Boos Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Boos Quotes from Donovan McNabb, Kristaps Porzingis, Christopher Priest, George Blanda, Virgil van Dijk. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

I think you get in a situation where once you start hea

I think you get in a situation where once you start hearing the boos and hearing the radio stations talk and people on the outside begin to bring your name up of being benched, then you begin to lose focus, and now your play begins to fall and you begin to focus on other things.
Donovan McNabb
I knew there were going to be boos if the Knicks drafted me. That’s how New York fans are.
Kristaps Porzingis
If the League were real, today, they’d most likely be sued by every person they ever saved. They’d be subpoenaed by every authority in every jurisdiction imaginable; hearings upon hearings. There’d be waves of accolades followed by tsunamis of boos from social media.
Christopher Priest
The boos and critical words from sports writers affect pros more than anyone else.
George Blanda
I don’t really care, if somebody boos me or boos the team, we’re trying to win the game.
Virgil van Dijk
I would love to make my entire career as the guy who did not get cheered. Of course, I’m still going to get cheered by people who think they’re smart, and that’s fine – they’re acknowledging how good I am at my job – but I don’t want cheers; I want the boos. I love it.
Dolph Ziggler
I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a lot nicer to have cheers rather than boos.
Shawn Bradley
Let’s be honest: I don’t want to walk out to boos. I always want to be cheered, like anyone, and I’ve been very lucky over the years to have a lot of support. Coming to America, I’m always the away guy, and so people thought their guy had to take me out, and they boo.
Michael Bisping
The whole concept of ECW was that the biggest star of the promotion was the promotion itself. It didn’t matter if a persona was designed to elicit cheers or boos. It didn’t matter if someone was an antagonist or protagonist. The whole concept was to fight for the honor of the cause. The cause was ECW itself.
Paul Heyman
I can handle boos. Boos entertain me.
Matt Riddle
A lot of people tune in to ‘Monday Night Raw,’ and they can hear these boos or these mixed reactions, but they’re not there for our Friday live event show, our Saturday show, our Sunday show. I get to experience a lot of very supportive nights where everybody is on my side.
Roman Reigns
You don’t get a standing ovation and get boos, by the way. They don’t go hand in hand.
Donald Trump
If anyone boos you offstage, that is simply applause from ghosts.
Sharon Needles
Those boos really motivate me to make something happen.
Barry Bonds
I’ve never heard a crowd boo a homer, but I’ve heard plenty of boos after a strikeout.
George Herman