very broad space to accept or enjoy anything except quiet.
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Broad paths are open to every endeavour, and a sympathetic recognition is assured to every one who consecrates his art to the divine services of a conviction of a consciousness.
Franz Liszt
A lot of people think that I’m one of the women from ‘Broad City’ – and I’m just not.
Jenny Slate
One of the things that I love about voiceover is that it’s a situation where – because you’re not encumbered by being seen – it’s liberating. You’re able to make broad choices that you would never make if you were on camera.
Mark Hamill
Moreover, broad plans commensurate with our national purpose and resources would bring conviction of our power to every soldier in the front line, to the nations associated with us in the war, and to the enemy.
Kelly Miller
My ultimate is Peter Sellers – his ability to go broad and somehow humanize that and be hilarious at the same time. He was just relatable, real at the same time as insane. I find Ricky Gervais absolutely hilarious. Steve Martin is another hero of mine – he’s a genius.
Hank Azaria
I try to absorb all types of style and design. I don’t try and restrict my thinking. I enjoy the old and the new. You need that broad perspective to create something different.
Chad Hurley
You have a very large population of hackers in Eastern Europe in general and Russia especially. A lot of them consider themselves patriotic individuals and will take broad direction from government policies.
Dmitri Alperovitch
I’ve been lucky to play characters that are really broad.
Anton Yelchin
I love comedies, both broad and subtle.
Michaela Watkins
My ultimate goal is a statewide non-discrimination law with broad protections, and I will keep striving for it.
Roy Cooper
And I’ve found that, you know, the world of music is so vast and so broad, but at the same time, it’s easy to find parts of yourself in places that you wouldn’t even think that you were, you know?
Dianne Reeves
I feel like I really tapped into a pretty honest emotional place for myself as a lyricist. There’s a broad spectrum of emotions.
Sarah McLachlan
I think ‘director’ is a very broad term. I like to think of myself as the head collaborator, not the director, because I think, for a lot of people, ‘director’ connotes giving orders and telling people what to do.
Rocky Carroll
Veterans are some of the best workers, and with the right training and support they can help meet the growing demand for jobs in a broad range of technical fields that many employers are struggling to fill.
Conor Lamb
Children from like 8 and even up to the college age – Spider-Man appeals to a fairly broad demographic but, like I said, a mean age probably of 12 is a good mark – they process information so quickly and it’s not because of attention deficit or short attention span.
Thomas Haden Church
I wear Chanel bronzer, maybe a little Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free Broad Spectrum SPF 20, and some lip balm, but that’s about it. One word to describe my makeup style would have to be ‘easy.’
Sofia Richie
There are checks and balances and broad separation of powers under the Constitution. Each organ of the State, i.e. the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, must have respect for the others and not encroach into each other’s domain.
P. Sathasivam
I wore baggy clothes with a broad belt in strange colour combinations like yellow and purple! I wasn’t brand conscious.
Neelam Kothari
Brendon has always been a fan of pop music, but that’s such a broad term, because I guess I would say I would be too, but in a different way.
Ryan Ross
There is a broad movement that has been holding companies accountable on human rights for a long time.
Rebecca MacKinnon
The class barricades have been stormed by the forces of a broad culture, which is made up of clusters of individuals who have decided for themselves what they will be in society.
Melvyn Bragg
I think that designers have an incredibly broad creative repertoire. They solve. They create images of perfection for any number of clients. I could never do that. I’m my client. That’s the difference between an artist and a designer; it’s a client relationship.
Barbara Kruger
All political parties, if they are to be successful, have to be broad churches.
Dominic Grieve
You, too, will be driven away from your native land and ancient domains as leaves are driven before the wintry storms. Sleep not longer, O Choctaws and Chickasaws, in false security and delusive hopes. Our broad domains are fast escaping from our grasp.
I’m the luckiest broad on two feet, I’ll tell you that. They say once a woman passes 40 she doesn’t get any good parts, so I’m blessed.
Betty White
The broad brush of stereotyping is what least appeals to people of color.
Eleanor Holmes Norton
That’s why I ended up going to Lancaster University, because they had a visual arts course, and in the first year it was like a broad visual arts course in sculpture, painting, graphics – all of that.
Andy Serkis
I’ve played in nearly every league and country on these islands, apart from League One. I’ve played in Scotland, I’ve played in Wales, in the Premier League and in the Championship. I’ve been lucky to get a broad footballing education.
Kasper Schmeichel
We couldn’t pitch the show without having created one, at least one 20 to 25 minute version of ‘Broad City.’ We wouldn’t know how to describe it.
Abbi Jacobson
The French talk about education, the education of their children. They don’t talk about raising kids. They talk about education. And that has nothing to do with school. It’s this kind of broad description of how you raise children and what you teach them.
Pamela Druckerman
Those who think of freedom in this country as one long, broad path leading ever onward and upward are dead damned wrong.
Molly Ivins
We feel it’s really interesting to see how our music translates to such a broad audience.
Suzuka Nakamoto
The best way to get students involved in science and want to follow either science careers or incorporate it in their lives or to achieve science literacy is to expose them to the various jobs in STEM. It’s broad from biologists to electricians to nanotechnologists to building fusion engines. It’s a wide range of things.
Mae Jemison
Down below the broad, roaring waves of the sea break against the deep foundation of the rock. But high above the mountain, the sea, and the peaks of rock the eternal ornamentation blooms silently from the dark depths of the universe.
