Attempted Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Attempted Quotes from Paul Davies, Kevin Mitnick, John Lewis, Lysander Spooner, Winston Churchill. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

Cosmologists have attempted to account for the day-to-d

Cosmologists have attempted to account for the day-to-day laws you find in textbooks in terms of fundamental ‘superlaws,’ but the superlaws themselves must still be accepted as brute facts. So maybe the ultimate laws of nature will always be off-limits to science.
Paul Davies
No way, no how did I break into NORAD. That’s a complete myth. And I never attempted to access anything considered to be classified government systems.
Kevin Mitnick
Black men and women were not allowed to register to vote. My own mother, my own father, my grandfather and my uncles and aunts could not register to vote because each time they attempted to register to vote, they were told they could not pass the literacy test.
John Lewis
A traitor is a betrayer – one who practices injury, while professing friendship. Benedict Arnold was a traitor, solely because, while professing friendship for the American cause, he attempted to injure it. An open enemy, however criminal in other respects, is no traitor.
Lysander Spooner
If the Almighty were to rebuild the world and asked me for advice, I would have English Channels round every country. And the atmosphere would be such that anything which attempted to fly would be set on fire.
Winston Churchill
Something attempted, something done, Has earned a nights repose.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I’m off the diet, but not the treadmill. I speak as someone who’s attempted to lose weight and get fit thrice before in my life.
Ronnie Screwvala
I became obsessed with Simian Mobile Disco’s music and poorly attempted to make my own techno music.
Winston Marshall
General: I attempted to take Williamsport yesterday, but found too large a force of infantry and artillery. After a long fight, I withdrew to this place.
John Buford
‘The Piano Lesson’ is very sophisticated, easily the most adult or complex material I’ve attempted. It’s the first film I’ve written that has a proper story, and it was a big struggle for me to write. It meant I had to admit the power of narrative.
Jane Campion
‘Close to the Edge’ is the album where we first attempted to do the extra-long-form piece of music, having one song taking up the whole side of a piece of vinyl.
Chris Squire
I think I’ve watched and been around so many people that are of a high celebrity grade that I’ve attempted to soak in every kind of way to deal with fame.
Machine Gun Kelly
In countries that lack a longstanding and entrenched commitment to the rule of law, it can be hard to recruit, train and keep prosecutors and judges who are both independent and effective, even in the face of attempted intimidation or corruption.
David Lidington
Any woman who has attempted to slip a credit card into an inch-deep trouser pocket knows about the annoying puzzle of women’s clothing: Pockets rarely work.
Christina Binkley
I can reveal today that the U.S. government has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in Syria have already attempted to gain access to our country through the U.S. refugee program.
Michael McCaul
I love to experiment, to push myself, and I want people to accept me in roles that I have never attempted before.
Rishi Kapoor
Occasionally, I have written about stories related to crime, but I have never attempted a traditional detective story. So I want to write a true detective story.
Ruskin Bond
Although I never publicly defended promiscuity, I never publicly attacked it. I attempted to avoid the subject, in part because I felt, and often still feel, unable to live up to the ideals I really hold.
Andrew Sullivan
If I could sing like a Chaka Khan, an Aretha, a Kim Burrell, if I could do all these amazing runs and belt it out, I would. I’ve attempted that, and it’s not something anyone would want to hear.
Gretchen Parlato
Almost nothing works the first time it’s attempted. Just because what you’re doing does not seem to be working, doesn’t mean it won’t work. It just means that it might not work the way you’re doing it.
Bob Parsons
The Obama administration’s attempted short-term fixes, even with unprecedented monetary easing by the Federal Reserve, produced average GDP growth of just 2.2% over the past three years, and the consensus outlook appears no better for the year ahead.
Glenn Hubbard
Google attempted to run a search engine in China, and they ended up giving up.
Rebecca MacKinnon
When President George W. Bush attempted to reform Social Security, that proposal was more unpopular with Americans than the Iraq war. People love their entitlements.
Robert Kiyosaki
I believe that Jesus realized his oneness with God and he showed, what he attempted to do was show the way to all of us, how to realize our own onenes with God also, so he’s a precursor.
