Borderline Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Borderline Quotes from Ioan Gruffudd, Julian Barratt, Josephine de La Baume, Jaime Winstone, Kirk Franklin. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

Actors, to a certain extent, never grow up, you see. It

Actors, to a certain extent, never grow up, you see. It’s an extension of being out in the back yard with a stick, only you’re being paid to do it. It’s borderline madness.
Ioan Gruffudd
Most comedians are borderline psychotic. It’s what makes their work interesting.
Julian Barratt
My brother has a tendency to get quite lyrical when he writes music; he gets so romantic, it’s borderline. I make it slightly more aggressive. I make the round corner a bit sharper.
Josephine de La Baume
Working is the best thing for me because I’m borderline ADHD, so I need some kind of focus or I go a bit extreme. I need work to keep me sensible.
Jaime Winstone
I’m borderline vegan.
Kirk Franklin
Kermit was the Everyman, the original Tom Hanks, but I have a special place in my heart for Fozzie Bear. The classic borderline hacky entertainer.
Jason Segel
Borderline embarrassing fact: I used to have a pseudo line when I was seven called Zizzy Fashion. I love clothing, and I would eventually like to design as well as act.
Zoey Deutch
I said before, I want to be a starter, I want to be an all-star – not a borderline all-star.
Pascal Siakam
For a person who promised hope and civility in politics, Mr. Obama has shown a borderline obsessiveness in blaming Mr. Bush.
Karl Rove
The last 30-32 years I haven’t taken care of myself, and would eat at odd times. That caused a lot of issues and I was even at borderline diabetes.
Bharti Singh
The one woman Trump does seem to totally respect is his daughter from his first marriage, Ivanka, on whom he heaps constant, effusive, at-times borderline creepy praise and physical affection.
Joy Reid
Carrying an automatic weapon in a Third World country beyond the easy reach of higher authority? The job description is like a bug light to borderline personalities.
Tucker Carlson
Harden throws his body around a lot and is a master at drawing fouls. It could be considered borderline flopping sometimes, but he’s a vet who knows how to get to the line.
C. J. McCollum
My records are borderline dance records. They’ve got a real electro-rock heart and soul, and the vibe of the sentiment is pop, but there’s a lot of people that were like, ‘This is a dance record.’
Lady Gaga
Glutton things, those are things that are dangerous for me. My grandma and my aunt died of diabetes; I’m borderline diabetic.
Tanya Saracho
Yeah. I do get incredibly anxious. Almost borderline panic attacks.
Julian Cope
I think it’s particularly clear in borderline personality disorder (BPD) that there’s a strong association between early environmental deprivation and neglect and abuse and later outcome of BPD.
Simon Baron-Cohen
Narcissism falls along the axis of what psychologists call personality disorders, one of a group that includes antisocial, dependent, histrionic, avoidant and borderline personalities. But by most measures, narcissism is one of the worst, if only because the narcissists themselves are so clueless.
Jeffrey Kluger
I had it all: congestive heart failure, malignant high blood pressure, kidney damage, enlarged heart, sleep apnea, borderline diabetic, etc.
Until the end of elementary school, I lived in a suburban area, so the type of village I used to live in is borderline between village and the city, so I’m familiar with the rustic environment.
Bong Joon-ho
I think what I do is borderline art. Most people who do borderline art have to have other jobs, so I’m very grateful.
Stewart Lee
I do feel like there’s a level of ridiculousness going on in electronic music… It’s getting borderline absurd out there.
I don’t know if my mother was a narcissist – or bi-polar or borderline. Those were words she tossed around over the years.
Ariel Gore
I write plays and movies, I live and work at the borderline between word and image just as any cartoonist or illustrator does. I’m not a pure writer. I use words as the score for kinetic imagistic representations.
Tony Kushner
I always say the diversity, and culture is the one thing I love the most about the U.S. How you can travel across one borderline and you end up with this whole new set of people that I find super-interesting and great on tour.
Jade Bird
I’m probably borderline OCD. I insist on having all objects at right angles to each other. So a fork has to be at a right angle to the knife on the table. The salt and pepper pots have to be placed close together. Only recently have I started to notice it’s a weird way to behave.
Laura Haddock
I was a borderline guy in the NFL.
Darren Flutie
But referees have to remember there is a reason managers are being nice to them – we’re hoping that it just might make the difference when there is a borderline decision.
Neil Warnock
Even fictional characters sometimes receive unwarranted medical opinions. Doctors have diagnosed Ebenezer Scrooge with OCD, Sherlock Holmes with autism, and Darth Vader with borderline personality disorder.
Sam Kean
Passion is everything. In fact, you’ve got to be borderline fanatical about what you do.
Chris Gardner
My most annoying habit is complaining about my aches and pains. It’s the new ones that I haven’t identified yet that make me nervous. According to my wife, I complain way too much. I may be a borderline hypochondriac, or you could say I am fascinated by the body – at least by mine.
Ted Danson
I’m a God-fearing man, go to church every Sunday, and have since I was a boy. But if I ever found out that God cared one way or another about a borderline illegal fist-fight on Saturday night, I would be so greatly disappointed that it would make rethink my entire belief system.
Chael Sonnen
The real problem with big issues like Medicare is that both parties have to be brave at the same time. Every pollster will tell you not to do that to get partisan advantage. Too many people here are willing to deliberately harm the country for partisan gain. That is borderline treason.
Jim Cooper
I was borderline deluded to think something as outrageous as Semi Precious Weapons could have been mainstream.
Justin Tranter
Well-struck baseballs must land safely in the gloves of fielders; borderline calls must go the way of the artist on the mound. Pitch selection must be on point. Defensive genius must occur. And everyone must adhere to the time tested baseball tradition of superstition.
Gabe Kapler