Rudolf Otto
What I love about ‘American Idol’ is that it’s broad.
Channing Dungey
Despite the fact Hollywood classes me as a ‘type,’ I find the roles broad enough to handle all the acting technique I can summon together.
Peter Lorre
U.S. nuclear weapons that are available for presidential use are targeted against broad ocean areas.
C. Robert Kehler
I’ve always been a huge fan of Tina Fey’s. She’s a very unique storyteller and has such a great voice and sense of character and comedy, and manages to do things that are oftentimes very broad but still have a lot of heart to them.
Andrew Rannells
The broad range of services we provide across our five businesses, together with our deep industry expertise, continues to differentiate Accenture, and we remain the partner of choice for the world’s leading companies.
Pierre Nanterme
I describe in ‘Chimpanzee Politics’ how the alpha male needs broad support to reach the top spot. He needs some close allies and he needs many group members to be on his side.
Frans de Waal
It’s weird how the Internet changes everything. The kind of narrow casting… instead of reaching for a broad audience, you are reaching for a more targeted audience.
Martine Syms
I try to do women’s-point-of-view comedy. The joke is, ‘This is what I think; there’s the truth.’ I try to think of stuff that’s real broad, but the more personal it is, the more universal it is. All my friends go through the same stuff.
Roseanne Barr
Over the last decade, economists seemed to share a broad consensus about economic policy, with the old splits between monetarists and Keynesians apparently being settled by events. But the Great Recession of the last two years has changed everything.
Gavyn Davies
I lived with Ilana Glazer of ‘Broad City.’ She was my roommate for a year and a half. I was living with her just as she was creating and filming ‘Broad City.’ Both of us, and a lot of my friends, come from the Upright Citizens Brigade theater either in New York or L.A.
Rachel Bloom
One may have broad or narrow talents, but only education renders them useful. Schools set up to train people will develop the intelligence of those who have it and end the stupidity of those who do not, providing a specialty to those who have narrow talent and broad knowledge to those with all-around ability.
Sun Yat-sen
I ran on forming broad coalitions with people throughout the caucus and across the aisle, and so that involves the Blue Dogs, people who are talking about tax reform.
Mikie Sherrill
My eyes are different sizes, my nose is too broad at the bridge and squishes up when I laugh, and my lips are sorta funny when I smile.
Terry Farrell
I think the medium of television is so great for women, especially right now, because I feel like with ‘Broad City’ and Amy Schumer and ‘Girls’, the creators are the stars, so their voice is totally pure.
Jessica St. Clair
Obama wants to raise the issue of immigration reform so that he can demonize Republicans as anti-Hispanic. That’s why Obama ignores the broad support for an immigration plan that would provide border security once and for all and then deal with the illegal immigrants who live here.
Ben Shapiro
I do pop, so pop is very broad. It could be anything from the Weeknd to Taylor Swift to Beyonce to whatever is on the radio, basically.
Zara Larsson
As long as the appointment process is transparent and there is a broad mix of political views among the governors of the BBC, I think the public can feel confident that impartiality and independence are just as important to me as they have been to previous incumbents.
Gavyn Davies
So we have broad bipartisan support for the bill, and it’s my hope that we can build on some of the things that have been talked about in Washington involving building a larger ownership society.
Harold Ford, Jr.
I would advise someone who has just retired to be something in the broad range of 50/50 stocks and bonds.
John C. Bogle
I’d love to do more comedy. It’d just be nice to go into work and not be crying every day. Some broad slapstick would be great. Falling over banana skins would be wonderful.
Felicity Jones
The introduction of many minds into many fields of learning along a broad spectrum keeps alive questions about the accessibility, if not the unity, of knowledge.
Edward Levi
I’ve always said my shoulders are broad, and I can take on that extra responsibility. I love it. I want it. I prefer to take it on myself to help the other guys, who can then go out and play with their heads clear and calm.
David Luiz
The competitive landscape for us is very broad. We see ourselves in the entertainment space. We compete with listening to the radio. We compete with watching TV. We compete with social networks.
Reggie Fils-Aime
One of the main lessons I have learned during my five years as Secretary-General is that broad partnerships are the key to solving broad challenges. When governments, the United Nations, businesses, philanthropies and civil society work hand-in-hand, we can achieve great things.
Ban Ki-moon
When you sit down and focus on the matches and series that took place during the 12 month period it strikes you just how broad the talent pool is in international cricket is today.
Sunil Gavaskar
In terms of medicine, I’ve generally been pretty interested in public health issues as they relate to sub-Saharan Africa on a broad scale – HIV/AIDS, malaria etc.
Uzodinma Iweala
The wives of Henry VIII are too big to be left to chick lit. Their importance is the impact they have on the broad history of the period. On the lives of every man and every woman who lived in England then, and subsequently has lived in England.
David Starkey
It’s not about having a plethora of suits, but having a few good ones. It’s all about fit. The contour of your body. If your shoulders are broad, you shouldn’t have shoulder pads. If you’re not a big man, you shouldn’t have extra space. I think it’s definitely worth having it properly fitted.
Trey Songz
Prayer must be broad in its scope – it must plead for others. Intercession for others is the hallmark of all true prayer. When prayer is confined to self and to the sphere of one’s personal needs, it dies by reason of its littleness, narrowness and selfishness.
Edward McKendree Bounds
Until a legislative solution to the nation’s outdated immigration system becomes a priority for Congress, the right administration will need to examine a broad range of executive actions to enact immediately in the face of a ‘Do Nothing Congress.’