Eckhart Tolle
It was my father who – after, at age 15, I had attempted unsuccessfully to drive the family car using a ‘borrowed’ key and knocked down a wall of the garage – convinced me over the telephone not to run away from home and who then came home from work not to punish me but rather to console and comfort me.
H. Robert Horvitz
I think if you go beyond a year – if this continues into the system in the out years, I think there is a risk and that – that we could have a negative reaction in the bond market and that will offset the good that was attempted to be done.
Franklin Raines
Few men could explain why they enlisted, and if they attempted they might only prove that they had done as a politician said the electorate does, the right thing from the wrong motive.
Patrick MacGill
Through these years, I have attempted to create magical moments between my characters because, be it television or films, life is about the moments we create while living through it.
Ekta Kapoor
There may sometimes be ungenerous attempts to keep a young man down; and they will succeed, too, if he allows his mind to be diverted from its true channel to brood over the attempted injury.
Abraham Lincoln
Over the years I attempted to make my style a bit more relaxed ’cause the initial style you couldn’t watch for more than ten minutes without wanting to kill me.
Jo Brand
The ‘America at Home’ project was aimed at being the most extensive record of American home life ever attempted, and we were amazed at how many people were willing to participate as photographers or to welcome the photographers into their homes.
Rick Smolan
For millennia, men have enslaved women and attempted to appropriate female creative power, re-casting themselves as gods and creators. This assault continues today in the forms of ruthless wealth and mineral extraction, genetic engineering, mass surveillance, and war mongering.
When people look at ‘Aadai’s posters and say that I’ve attempted something bold, it actually reflects me being secure about myself.
Amala Paul
There are those who profess to support law enforcement but who have attempted to undermine the efforts of hard-working officers who make difficult decisions.
Janet Reno
The Stuart sovereigns of England steadily attempted to strengthen their power, and the resistance to that effort caused an immense growth of Parliamentary influence.
Albert Bushnell Hart
Everything I have done or attempted to do for Scotland has always been for her benefit, never my own and I defy anyone to prove otherwise.
Sean Connery
I attempted to do yoga in German, and it was not particularly successful. So at that time, I started thinking about the idea of just movement and how I could move to de-stress.
Rashid Johnson
A lot of individuals have had their personal information compromised, and then we’ve seen just about every corporation in this country hacked or attempted to be hacked by foreign countries.
Steve Scalise
There were times when I blundered and got the dreaded look from the lads. But that was a good sign. It showed I’d attempted something I’d not tried before.
John Bonham
‘Theogony’ should be read before the great Homeric epics because it gives an account of the cosmology that is taken for granted by Homer. It does for paganism what the Old Testament attempted to do for monotheism.
Tariq Ali
Being is a spiritual proposition. Gaining is a material act. Traditionally, American Indians have always attempted to be the best people they could. Part of that spiritual process was and is to give away wealth, to discard wealth in order not to gain.
Russell Means
As with any new and innovative industry, entrenched interests – particularly the hotel industry – have attempted to squash the home-sharing movement.
Joe Gebbia
I think the blues is the best literature that we as blacks have created since we’ve been here. I call it our ‘sacred book.’ What I’ve attempted to do is to mine that field, to mine those cultural ideas and attitudes and give them to my characters.
August Wilson
Now there was no wonder in the Statue of Liberty illusion because he, Copperfield, attempted to do something so large that it stretched the credibility of the audience to the point where most people didn’t believe any of it anymore.
Doug Henning
Maha Kumbh’ blends elements from Hindu mythology with the international espionage thriller. Nothing like it has ever been attempted on Indian television.
Gautam Rode
While some members of Congress have attempted to stall progress on climate change, their actions amount to little more than political theater. We will not abandon our responsibility to our children and grandchildren, nor will we cede global leadership on the defining issue of our time.
Brian Schatz
On March 11, 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the Soviet Union, and within a few weeks the full-scale reformation he attempted to carry out both inside his country and in its cold war relations with the West, particularly the United States, began to unfold.
