Brick Quotes

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From space, the earth appears predominantly blue; the c

From space, the earth appears predominantly blue; the clouds are brilliant white. Surprisingly, you don’t see much green, although Ireland looks green, and so do Scandinavia and New Zealand. The deserts are brick red and really stand out.
Helen Sharman
Brick and mortar stores will ultimately mark down between 50 to 60% of its merchandise because they don’t know who’s walking in the door on any day, so they lose control.
Katrina Lake
When the women’s movement started in the 1960s, there was a vision of a future where women didn’t wear makeup or worry about how their hair looked, and everybody wore sensible, comfortable clothes. It ran into an absolute brick wall.
Gail Collins
A lot of people, I think, harbor some kind of ambition to write a novel – they say, ‘One day I’m going to write a novel,’ and they maybe find the first three pages quite easy, and then they hit a kind of brick wall, and they think that that brick wall means that they’re not a writer.
Alex Garland
Too many people think life is a yellow brick road. We learned that hardships make you better and that you have to adapt to your surroundings. And then you understand.
Jason Sehorn
I loved being in London. Always walking everywhere, always out and about and always at markets, walking around Brick Lane and Covent Garden and Soho.
Alice Temperley
I try to support stories that enable us to see the difficulties in our society and the challenges we face, which is why I’ve also produced documentaries like ‘Brick City’ and ‘Serving Life.’
Forest Whitaker
I feel proud of the fact that I did something differently in ‘Brick Lane’ and got so much of love, affection and respect from audiences and filmmakers there.
Satish Kaushik
Follow the yellow brick road.
E. Y. Harburg
The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick.
L. Frank Baum
In general I was a good kid. It usually took a lot to make me mad. But once I reached the boiling point, I lost all rational control. Totally without thinking, when my anger was aroused, I grabbed the nearest brick, rock, or stick to bash someone. It was as if I had no conscious will in the matter.
Ben Carson
My first albums as a little kid were Elton John’s ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,’ Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Greatest Hits’ – and ‘Workingman’s Dead.’ How many other people still listen to the music they liked at age 12?
Ann Coulter
One of my teachers once said that the way you know you’re on the right path is that it works. Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t run into blocks and brick walls, but it does mean that you can find a way around them or find a way to change yourself or your project in order to find the flow again and have it work.
James Redfield
I must have been very young, but I have a clear memory of drawing on a cream brick wall… with wax crayons.
Robert Ingpen
When I was a child, Lego came in brick form, you’d buy boxes of random bricks. You used your imagination and your mind in your build.
Ben Fogle
Brexit was the first brick that was knocked out of the establishment wall.
Nigel Farage
The walls of the Franciscan Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary were ruined stucco chipping away from the brick underneath, with ghostly frescoes, concrete-filled niches, and one complete, vivid crucifix painted over the altar.
Elizabeth McCracken
2017 may have been that year when identity politics hit a brick wall – and slumped limply on the pavement.
Greg Gutfeld
I found the brick-making process fascinating – how, after being burnt, the brick would come out strong. I liked to sit on the stack of bricks and look as far as I could. I’d do the same at a hillock near my school – just sit on top at leisure and enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
I remember walking onstage in the first performance, and something hit me like a brick wall, and I just knew at that moment that this is something I had to do for the rest of my life, and I’ve never looked back.
Katherine McNamara
You need to tell the truth to the audience, or they will throw a brick through the TV. They’ll turn you off.
Bryan Cranston
People who avoid the brick walls – all power to ya, but we all have to hit them sometimes in order to push through to the next level, to evolve.
Jennifer Aniston
Hoover’s first emphasis was on the individual, the spark for all innovation and progress. This is a man who, while commerce secretary, standardized our modern economy, from brick sizes to bed sizes, so that housewives would not be frustrated when the sheets that arrived didn’t fit.
Margaret Hoover
I wish to say to you that the life of an enlightened people and a vibrant nation cannot be measured by the life of an individual. A successful person is one who manages to lay down a new stone, a brick that would help firm up his nation’s existence.
Hussein of Jordan
Films like ‘Road, Movie’ and ‘Brick Lane’ add a lot to your resume.
Satish Kaushik
I climbed brick facades as a kid. You’d kind of stick your fingers in there.
Kevin Jorgeson
I went in with Jack and Leslie, into this room that was lined with brick, and there on the side I can remember very clearly was this small model with plates for the bases – the original model with everything screwed together.
Sydney Brenner
It’s nice to be able to engage with this fan base that I’ve worked to build, brick by brick.
Terri Clark
At the moment, in Britain we’re facing such enormous cutbacks in education programs and music programs and art programs that you feel you are knocking your head against a brick wall.
Peter Maxwell Davies
A career is like a house: it’s made of many bricks, and each brick has the same value, because without any one of them, the house would collapse.