Nicholas Gonzalez
I think, from the broad political spectrum, not just the Freedom Caucus, I think there is a need for internal reform that is how we bring bills up, getting back to regular order, how we offer amendments or don’t offer amendments.
Jason Chaffetz
I think the Republican party should be a broad party.
Will Hurd
I think L.A. has got a great lifestyle, but I love New York. You couldn’t do ‘Broad City’ in L.A. because L.A. is a much gentler place. The standard of living is so different.
Darren Star
Sometimes stereotyping happens not because of any nefarious reasons but rather because people don’t know who you are or where you come from, so they go for the broad strokes about you, your culture, your faith, all that.
Faran Tahir
I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks. We can’t beat George Bush unless we appeal to a broad cross-section of Democrats.
Howard Dean
Men we shall have only as we make manhood the object of the work of the schools – intelligence, broad sympathy, knowledge of the world that was and is, and of the relation of men to it – this is the curriculum of that Higher Education which must underlie true life.
W. E. B. Du Bois
‘The Creation’ presents an argument for saving biological diversity on Earth. Most of the book is for as broad an audience as possible.
E. O. Wilson
I got caught doing graffiti with my friend in broad daylight once.
Lil Tracy
Stand-up is very broad strokes, kind of a skeleton of a story or something.
Tig Notaro
The mid-day sun is too much for most eyes; one is dazzled even with its reflection. Be careful that too broad and high an aim does not paralyze your effort and clog your springs of action.
Learned Hand
My demographic is very broad. Once they come, they had an idea about jazz, and then they hear me, and they come back with sisters, brothers, and kids. My audience looks like America to me.
Dianne Reeves
I think that conservative principles have a broad appeal, and you should state them boldly, and the point of a Conservative election is to do conservative things, not to do Labour things but slightly less damaging.
Jacob Rees-Mogg
I have a broad range of interests, so I’ll always be working on something.
Ben Casnocha
The songs that work best are broad lyrically and have one strong concept in the metaphor.
There is a broad consensus, not only in the United States but in most of the world, that if you are in an economic downturn, you need to stimulate. Germany seems to be an exception.
Joseph Stiglitz
We have a broad, well-positioned company, so when ‘Minions’ comes out, it can be in theme parks all over the world. We own Fandango. We can advertise on a network. We can have the characters pop up on the Golf Channel.
Brian L. Roberts
Fortunately, in Piramal Enterprises, we are in three broad sectors. One is in the whole financial services sector, the second is in pharmaceuticals, and the third is in healthcare analytics and data.
Ajay Piramal
I’ve been so fortunate throughout my career, when I was doing theater – more theater than anything else – and when I was doing films, that I got a chance just to do a broad range of things.
Tony Shalhoub
If you stop and think about our history, one of the reasons we had an American century and there is an American dream was because at key points in our history we made very bold decisions about making sure that there was very broad, universal access to quality education.
Ken Mehlman
In the old days, there were a couple of TV channels and that was it, so every channel tried to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible. Newt Gingrich recognized a way to bypass this and he did so through CSPAN.
Steve Kornacki
I’ve been friends with Jaco Pastorius’s son since 1996 – Johnny Pastorius, the eldest son. And I remember when I first met him, I said, ‘Some day, you’ve gotta make a film about your father,’ because his influence is so broad.
Robert Trujillo
Sometimes I watch the broad comedies coming out of Hollywood and I think, ‘You know, sex is a big part of people’s lives, but is that really the only thing men are ever concerned about?’ People are more complicated than they appear in film or television.
Josh Radnor
I’m portrayed as this tough broad, but I’m not.
Diana Rigg
The phone is one hundred, one hundred and ten years old. There was a middle period where the government had a broad ability to surveil, but if you look at human history in total, people evolved and civilizations evolved with private conversations and private speech.
Brian Acton
I think Shakespeare is like a dialect. If I heard a broad Scots accent, I’d probably struggle at first but then I’d start to look for words I recognise and I’d get the gist. I think Shakespeare is like that.
Ralph Fiennes
I think, sometimes, if you get too much attention, then everybody watches you more closely, and they make these broad generalizations about you that aren’t really true.
Neal Adams
In terms of the pilot, you have to introduce a lot of characters in a very short period of time, and you have to paint with slightly broad brush strokes because you just need to give an audience an idea of who these people might be.
Jack Davenport
Let me tell you about those convents. All that crap about extending the pinkie finger while sipping tea is a myth. Convent schools are breeding grounds for great broads and occasionally one-of-the-boys. Convent schools teach you to play against everything, which is what I’m still doing.
Elaine Stritch
The broad outlines of the Double Cross deception have been known since 1972, when Sir John Masterman, the former chairman of the double agent committee, controversially published his account of the operation in defiance of official secrecy.
Ben Macintyre
If the script is right, I’m not above doing a movie with broad appeal.
Nicole Holofcener
A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.
Steve Jobs
In America, they have specialist mystery book stores with whole sections devoted to cat mysteries, golf mysteries, quilting mysteries. It’s a hugely broad genre from the darkest noir to tales of a 19th-century vet who solves crimes, thanks to his talking cat.
Mark Billingham
I’d hate to paint with a broad brush, but many Democrats don’t feel that we have a crisis in entitlements, and Republicans do.
Dave Camp
Back when ‘social’ had a broad definition, you could almost say that Yahoo Finance chat was the first social product.