Stephen Cohen
Vox populi vox dei: the voice of the people is the voice of God. The slogan was useful for those who first attempted to substitute the people for God as the source of political authority. Their attempt was ultimately so successful that God no longer seems to be needed in government.
Edmund Morgan
Nothing had been attempted like that, to lift Dad’s voice, literally, off of that track and put it on a brand-new one, and then line it up, match it up, get the phrasing right. I remember listening – everyone listening at the end, and we were just enthralled. It was really wonderful.
Natalie Cole
I was never necessarily conscious of my failures when I attempted something and it didn’t work out, because I feel like I’m so in tune with my purpose I never necessarily acknowledge that.
Bibi Bourelly
I was required to jump from a parachute into a lake and for this I was dangled in the air 100 feet above the ground with the help of a harness. It was scary in the beginning as I had never attempted such a thing before.
Pankaj Kapur
The market fundamentalist ideology that dominates much of the west has attempted to indoctrinate us with a simple myth: that we all rise or fall according to our individual efforts alone; that billionaires amass vast amounts of wealth because they are entrepreneurial, plucky, go-getting geniuses.
Owen Jones
I do care about the mercury contamination which this country will be experiencing because of the attempted sellout by this administration to special interests which will result in more mercury in the blood of young children in America.
Jay Inslee
I wanted to be a cheerleader, like my sister was – all the most popular and beautiful girls are cheerleaders and I wanted that, and it demolished this vision of myself. That’s when I found the piano, when music saved me; that’s when I first attempted to write my own songs.
Paula Cole
The Kiss scene was attempted three times. The first was in a peculiar spot of the fort on the ground level. It felt forced to me, and I knew right away that, in spite of what others were saying, it was dead wrong.
Madeleine Stowe
Babymetal’s music is something that no artist has attempted in the past, uniting people as one by crossing language barriers and national boundaries. It was a huge revelation when we realized that our music has such power.
Suzuka Nakamoto
Serum albumin is a well-defined protein, but no laboratory has yet attempted to ascertain its full chemical structure.
Frank Macfarlane Burnet
Writing as a woman presents enormous problems but I have attempted it several times and haven’t had many complaints.
Jim Harrison
We tried many times before to speed on the social revolution in Spain; attempted to stir up the feelings of the people and to raise the banner of Libertarian Communism.
Federica Montseny
Gandhi, brought out of his semirural setting and given a Western-style education, initially attempted to become more English than the English.
Pankaj Mishra
Too much is demanded by the critic, attempted by the poet.
John Crowe Ransom
For the entire four years of the greatest Presidential term of our lifetime, Democrats led by Speaker Pelosi and radical Socialists in her party attempted coup after coup against President Donald Trump.
Marjorie Taylor Greene
The CIA could not face up to the American people and admit that its former employees had conspired to assassinate the President; so from the moment Kennedy’s heart stopped beating, the Agency attempted to sweep the whole conspiracy under the rug.
Jim Garrison
I attempted to beat a Michelin-starred master chopper at prepping vegetables and making stuffing. He was doing it by hand, I was using a blender. It was bloody close too, he just beat me.
Phillip Schofield
Bitcoin is here to stay. There would be a hacker uproar to anyone who attempted to take credit for the patent of cryptocurrency. And I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of hacker fury.
Adam Draper
Instead of debating whether or not Russia attempted to influence the 2016 elections – in ways that ranged from encouraging incorrect voting methods to promoting fake rallies to sharing false election stories – Americans should be debating how to counter this activity.
Will Hurd
I had friendships with two people in my life who, when I attempted to do my habitual behavior of building a case to break up with them, wouldn’t allow me to do it. They both said to me, ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ And that moved me so deeply.
Jane Lynch
Nanda and I never discussed work. Our work never came in the way of our friendship. We were both down-to-earth and very Indian. Both of us attempted glamorous roles but soon realised that it’s better to play characters that were close to our personalities.
Waheeda Rehman
The character and fight against fascism moved centre stage when, in 1936, Franco attempted to overthrow by force the Popular Front Government of Republican Spain.
Bill Alexander
For decades engineers have stood accused that their buildings do not have any cultural value. We have attempted to liberate engineering of this accusation.
Fritz Todt