Andrea Bocelli
What we see is that we actually have digital channels through which the customers interact, but we also take the absolute brick channels, which is the branch, and convert that experience into a more digitised experience.
Chanda Kochhar
If you put a brick on my head and break it, I will be fine.
Chen Guangbiao
There was something about the Cleveland Play House that was the holiest place – you know, with the ghost light on the stage and the brick. It was just the most beautiful theater in the world.
Kathryn Hahn
Mobile is going to change e-commerce as much as e-commerce has changed brick and mortar retailers.
Michael G. Rubin
The first cellphone I owned was hardly a slim, high-tech device – it was more like a brick with buttons, only with worse reception. If you wanted to use your phone to give someone a message, you were better off throwing it at him and hoping you broke his car window.
W. Bruce Cameron
Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.
Steve Jobs
With ‘Brick’ there was the Dashiell Hammett influence, and with ‘Brothers Bloom’ there was a really strong Fellini influence – both those movies wore that on their sleeve.
Rian Johnson
What I play now isn’t surf music. It’s too powerful. I used to go through paper bags; now I go through brick walls. I play hard.
Dick Dale
I love deejaying and got the opportunity to do a music production course online and loved it, but I am about as musically talented as a house brick.
James Haskell
I started writing ‘Brick Lane’ when my children were two years and five months old. We were on holiday in the north of England when I was overtaken by a compulsion to start writing.
Monica Ali
Leh has few of what Europeans regard as travelling necessaries. The brick tea which I purchased from a Lhassa trader was disgusting. I afterwards understood that blood is used in making up the blocks. The flour was gritty, and a leg of mutton turned out to be a limb of a goat of much experience.
Isabella Bird
We spent four days filming in a helicopter. I had never seen London from that viewpoint – you get a sense of how big it is and how easy it is to get lost. There was one day when we couldn’t find Brick Lane: we spent 25 minutes looking and then realised it was directly below us.
Asif Kapadia
Step by step, brick by brick, the edifice of India’s legislature is being destroyed.
Arun Jaitley
When I was fourteen, Mom and Dad sent me to St. Joseph High School, the Catholic school up the hill from our place, housed in a 1950s-era tan brick building sometimes confused for a light industrial structure due to the surprisingly high smokestack of its old incinerator.
Pete Buttigieg
Every time you lose an animal, it’s like losing a brick from the house. Pretty soon the house just falls down, you know?
Bindi Irwin
I wasn’t accepted the first time I tried to get into drama school. I said, ‘I’ll give this one more shot… and if that doesn’t work, I won’t bang my head against this painful brick wall.’
James Purefoy
With ‘Brick,’ the style with language and the way it was shot was to create a world obviously elevated from the very first frame above a typical high school.
Rian Johnson
I was always fighting the establishment, trying to run through brick walls.
John McEnroe
I think my first big purchase was actually for my mom. She had one of those ’90s TVs in her living room that’s like a 10×10 brick, so I purchased her a flatscreen for her living room.
Dave Franco
I took after my father who was a bricklayer and used to build everything step by step, brick by brick.
Javier Zanetti
Brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls aren’t there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to show us how badly we want things.
Randy Pausch
I think I’m teaching my teammates that they can still be successful while having fun and enjoying the moment rather than being a stone cold brick.
Simone Biles
I felt like I was building this world brick by brick with each layer of instrumentation I was doing. I could see it growing in some ways. I feel like most writers feel the same way. You’re almost living inside of this magic world that you’re building.
Washed Out
The Rock is the Rock, you know? He’s the ultimate athlete, the professional man with precision. And you want precision from a 270-pound living, walking brick wall.
Jason Statham
The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose. Life is a learning process and you have to try to learn what’s best for you. Let me tell you, life is not fun when you’re banging your head against a brick wall all the time.
John McEnroe
I have never laid a brick in my life. But my people have laid more bricks than anybody else put together. Because I know how to pay.
Harry Triguboff
People are used to getting a lot of information quickly, and they’re used to being quite empowered as consumers, and they go to governments expecting a similar treatment; they want to find data and they want to influence events quickly, and yet they come into this brick wall.
Heather Brooke
Mainstream Mumbai movies are my bread and butter, but films like ‘Brick Lane’ and ‘Road, Movie’ provide sustenance to my creative soul.
Satish Kaushik
Writing a film is like building a brick wall. You have a plan, and you have the blocks. Then, somebody says, ‘I think we’ll take this stone out of here and put it over there. And while we’re at it, let’s make this stone red and that stone green.’
Leigh Brackett
Better to be a strong man with a weak point, than to be a weak man without a strong point. A diamond with a flaw is more valuable that a brick without a flaw.
William J. H. Boetcker