Carol Bartz
I’m too young for Medicare and too old for broads to care.
Broderick Crawford
A broad trend I’m completely obsessed with is mobile commerce. Like completely. I’m completely convinced that everybody’s going to be buying from their mobile devices. Whoever can claim that space or be in that space, I’m very interested in.
Gary Vaynerchuk
If you have an opportunity to reach people on a broad scale, it’s not enough to just entertain people. You have to take responsibility. You has to do something substantial. Otherwise you’re squandering what you have.
Jack Reynor
We live in an experience-hungry society with advanced event technology and broad social reach at our fingertips. These external factors offers an ideal environment for organizers to create a connection with a broader set of people and maximize each interaction with their audience.
Julia Hartz
I’m not really crazy about broad comedy. I like very possible, real situations that you might have found yourself in.
Judge Reinhold
I’m speaking in very broad brushstrokes, but in France, there’s generally this idea that you should look like the best version of the age that you are.
Pamela Druckerman
I do try to do high-impact work, and I try to think of ideas people haven’t thought about that have broad implications, but I don’t restrict myself to that. I try to work on things that I find interesting.
Lisa Randall
It wasn’t until ‘Double Take’ that I was in a movie as the leading man, in a character that was more straight and less broad than the other character, and where the story is really about him.
Orlando Jones
On the broad spectrum of solitude, I lean toward the extreme end: I work alone, as well as live alone, so I can pass an entire day without uttering so much as a hello to another human being. Sometimes a day’s conversation consists of only five words, uttered at the local Starbucks: ‘Large coffee with milk, please.’
Caroline Knapp
I love flying; I love aircraft, and you could say I’ve had a love affair with flight since I was a child. I travel a huge amount. I use airports, and as a pilot, I’ve flown in and out of airports thousands of times, so really, I have a fairly broad perspective.
Norman Foster
Any person without invincible prejudice who had the same experience would come to the same broad conclusion, viz., that things hitherto held impossible do actually occur.
Oliver Joseph Lodge
With the blessing of social media and platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, you get this broad audience that I don’t think we knew about when we were kids.
Jo Koy
Stuart Broad’s 400th Test wicket did not come the way he would have wanted – Tom Latham chipped the ball to mid-wicket – but he will take it nonetheless. It is a fantastic achievement.
Jonathan Agnew
I try as hard as I know how to keep my reader relating on a broad level so I don’t lead her someplace where she thinks that’s the only thing that could cause insecurity.
Beth Moore
Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.
Jean Paul
I’m good at the broad strokes but hopeless at the details.
Trudie Styler
It’s an embarrassment that we don’t have a broad enough consensus among political leaders that true reform should take place. I could count the members of Congress on one hand that took these issues seriously.
DeForest Soaries
I think there are certain subjects I don’t want to tackle, that I don’t think I could do a good job with. I don’t think I’d be good with… broad comedy? I don’t know. Maybe I would.
John Carpenter
If some independent artists are using film as a medium to reach out to an audience, it should be promoted. Cinema is a popular medium and has a broad reach. There have been films with ghazals, classical and folk songs sung by local artists, which gave them popularity.
Shankar Mahadevan
There’s a vast difference between marketing a movie and the movie itself. You try to cast as wide and broad a net as possible.
Joe Carnahan
What’s fun is that the characters in ‘Broad City’ are rushing and hustling, and our process reflects that.
Ilana Glazer
A generation ago, or two, when there were three channels, plus PBS, and when you needed – when you needed 15 million people to make a living, the media could focus on the broad country. And most people had no choice about getting political information. It was there at 6:30 whether you wanted it or not.
David Frum
Baseball calls it a curve ball for a reason: you just don’t know where some pitches will land. Your ace could get injured. Your golden glover could err. Your team could sit through a rain delay. Your manager could get ejected. Your bench must be broad and deep enough to overcome.
Christine Pelosi
We’ll be presenting a broad spectrum of the music and looking at how the younger guys can carry it on.
Keith Emerson
We never dealt with satire or suggestive material. Although some of our films were broad parodies or burlesques of popular dramatic themes, there was no conscious attempt at being either sarcastic or offensive.
Stan Laurel
Many people mistakenly think of farce as broad low comedy. In fact, it’s polished high comedy.
Mark Linn-Baker
You can choose to listen to one end of the spectrum or the other on Twitter, just like you can on television. But hopefully what we’ve done is given a voice to that broad middle ground.
Dick Costolo
We think of bitcoin as mobile. It’s not one company; it’s broad.
Balaji Srinivasan
I’ve always had a Marxist understanding of history: democracy is a result of a broad modernization process that happens in every country. Neocons think the use of political power can force the pace of change, but ultimately it depends on societies doing it themselves.
Francis Fukuyama
Above Hilo, broad lands sweeping up cloudwards, with their sugar cane, kalo, melons, pine-apples, and banana groves suggest the boundless liberality of Nature.
Isabella Bird
I believe – I’m not a political expert, but I believe there is a broad consensus, a middle ground if you will, that Democrats and Republicans, business people and workers can agree on, to get this – the economy growing faster, getting people back to work.
Austan Goolsbee
We’ve said from the very beginning Black Lives Matter is a network and also, as a broad set of individuals, is an organization moving to transform the way our society values black lives. It’s not an ‘Internet movement.’
