Aggregate Quotes

We’ve sourced some of the most interesting and thought-provoking Aggregate Quotes from Randall Munroe, Bob Iger, Ron Williams, Joe Green, David Souter. Each of the following quotes is overflowing with creativity, and knowledge.

Lots of people in aggregate might know who I am, but th

Lots of people in aggregate might know who I am, but they are spread around across the country and the world.
Randall Munroe
Are there challenges? Absolutely. But in aggregate, this is a very strong and valuable company.
Bob Iger
I think the U.S. is conflicted. When it comes to our own health care, we all want the best – access to the latest and most important technology. At the same time, health care is typically purchased in an institutional setting. So we purchase it in the aggregate, but we consume it as individuals.
Ron Williams
When all is said and done and the e-book is written about politics and the Internet, it is not going to be about the presidential election. It will be about the smaller elections in aggregate that have a huge effect on people’s lives.
Joe Green
Congress has the power to legislate with regard to activity that, in the aggregate, has a substantial effect on interstate commerce.
David Souter
Without a doubt, we do support a robust framework for aggregate capital and liquidity and stress-testing.
Marianne Lake
In New Classical theory, periods of declining employment – business cycle downturns – may be caused by an unexpected decline in aggregate demand, which leaves workers mistakenly holding out for nominal wages that exceed the new market-clearing level.
George Akerlof
The social and legal discrimination that relegates hundreds of women to subordinate or marginal economic roles has a huge aggregate cost.
Arancha Gonzalez
A rise in the level of saving can reduce aggregate activity temporarily but only a sustained high level of saving makes it possible to have the sustained high level of business investment that contributes to the long-run growth of output.
Martin Feldstein
Art makes you see people as individual, unique human beings. Art, in that way, allows us to see each other in particulate, as opposed to in aggregate.
Dee Rees
A people represents not so much an aggregate of ideas and theories as of obsessions.
Emil Cioran
While Congress did not, to my knowledge, calculate aggregate dollar values for the nationwide effects of racial discrimination in 1964, in 1994 it did rely on evidence of the harms caused by domestic violence and sexual assault, citing annual costs of $3 billion in 1990 and $5 to $10 billion in 1993.
David Souter
In a slow-growing world that is short on aggregate demand, Germany’s trade surplus is a problem.
Ben Bernanke
Economic growth is the aggregate effect of the quest to accumulate capital and extract profit. Capitalism collapses without growth, yet perpetual growth on a finite planet leads inexorably to environmental calamity.
George Monbiot
Properly targeted public investment can do much to boost economic performance, generating aggregate demand quickly, fueling productivity growth by improving human capital, encouraging technological innovation, and spurring private-sector investment by increasing returns.
Michael Spence
Science means simply the aggregate of all the recipes that are always successful. All the rest is literature.
Paul Valery
If you’re going to be a media brand and not just a linear television brand, then you have to make sure you’re speaking to all women and all interests, so it may mean that you end up smaller audiences serving individual pieces of content, but the aggregate is what’s important and what we’re paying attention to.
Nancy Dubuc
We’re called conspiracy theorists because we see this cabal right in front of us. We’re able to aggregate these data points and show what was really going on.
Matt Gaetz
A global economy that is levering up, while unable to generate enough aggregate demand to achieve potential growth, is on a risky path.
Michael Spence
People at the top spend less money than those at the bottom, so when you have redistribution toward the top, aggregate demand goes down. Unless you intervene, you’re going to have a weak economy unless something else happens.
Joseph Stiglitz
The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker.
Helen Keller
Everyone recognizes that’s a joke because obviously the number and shape of the pieces doesn’t affect the size of the pizza. And similarly, the stocks, bonds, warrants, etc., issued don’t affect the aggregate value of the firm.
Merton Miller
There’s nowhere you can aggregate more people in one fell swoop than a broadcast network; there’s no place you can build a star quicker than you can on a broadcast network.
Jon Feltheimer
Even if the dollar does decline during the coming months, the delays in the response of exports and imports to the more competitive dollar will mean that the increase in aggregate demand from this source may not happen for a year or more.
Martin Feldstein
With the people, especially a people seized of property, resides the aggregate of original power.
Ezra Stiles