Alicia Garza
I think ‘Nathan for You’ is a really funny show, along with ‘The Grinder’ and ‘Baskets.’ I really like ‘Man Seeking Woman.’ It’s the coolest show because they just do weird stuff, and it doesn’t feel weird; they make it normal somehow, which I applaud. And ‘Broad City’ – I think those guys are awesome.
Anders Holm
If you listen to a Deadmau5 record or a Skrillex record, I really enjoy that stuff because, as aggressive sounding as the Skrillex records are, they’re still musical, and that’s why they have such a broad appeal.
The ‘crownd’ is still the unit, the favourite coin of the labourers, especially the elder folk. They use the word something in the same sense as the dollar, and look with regret upon the gradual disappearance of the broad silver disc with the figure of ‘St. Gaarge’ conquering the dragon.
Richard Jefferies
You say that your hope is in God, and he will, I am sure, stand by you. But you must not forget that you have been given worldly means to use and employ against human arrogance and wrong; it is necessary to see such things with a broad mind in order to oppose them.
Knute Nelson
I tend to start books with a very broad outline, but I always leave room for happy accidents. With ‘The Passenger,’ there were perhaps too many of those.
Lisa Lutz
We paint small town America with a really broad stroke. There’s a lot more nuance to these towns than, I think, the world knows.
Bob the Drag Queen
I might say that in retrospect, looking at where the community college system is today, I think we may have gone too far. The community college system is so big, so broad, so consuming of tax money.
Daniel J. Evans
We’re pretty broad as investors. Our thesis is work with great entrepreneurs that believe they can change the world. But there are specific areas that we get excited about – areas like hard tech, deep tech, companies that deal with really difficult technology, etc.
David Cohen
I was told I was too dark, too tall, too broad. I didn’t fit into that girl next door look.
Sameera Reddy
With over 70 licensees, not sure if there is much left. Maybe oxygen? Ed Hardy is unique in that we have a broad range of products and something for everyone.
Christian Audigier
Roosevelt’s humor was broad, his manner friendly. Of wit there was little; of philosophy, none. What did he possess? Intuition, inspiration, love of adventure.
Emanuel Celler
Success in past U.S. conflicts has not been strictly the result of military leadership but rather the judgment of the president in choosing generals and setting broad strategy.
Robert Dallek
So I think we’re, we’re, we’re as broad a political party, if not broader than the Democratic Party, just in a different political spectrum.
Rudy Giuliani
From my studies of genetics and neuroscience I have come to believe that people fall into four broad personality types – each influenced by a different brain chemical: I call them the Explorer, Builder, Director, and Negotiator.
Helen Fisher
I want to dig in before I finish with a career here in Congress – be known as someone who was a really serious legislator, who had really good ideas and was willing to work across the aisle to get broad consensus to solve some of these problems the country is facing.
Charles Boustany
There are times when we must sink to the bottom of our misery to understand truth, just as we must descend to the bottom of a well to see the stars in broad daylight.
Vaclav Havel
I perceive myself as rather uninhibited, with a certain mathematical facility and more interest in the broad aspect of a problem than the delicate nuances. I am more interested in discovering what is over the next rise than in assiduously cultivating the beautiful garden close at hand.
Henry B. Eyring
We all know we have a problem, a broad problem. Ninety-eight percent of the fuel that is used by our vehicles, our autos and trucks for personal and commercial purposes, for highway and air travel operates on oil. The world has the same problem.
John Olver
I always work from an outline, so I know all the of the broad events and some of the finer details before I begin writing the book.
Mercedes Lackey
If I was going to make a broad generalisation, I’d say that I prefer the company of women. People know now that I live with Mike Figgis, but I prefer not to talk about it. On one level, privacy is important, but on another level I have no desire to deny certain things.
Saffron Burrows
I’m pretty restless in bed, so I can lie there for a couple of hours and be like, ‘Hey, that happened today. What if that happened at a zoo?’ I’ll jot the idea down. Then I’m like, ‘All right, so now that it’s a zoo, that penguin’s loose,’ or, whatever. I usually start with broad ideas.
Anders Holm
My supporters are people who believe in being fiscally responsible and socially accepting. I think most people are in that category. Speaking with a broad brushstroke, those are my supporters.
Gary Johnson
I’ve always wanted a broad range of options and to not get pigeonholed.
Geraldine Viswanathan
There’s a fine line between being sweet and innocent and being a tough broad.
Phyllis George
As in the Divine Right of Kings, hierarchies invest those who preside at the top of their pyramidal structure with absolute power to rule over the lesser ranks that spread down like a marble staircase to the broad foundation stones of those with no power at all.
Eugene Kennedy
A privilege may not be a right, but, under the constitution of the country, I do not gather that any broad distinction is drawn between the rights and the privileges that were enjoyed and that were taken away.
Charles Tupper
The real women who decide to enlist to work their way up in the ranks to become a Major in the United States Army are some freakin’ tough broads.
Cobie Smulders
He had a broad face and a little round belly, that shook, when he laughed, like a bowlful of jelly.
Clement Clarke Moore
For most of the 20th century, we didn’t just enjoy economic success in Michigan, we defined it. Our innovators and entrepreneurs created the world’s most productive companies, and our unions made sure that productivity led to broad middle class prosperity.
Jennifer Granholm
Too rigid specialization is almost as bad for a historian’s mind, and for his ultimate reputation, as too early an indulgence in broad generalization and synthesis.
Samuel E. Morison
In the broad sense, as a processing of everything one hears or witnesses, all fiction is autobiographical – imagination ground through the mill of memory. It’s impossible to separate the two ingredients.
Rohinton Mistry
What batsmen like me do for fitness is often a bit different to what bowlers like Jimmy Anderson or Stuart Broad do but everyone in the squad has a big focus on core strength. It is really important for batting, bowling and fielding. You need a strong core and spine so your movement isn’t restricted out there.
Joe Root
‘Honour’-based violence is a form of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a broad category.
Deeyah Khan
The… provisional government unwaveringly believes that it can solve all the present problems together with the broad masses of Ethiopia. However, we can do this only if all the people come out in unison to implement our planned undertakings.
Meles Zenawi
I think R. Kelly’s range is so vast and broad that in order to stimulate himself creatively as an artist, he has to step so, so far outside the box, or else he feels like he’s not challenging himself.
I think human beings have a really broad spectrum of traits, and I almost feel implicated when we say, ‘Men are like this, women are like this.’ Nobody was telling me, ‘Don’t get dirty, don’t play in the mud, girls don’t do that.’
St. Vincent
The best science frequently combines an awareness of broad and significant problems with focus on an apparently small issue or detail that someone very much wants to solve or understand. Sometimes these little problems or inconsistencies turn out to be the clues to big advances.
Lisa Randall
I know my voice has a limited range of motion; I don’t write dramatic monologues and pretend to be other people. But so far, my voice is broad enough to accommodate most of what I want to put into my poetry. I like my persona; I often wish I were him and not me.
Billy Collins
A lot of my career is mental, and I just have so much perspective from being raised in a city like Detroit and being able to come and live the life that I do now. To see that broad of a spectrum is really helpful for relating to people and feeling them.
I believe everyone should have a broad picture of how the universe operates and our place in it. It is a basic human desire. And it also puts our worries in perspective.
Stephen Hawking
I struggle with arrangements. I take forever doing them. It gets to a point where I’ve been playing around with things on loops for days. I always paint in broad strokes – very quickly, I’ll feel out the larger structure – but it’s putting the details in that I find the hardest part.
Everyone knows English is my second language and my vocabulary is not as broad as it is in Spanish, and because of this, sometimes I use the wrong words to express myself.
Juan Pablo Galavis
I think often about my ancestors who struggled for freedom, and as I think of those giants and their broad shoulders, I also think about Joe Biden, who says, ‘If you are not voting for me, you ain’t black.’
Daniel Cameron
Of course most Americans don’t know how A.I.G. brought the world’s financial system to near-ruin or what credit-default swaps are. They may not even know what A.I.G. stands for. But Americans do make the connection between their fears about their own jobs and their broad understanding of the A.I.G. debacle.
Frank Rich
In a very broad statement, or mentality, you just want as many fans as you can have of your music. You want people to write songs for and connect with and play shows for.
Brett Young
The first time Stuart Broad walked into the dressing room, with his flowing blond hair, striking blue eyes and perfect figure, I thought: ‘My God, she’s beautiful.’
James Anderson
I’ve been very fortunate to be part of projects that are really big and broad.
Alan Mulally
People, I guess, generally come to see me do stand-up with a working knowledge of my broad sense of humor on ‘The Daily Show’… I don’t think anyone would mistake me as an actual anchor.
John Oliver
I have a very broad demographic, from the 8-year-old who knows every word to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and the college kid who grew up on ‘Ninja Rap’ to the soccer mom and grandparent.
Vanilla Ice
The fact that the Conservatives are losing voters to UKIP while struggling to attract those who voted for other parties in 2010 suggests they have still not successfully shown what a Conservative government is for. This needs to be done on a broad front in a way that encompasses the economy and public services.
Michael Ashcroft
Open your refrigerator, your freezer, your kitchen cupboards, and look at the labels on your food. You’ll find ‘natural flavor’ or ‘artificial flavor’ in just about every list of ingredients. The similarities between these two broad categories are far more significant than the differences.
David Chang
I try to make statements that aren’t broad because that doesn’t make for good writing. I don’t get commentary as my job, because I’m not very good at that. The way I do it is by writing songs, and I have to be small; I have to make the stories a bit personal.
Jason Isbell
You make yourself broad. You make yourself appealing. ‘Hey, y’all, I’m cool with everybody.’ That’s my message.
Kevin Hart
I’m not a broad comic, but I think I can be funny and I think I make people laugh.
Lennie James
Politicians wage broad wars on medicine to claim thin strips of ideological terrain. This would be good political theater if there weren’t so many human victims.
Scott Gottlieb
I’ve always had an athletic frame, both my brother and I inherited it from our dad. All three of us are tall, with broad shoulders, muscular legs and a fast metabolism.
Chloe Madeley
As far as using electronics in my music, I have to do that as honestly as possible. Also, I have a broad range of listeners from a classical music base, as well as people, like me, who listen to a lot of different music. So I’m mindful of letting my sitar playing remain at the center of what I do.
Anoushka Shankar
I’m beginning to see that just knowing the piece is not enough. Having a clear technique is not enough. Having a broad repertory is not enough. I want desperately to get past all those things.
Leonard Slatkin
What I like about climbing that it’s so broad. For certain periods I can focus on sport climbing and then I can shift my focus more on the bouldering or I can shift my focus on climbing in the mountains.
Adam Ondra
The impact of low interest rates is broad and deep. Many Americans rely on interest income from their savings to help cover their cost of living.
John Delaney
I look at a lot of shows. I look at a really broad spectrum; I look at everything from David Lean to Lina Wertmuller. I look at a really unique and very arty spectrum.
Kari Skogland
I’ve always felt that the obligation of teachers is to have a huge, broad overview and to provide a foundation course to the students. The long view of history is absolutely crucial.
Camille Paglia
The Broad research center represents the highest quality model of what Proposition 71 should be funding.
Robert Klein
TV deals in very broad strokes. Like, ‘Oh, that’s my dumb friend’, or, ‘That’s my funny friend.’ A true best friend, a sidekick, has to be a little deeper then that. You have to feel like there’s nothing either character won’t do. That someone really, really has their back.
Willie Garson
Broad tolerance in the matter of beliefs is necessarily a part of the new ethics.
Lafcadio Hearn
For me as a writer, the story has always taken precedence over everything else. I have never sat down to write with broad, sweeping ideas in mind, and certainly never with a specific agenda.
Khaled Hosseini
We are a nation of communities… a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.
George H. W. Bush
If freedom’s best friends cannot unify around a realistic, actionable program of fundamental change, one that attracts and persuades a broad majority of our fellow citizens, big change will not come.
Mitch Daniels
I’m a kibitzer with a broad portfolio.
David Axelrod
The Democratic Party is a house of many mansions. It is a body which is extremely important in representing all kinds of people in all parts of the country who have very broad and very different views.
John Dingell
There is in every woman’s heart a spark of heavenly fire which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.
Washington Irving
We need to have as broad a range as possible, because life itself has that kind of range.
John Eaton
We are eager to tunnel under the Atlantic and bring the Old World some weeks nearer to the New, but perchance the first news that will leak through into the broad, flapping American ear will be that the Princess Adelaide has the whooping cough.
Henry David Thoreau
I definitely feel like my blog is going edgy to broad and boring.
Joichi Ito
There’s a studio formula of making a movie that Betty White fans and Ice Cube fans are going to love, so it’s a really broad brush.
Robert Ben Garant
This is a broad thought, but loving yourself and having the support so that you can love yourself is the most important thing that young people in Chicago can get.
Steve had a broad, easy smile and the biggest hands I had ever seen. I could tell by his stature and stride that he was accustomed to hard work.
Terri Irwin
How exactly the obstruction-of-justice statutes interact with the president’s broad powers to supervise the executive branch under Article II of the Constitution is a genuinely difficult question.
Benjamin Wittes
The Dream Act as it’s been written originally is too broad, to be honest. It basically would apply to too many people.
Marco Rubio
Scientists and academics in particular focus on detail and the minutiae. When they talk to each other, they usually don’t focus on the broad ideas; they don’t focus on social interconnectedness. They focus on the task that they’re doing.
Aaron D. O’Connell
Our goal is to focus on the unique points of view of our show creators but make shows that have broad appeal.
Channing Dungey
I just happen to believe that what’s at stake in the early child’s development is so vital and so important, and I think it is founded in the main, in the broad cultural sense, on the relationship between the mother and child.
Michael Leunig
There are lots of retailers that are now scrambling to emulate the Amazon model, so Amazon does not have a monopoly on same-day distribution or broad selection or low prices. All that said, there are advantages that accrue to the largest player, so I don’t see much in the way of Amazon slowing down.
Brad Stone
I’m focusing on the issues that bring people together and build broad majorities.
Doug Ducey
In the Marine Corps, you meet this really broad segment of the country; you’re working with people from all kinds of backgrounds. And it exposes you to the American military, particularly the American military at war.
Phil Klay
It’s been vindicating to see the reaction from lawmakers, judges, public bodies around the world, civil liberties activists who have said it’s true that we have a right to at least know the broad outlines of what our government’s doing in our name and what it’s doing against us.
Edward Snowden
I grew up in New York City in the ’80s, and it was the epicenter of hip-hop. There was no Internet. Cable television wasn’t as broad. I would listen to the radio, hear cars pass by playing a song, or tape songs off of the radio. At that time, there was such an excitement around hip-hop music.
Michael Rapaport
Through mutual understanding, sincerity and goodwill, and with great wisdom and broad views, the leaders on both sides should jointly initiate new opportunities for peace, stability, cooperation and mutual benefit.
Chen Shui-bian
A broad margin of leisure is as beautiful in a man’s life as in a book. Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping. Keep the time, observe the hours of the universe, not of the cars.
Henry David Thoreau
When you take something extremely broad, then it is not a work of expansion or work of compression. It’s hard because you have to decide what to throw out.
Iris Chang
The historical circumstance of interest is that the tropical rain forests have persisted over broad parts of the continents since their origins as stronghold of the flowering plants 150 million years ago.
E. O. Wilson
Old age, calm, expanded, broad with the haughty breadth of the universe, old age flowing free with the delicious near-by freedom of death.
Edith Wharton
When I want an opinion, I’ll get it from my peers – from men of vision, like our great railroad builders… Stanford, Huntington, Dinsmore… fellows with imaginations broad enough to span the continent.
Jonathan Raban
My vision and my creative ability is just so broad.
The first four years, I worked exclusively in the theater. I did a great deal of different types of acting – avant garde and classical work. So, it was a very broad spectrum.
Denis Lawson
It was regarded as a responsibility of the BBC to provide programs which have a broad spectrum of interest, and if there was a hole in that spectrum, then the BBC would fill it.
David Attenborough
In the broad and sweeping sense which the use of the term generally implies, I am not a free-trader.
John Griffin Carlisle
I’m tall with broad shoulders, and therefore, I like clothes with a bit of a swagger – mannish clothes that you can wear with a lot of feminine, sweet tops. I put my own looks together – a favourite coat, a bit of vintage, a bit of high street.
Joanna Lumley
My church is the world! I want to bring the gospel to as broad and as interesting an audience as possible.
Michael Eric Dyson
I am part of a broad social movement. Ten years ago, it would have unimaginable for some random Dutch historian to go viral when talking about taxes. Yet here we are.
Rutger Bregman
Pop comes from the word ‘popular,’ which means that it could be anything that appeals to any group of people. When you talk about general masses, I think there’s elements in every kind of music that can reach a broad audience.
Anwar Robinson
Unfortunately, being a woman in society means that sometimes you have to sort of quell what is instinctually broad and magnificent and magical about you.
Gina Torres
If you had to pick the values that would be held dear to a broad number of Hispanic voters, access to opportunity would be a higher value than guarantee of security, particularly amongst the newly arrived, meaning the last 20 years.
Jeb Bush
‘La Cage’ has got a broad appeal. It obviously appeals to the gay community, but it’s also a good, fun show that appeals across a broad audience, a great big mixture.
Roger Allam
The mystic cords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the angels of our nature.
Abraham Lincoln
Light touch regulation means that we create broad regulatory frameworks that can protect consumers to ensure an overall competitive marketplace.
Ajit Pai
If people watch ‘Broad City’ very closely, we just drop lines about people we love, just to say we like them.
Abbi Jacobson
The United States is a leader across a broad range of scientific disciplines. Our technological prowess is part of our greatness as a nation. Sadly, among the rich industrialized nations, we also lead by a substantial margin in the rate of poverty among children.
Margaret Geller
I have spoken about deficits, and I think deficits are important because they address broad economic and financial stability. We need to talk about that.
Ben Bernanke
He was a physically imposing presence – 6 feet tall and very broad in the shoulders – and an imposing intellectual presence as well. Whenever he was in a group, he dominated it.
Jack Hemingway
The framers never intended an infinitely broad Commerce Clause that would let Congress dictate individuals’ purchases.
Tim Griffin
I was really fortunate growing up to have a broad musical education. My parents listened to all kinds of music, rock, soul, Motown, jazz, Frank Sinatra, everything.
Mayer Hawthorne
I think the more common players who have been around for a while – Joe Root, Alastair Cook, Jimmy Anderson, Stuart Broad – those guys I know of, they’re fantastic players.
Dale Steyn
The U.K. and India have a broad and exciting partnership that includes trade and investment, climate and energy, education, health and culture, reinforced by the large, vibrant Indian diaspora in Britain.
Alok Sharma
I pick projects according to how fascinating they are to me, and it has resulted in a broad reach. My records are actually in five different sports: balloons, airplanes, airships, gliders, and sailboats.
Steve Fossett
I keep returning to the combination of artichoke, broad beans and lemon. The freshness of young beans and the lemon juice ‘lifts’ the artichoke and balances its hearty nature.
Yotam Ottolenghi
I really love ‘Broad City’ and Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls,’ which I missed when it was first on years ago.
Sara Cox
It’s killing for fun or profit I can’t stand. There’s a difference between an Eskimo killing a seal for survival and some dumb broad strolling down Fifth Avenue in a leopard coat.
Amanda Blake
The Conservative party’s always been a broad church, and I can appeal better than any of the other candidates to the centre ground to unite the country, and to voters who will ultimately deliver a majority so we can really get things moving.
Matt Hancock
Some economists seem to think that only a credentialed economist has the right to be utterly wrong about an issue of economics. Their contempt for amateurs – columnists with broad audiences, for example – would sear the lungs if inhaled.
Neil Macdonald
I actually do not believe that there are any collisions between what I believe as a Christian, and what I know and have learned about as a scientist. I think there’s a broad perception that that’s the case, and that’s what scares many scientists away from a serious consideration of faith.
Francis Collins
Joining the Bipartisan Policy Center is a natural extension of my efforts to achieve results throughout my tenure in Congress, and it provides an ideal means for developing strategies that can garner the broad support necessary to achieve real solutions to the challenges confronting our nation.
Olympia Snowe
We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.
Cesar Chavez
An artist’s initial broad stroke is always most impactful, and obsessively adding layer upon layer of paint to fill in details often diminishes the painting’s aura. When an aura is lost, it is impossible to get back.
Ryuichi Sakamoto
I have come to terms with the fact that it’s called pop music – that’s what I play, and that is what I write. I think it is a pretty broad category.
Tyler Hilton
I like the theatre because you paint with broad strokes. To me the theatre is stretching its definition really far.
Ajay Naidu
I just go broad Welsh when I’m nervous.
Ruth Jones
We absolutely do some of the best science in the world in Canada, across a broad spectrum of disciplines: quantum computing in Waterloo, paleontology in Alberta, neuroscience at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health in Vancouver, and many more.
Robert J. Sawyer
Leadership is more than just managing economic reforms. Leadership means giving broad direction, take up challenges which other people cannot do.
Ajay Piramal
We have a good sense of the pulse of the industry. We know what’s going on out there. We know that deep learning adoption is broad. It’s going into production at scale.
Jensen Huang
I’m too tall to be a girl. I’m between a chick and a broad.
Julia Roberts